Our Human Renovation

Let the gifts stitch or cut the web, let what needs to come together or break apart, come together and break apart.  Let the miracles, even the ones we don’t want or see, unfold. – Mark Nepo

The shopping plaza where my store and clinic are located is undergoing a total renovation.  As I drive into the parking lot I have to dodge wire fencing, propane tanks, workmen and extra traffic.  My favourite parking spot is often taken or blocked by building materials or large banks of snow carved out by the snow plow.  The entire front of my place of business is draped with tarp that allows no natural light inside and parking in front of the store is non-existent.  One can barely see the tiny cardboard sign, “Nurture Health & Wellness” that sits above eye view on top of the tarp and scaffolding.  While I have walked through the same door for 15 years, I now have to look twice to make sure it is the correct entry way.  My business is unrecognizable.   I keep reminding myself that once the renovation is done that it will look updated and fresh, but in the meantime I feel like I and my business are stuck at the “in between” place – purgatory – enduring ugliness, disorder and lack of clarity for a time period beyond my control .  It is hard to comprehend how so much chaos will come together to finally create harmony and beauty.   But I get a glimpse of it here and there when a tarp lifts up in the wind exposing the half finished siding or rock work underneath; a work of art that is a work in progress.

The above is also a metaphor for our current Human Renovation;  as we stumble to reclaim lost parts of ourselves and embody more self love, we also currently find ourselves  at the “in between” place.  Our feminine self continues to struggle to be heard and valued; she is seething with anger.  Our masculine self balks at tempering his pride and stepping up to support the feminine.  We continue to struggle and coax both parts of ourselves to work together in Unity – through everyday interactions with each other and in our subconscious and dreams.  Restoring ourselves to balance and embodying the new concept of co-creation (creating together for the benefit of all) is daunting and thick with uncertainty.

As I predicted in my last blog, clients are now telling me of symptoms that include tension in the jaw and shoulder blades, pain in the abdomen, heart palpitations, hives, red eyes, itchy skin, vivid dreams, sleep walking, headaches, frequent burping, stringy  or cleansing bowel movements, addictions or former illnesses resurfacing, congested sinuses, grief, anger and procrastination.  The most challenging emotions of our struggle to embodying Oneness are the sense of despondency and exhaustion that is apparent in so many of us right now.

We are tired of struggling.

And yet, we still resist the changes that are coming our way.  It is human nature to be afraid of that which we do not know.  And I can feel and see this in my body’s symptoms and that of my clients.  If you are being asked to take a leap of faith, over a very wide chasm, how far would you be willing to jump?  That is the question that is being asked of us right now.  And compound that with – and you can barely see the other side.  It boggles our psyche and our soul.  We may want to move forward but lack a map, or have one and cannot clearly read it.  This is when courage, patience and unshakable tenacity come in handy!  And it means allowing everything to change and fall apart if necessary-without ego.  And believing that we will be provided for no matter how things look right now.

November 13th to December 21st is the time period in 2012 that will bring about the final Universal renovation of the human mind, body, soul and spirit and allow us to stand on the threshold of a new paradigm.  We can choose how deeply we surrender to this renovation of our humanness.



During the months of November and December there are key astrological dates which will put more pressure on us to heal into wholeness by asking us to support our feminine and deepen self love.  Focus on that which brings you a deep inner life, as the days of finding it in the old industrial ways outside of ourselves are over.  If you are faced with uncertainty turn to creativity to fill the void, instead of addictions such as sugar, alcohol and over exercising.  Work on finding balance in your life.  Be accountable for your actions so that you can shed the Victim Archetype.  

Key Astrological dates: 

New moons- Nov. 13 and Dec. 13

Full moons – Nov. 28 and Dec. 28

Mercury Retrograde – Nov. 6 to Nov. 26

More solar flares are on the way today so intense energetic shifting is imminent in the next 48 hours.  This new energy will bring a great influx of feminine energy between Nov. 13-16.  Wow!

To support you through this phase of healing:  GODDESS TONIC TEA 

This nourishing tea is formulated with seven different herbs that nurture the inner goddess in all of us. A source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, this special blend supports the vitality of the physical body, while helping one reclaim the warmth, goodness, and authenticity of the feminine self. Goddess Tonic tea is for use by both women and men seeking to reconnect to the feminine.

Other tea recommendations – Release the Grief Tea, Love ChakraTea, Soul Chakra tea and Feel No Fear tea 

Essence/Elixir recommendation:  The Sovereign – to allow the masculine and feminine to partner more easily, to know that you can create your life, for unlimited abundance.  The essence is wonderful to have a group of people take while working on a project together.