My Confession

I have a confession to make – Since April of this year I have violently thrown up four times.  None of these physical happenings were related to “illness”.  The first time lasted for an entire day which then gradually decreased to the fourth time of just a few minutes. It always happens in the morning, usually when I am with a client.  I have to run from the consult room to the bathroom.  Twice I had to cancel clients.  The third time I barely made it through the day.  The fourth time happened this morning just as I was starting with clients.  Why am I telling you this?  I came to the realization that every time this happens in me, humanity is in the midst of shifting again.  I am extremely sensitive and feel when a shift (or ascension) in human consciousness is occurring.  This type of clairsentient sensitivity to the external world reminds me of my earthly departed dog named “Newt” who used to run and hide a few minutes before a storm would hit – he was terrified of thunder!  My stomach has always been sensitive, but I never thought it would become my barometer for the 2012 ascension process!  

It is a little disturbing when this kind of intense physical reaction happens to my body.  But I have learned to trust it, to allow it, to surrender to it – and this actually lessens the intensity of it.   While I hope that I will not have to go through this anymore, my sense is that we have more shifts to go through before the end of this year.  Each shift sees us letting go into more authenticity; learning patience, focus, knowing our purpose and seeking out clear and clean autonomy in all our relationships.  

I know I am not alone when I say that this has been a tough year so far.  Most of us feel dazed by all the change.  But we are almost through it and the lessons we have learned while razor sharp in their intensity, have been invaluable, life changing and soul awakening.  The inner love of ourselves continues to grow and we feel more whole.  The music of our soul is starting to drown out the chaos around us so that we can learn a new dance with a different orchestra to accompany us.  

The world continues to evolve and we continue on our 2012 vision quest; None of us will return the same person.



PS – I always love to hear from you – how has your week been?

Some helpful hints that will support you to let go into the next phase of your spiritual and soulful ascension:

*Now is some time for housecleaning – let go of negative people, limiting thoughts/beliefs and the fear of being alone or broke 

*Remember that when we are letting go we can get out of balance if we let fear rule our decisions. 

*Refuse to surrender your personal authority to avoidance mechanisms, justifications or mental gymnastics.

*Purify yourself and make it easier to let go by eating less, drink lots of water, take showers and long baths – no need to throw up like me!

*Settle into the emptiness of the void (the not knowing) and snuggle into stillness – it is the most nurturing place to be right now.