No Where Left To Hide

“Heroes aren’t free from fear; they’re just so focused on a worthy goal that they feel they can’t turn back. Heroes don’t feel special, just dogged. They walk their scary paths with shaky knees and trembling hands. One shaky, trembling step at a time. » ~Martha Beck

 “Yeah I guess my world is changing 
There’s nowhere left to hide
Oooh It’s time that I was moving
There’s nowhere left to hide
And yes, I guess it’s that I’m feeling
There’s nowhere left to hide.” ~ Now Where left to hide lyrics (Texas)

My grandfather has come to visit me twice in the last two weeks.  Once during my meditation time; he was standing beside two of my grandmothers, and another during a psychic reading on my recent visit to Santa Barbara, California.  What is special about this is that he has never felt the need to share his wisdom until now during my 48th year of life.  He was a very disciplined and strong man having survived two world wars, three marriages and unbearable heartache and countless disappointments.  He was an amazing visionary and would have been a brilliant architect or talented artist if he had been given the opportunity to do so.

Despite all his daunting challenges he lived to be 97 years old and carried himself with grace and dignity up until the end.  His message to me was that I could call on his strength and that I could use it if I felt I was not able to live up to my full potential.  His biggest regret was that he was not able to given the events in his life that were mostly beyond his control.  He said that there is nothing worse than not trying to reach your full potential.   It means you cannot fully love yourself and others; you waver in your integrity, disown your talents and bury your soulful purpose beneath fear and insecurity.  It is the ultimate karmic let down.  I knew I had been found out as I had been struggling with moving forward with parts of my life, and that if he was taking the time to visit me, then I better darn well listen!

My grandfather’s wise words apply in this year of spiritual tests, chaos and uncertainty.  We must be very brave now, more than we ever have been before.  We are going through major shifts in our lives; we had the remainder of illusion stripped away from us during October and we are shaky, unsteady and seemingly falling apart.  However it is important to understand that we are not lost, not defeated and certainly not beyond repair.  In fact we are generating our own suffering or illness the more we do not take control of our destiny, let go of the past and be responsible for the next steps in the unfolding of our soulful journey.

As I mentioned in my last blog, our Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine selves (two halves of our wholeness) are completely of synch.  Our feminine has her sword raised and while still not feeling completely worthy, is rushing headlong into the fray, while our masculine is standing on the sidelines holding on to his baby blanket.  He does not want to grow up and would rather fight over the toys in the sandbox then step up and create a new world built on cooperative values.   And how will the masculine shift from Prince to King?  The feminine must become so strong in LOVE that he will feel compelled to let go of his obsession with Power and join his Queen in co-creative partnership.   However while this separation exists we are seeing relationships fall apart, anger at the masculine grow, degrading of the feminine amplify, addictions of all kinds are increasing, diseases are cropping up all over the world, the environment is in crisis, self sabotage and procrastination are rampant and more people are divorcing themselves from their heart.

What will it take for us to realize that all of our struggles are meant to soften us into our heart center and allow empowerment to root itself in the human collective consciousness?  Instead we tend to react, become angry and lash out or give up and pull away in isolation.  We need each other and we need to get real.  We need to embrace wholeness through unlimited co-creative potential and infinite possibility.

There is no time left and we have run out of ways to hide.  So have an honest talk with yourself if you are faltering and tell yourself to grow up!  You have the strength to move forward to reach your full potential and the only one stopping you is YOU!  The Universe has removed all obstacles and there are no more excuses!



Physical and Psycho-spiritual symptoms for November: Moving into November we are dancing with new possibility but we must find the courage to continue to be patient and persevere as new choices line up for us or current projects begin to finally settle down into a soulful rhythm. We have left the familiar and are now in new territory however we are faltering even though we continue to grow.  Set your intentions and step fully into creating your life.  November will mean releasing for the remainder of the month so that we can continue to step into empowerment.  Expect depression, wanting to give up, bouts of negative thoughts, crying and grieving, feeling lost, continued heart symptoms of pain, tightness and heart palpitations, digestive issues, tightness in the solar plexus, flu symptoms and low energy with spikes of optimism and firm inner guidance.  I know this is not a very positive outlook but we are moving forward so please remember that.  Seek comfort with people who support and genuinely love you, and stay away from negativity of any kind.

Senses of the Soul products:  The Lover Elixir (to stay heart centered, opening the heart to loving wisdom, keeps heart and solar plexus circulation flowing, calms palpitations and pain),Goddess Tonic Tea (to stay rooted in the Sacred Feminine), Feel No Fear Tea (eases fear and calms the nervous system), Release the Anger TeaThrive Immune TeaThe Spiritual Warrior Elixir or Essence (for resilience, endurance and the courage to live one’s truth at all cost, use the Elixir to warm the digestive tract and help digestion due to stress and poor eating habits), The Magical Child Elixir( for easing darkness to bring light to the soul – it contains Elderberry and Rose Hip, both excellent for viral protection), The Mystic Elixir ( ignites the creative energy of the second chakra in resolute faith of a higher calling, also facilitates Sacred Union of the feminine and masculine within to allow a spiritual life with soulful earthly purpose, contains Echinacea for immune support).

Important cosmic events for November & December:

Full Moons – November 6, December 6

New Moons – November 22, December 21

Mercury Retrograde Post shadow phase (intense!) – November 1-10

Winter Solstice – December 21

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Lemon Balm