October ‌2020‌ ‌Ascension‌ ‌Energies‌ ‌Update‌ ‌

This‌ ‌month’s‌ ‌theme:‌  ‌Healing

 “One thing was clear. I knew I wanted a relationship where there was no push-pull energy, the power struggles, the yanking back and forth. I wanted a relationship where the two energies, the two souls, simply danced, a beautiful dance… and loved.”― Kristi Bowman, A Butterfly Life: 4 Keys to More Happiness, Better Health & Letting Your True Self Shine

 “I see a world on the edge of a blade. Without balance, it will fall.”― Victoria Aveyard, Red Queen

Hello‌ ‌Soul‌ ‌Family,‌

October’s Ascension Energies bring in a further unification within ourselves that is necessary for the next steps in our evolution and growth.  The Sixteenth Realm of learning begins October 6th, 2020 and ends January 9th, 2021.  This is the final guidepost in a very difficult Ascension growth cycle that has lasted 3 ½ years.  

October may feel anxious, exciting, illuminating, bewildering, shattering, gruelling and challenging, all at the same time.

The theme for October is HEALING in all its forms.  Continued coherence must occur in our body, mind, psyche and spirit.  Most specifically we will be focusing on balanced power and alchemizing inner turmoil, feelings of low self-worth, shame, confusion, pain and a busy mind to create more enlightenment, empowerment and truth.  This transformative power will elevate us and the collective consciousness to the next level of Highest Good and co-creative harmony. 

All will benefit from this transformative energy, and we will feel that there is a planetary reboot; a large upgrade in Light as more truth is revealed, and dissension of all kinds becomes more amplified. More will awaken and be pushed to be more accountable, empowered and conscious.  

Light and Dark are being further compressed into muti-dimensional grey within the collective. The Light will always be the most transmuting force that sets all imbalances, both personal and planetary, for alignment on all levels.

This is why it is becoming so difficult to discern what is truthful in the media and from our leaders. Our brain is shifting and seeing the illusion, then looking for universal truth instead of embracing human drama, earthly answers and viewing life with our own pain and distortion.  A broader and higher perspective is starting to form.

Moving through October will be a healing balm, despite outside chaos, with the amount of Light and illumination that will occur within us and the collective consciousness via cosmic influences that include 3 Moon cycles, Mercury Retrograde, Halloween / Day of the Dead and 2 meteor showers.

The old timeline of the patriarchy is rapidly dissolving now, picking up speed each day, each moment, and our soul knows that there is nothing left to grab onto, so it is best to surrender now so that new alternatives that we never dreamed possible are free to manifest and fully allow trust, ease, and a feeling of Oneness to lift us up out of the madness, wounding  and past. 

It will be imperative going forward to have resolute faith that there is something beautiful, peaceful and abundant beyond this current reality.

For more please watch my video below.

In service and enlightenment,

 Archetypes for October (what we are learning):  The Warrior (Balanced Power), The Alchemist (Psychospiritual Transformation)

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Psychospiritual and physical symptoms for October:  Time to release and purge for even greater transformation!  Completion of karmic inventory is here.  You will be continuing to clear out the physical and psycho spiritual garbage cluttering up your body, mind and soul (Warrior), If you experience feelings of powerlessness in your life this month, it is time to call on your Warrior archetype. This archetype helps us transform feelings of anger, rage, and hurt into happiness, courage, and empowered action. It gives us the confidence to protect our boundaries and stand up for what is true for us. Release the addictions and patterns that keep you stuck. You are being called to live an empowered life and be a leader for change.

One last Mercury Retrograde push for 2020...you are ready to eliminate heavy patterns and energies that live in the lower astral frequencies, sometimes referred to as 'energetic parasites' (Alchemist).  These energetic parasites clutter up the mind and cause needless suffering.   It is time to reap the rewards of your life-learning and share your personal growth with others. As you step into your truth, carry your inner transformation out into the world to create positive change. Each moment is an opportunity to grow, to show up differently, and to transform and be transformed.

Ascension symptoms include:  grief, depression, periods of clarity and downloads of higher truth, underlying sense of greater freedom,  anxiety,  anger, frustration, up and down intensity of emotions, easily fired up about a cause, emotional sensitivity, humming in the ears/head, throbbing of the throat, dry throat, swollen tonsils / tongue, thymus, jaw /neck tension, stuffed up head/ears, achy, tired, flu symptoms, heaviness in the chest, poor digestion, kidney pain, sudden heat flashes, deep heartache and pain, shoulder blade pain, watery/blurry eyes.

Cosmic Events

Oct 1, 2020, Full Moon in Aries @ 3:05 pm (MST) - More dysfunctional power of the wounded masculine is being replaced with personal power fueled by love and courage of the heart. Stand tall in your personal power! In what ways are you hiding from your power, self-sabotaging, or not wanting to step up and serve as the Light that you are? Be brave now and lighten up a bit , work to release any rigid perspectives that keep you stuck and not in joy.

Oct 8/9, 2020: Draconid Meteor Shower peaks- Meteors shake up the spiritual ethers and break through dimensional veils. Our thought patterns become more muddled, dreams tend to be wilder as we use this cosmic energy via the pineal in our brain to ultimately find more illumination.

Oct 16, 2020, Super New Moon in Libra @ 1:31 pm (MST) - There is a heightening to receive new information entering us.  Intuition is the key to undampen our earthly sensory system to bring in new cosmic information so that we can act from a wise place.  You can see your next steps now.  It is Ok to be authentic and follow this path.  Trust this so that you can unlock your true and needed talents and abilities contained in your soul’s blueprint.

Oct 21/22 2020: Orionid Meteor Shower peaks -Meteors shake up the spiritual ethers and break through dimensional veils. Our thought patterns become more muddled, dreams tend to be wilder as we use this cosmic energy via the pineal in our brain to ultimately find more illumination. 

October 31, (Rare Blue) Full Moon in Taurus @ 8:49 am (MST) - It’s time for you to understand that your spiritual essence is eternal and cannot be tainted or distorted. Anything that you have thought was inhibiting you before shall be corrected and any losses shall be restored. You’re being pulled back to your authentic connection and true direction. Understand that you are more than earthly; you are a spiritual being here to accomplish a higher purpose as you find your way home to divine love and inner truth.  You’re fully healed and now you are realizing your own worth. Liberation and freedom along with abundant blessings are steering and shall soon manifest. Let your true self be seen. Search for the deeper spiritual purpose and opportunity for healing beneath conflict and suffering. There will be a joyful breakthrough. Your soul is growing stronger, more able to have faith and wisdom and judgement without doubt. Trust yourself.

October 31-November 2, Halloween, Day of the Dead, Veil is thinnest between worlds: The multi-day holiday involves family and friends gathering to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, and helping support their spiritual journey.  At this time the energy between the material and spiritual worlds is at its thinnest so we can contact ancestors, angels, guides and other celestial beings very easily.  Oneness more fully anchors  itself into the collective consciousness.

Mercury Retrograde Dates:
Pre-shadow, Sept 23 to Oct 12
Mercury goes Retrograde (in Scorpio), Oct 13/14 to Nov 2
Post-Shadow, Nov 3 to Nov 19

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