Pain for the World

“The world is not a problem to be solved; it is a living being to which we belong.  The world is a part of our own self  and we are a part of its suffering wholeness.  Until we go to the root of our image of separateness , there can be no healing.  And the deepest part of our separateness from creation lies in our forgetfulness of its sacred nature, which is also our own sacred nature.  – Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

“It seems both outrageous and irresponsible that so few mental health clinicians connect the epidemics of mental distress in industrial societies with the devastating impact of our suicidal destruction of our own habitat and ecocidal elimination of whole species.”   – Linda Buzzel and Craig Chalquist

The Voice said:  March 30th at 7:30pm.  I heard it twice, and there were pictures, bits of sensory images that went with it.  I was dreaming and starting to awaken at the same time.  I don’t remember the visual part of it but I remembered the words clearly when I awoke and opened my eyes.  March 30th at 7:30pm, we will be more ONE.  

I had this dream several days ago and knew I was supposed to share it in my April blog.  I wondered about the date and time, because neither had anything to do with the upcoming New Moon (which is March 27/28).  But the message was very clear that on this date and time WE WILL BE MORE ONE.  This type of prophetic dream is not new to me since my own deep awakening in 1999 as I have dreamed many messages like this.  However I am not always sure what to do with them, so in this case I sat with it until Spirit’s intention became clearer to me.  Bare with me soulful reader while I explain further.

I had a client say to me a few years ago:  “I stopped reading your blog.”  I asked her why and she replied:  Because you always talk about the same thing, and quite frankly I don’t understand why this is taking so long, is this whole ascension thing for real?  This client had chronic adrenal failure, constant stress issues which lead to her feeling exhausted, family issues that she allowed to resentfully pull on her, lots of money to keep her “safe” and she was really angry most of the time.  I had fixed her adrenal energy as best I could however I kept telling her that she had to find a connection to life on a different level, one that would root her through the chaos and coming changes.  I replied:  “No I am not making this up, we are shifting as a species to something much more co-creative in how we live and this takes time.  Everything has to unravel and change inside and outside.” She said she still did not get it and that she was just tired of this process with me.  She decided to not see me any more.  Her final words to me were- “How long are you going to talk about this anyway?”  And I said: As long as it takes for us to wake up and stop feeling separate from everything and everyone.  We are intrinsically connected, and we have to stop taking our pain so personally. “  

Separateness is the root of all pain in our world.  It is the illusion of our culture that our fear, anger and pain is our personal pathology.  This inner darkness becomes deeper as we let denial and repression of world pain continue.  Sure we each have our day to day issues, feelings and choices, however we are so much more expansive than that, and what we observe and live each day is a connected experience.  And as the co-creative energies of our human ascension process grow, it is imperative to understand this on a much deeper level.  And then apply it.  Over and over again we will be asked to do this for the remainder of our limited earthly lifetime. 

Surrendering to this, and knowing that we should generously share our love, strengths and skills, not view them as limited, will help us attune to the continuing changes in our world.  It’s happening faster now as many can see, and we feel how precious life is and that coming together, versus being separate, is of greater benefit moving forward.  It’s imperative that we continue to build community and work in teams or on joint projects to serve common aims.  And that we figure out a healthier way to have our needs met, instead of using egotistical means to manipulate, or use fear or force.  This is not a direct, goal oriented process, it is the feminine, spiral way of creating; it is like weaving an intricate, sustainable web with common threads.  It takes time to figure out how to balance ourselves with everything around us, when our programming has only been about our personal needs having priority.  

Empowerment in the face of planetary suffering is the key to a life that has meaning, but understanding and “being” our intrinsic Oneness is the essential ingredient.  On March 30th, at 7:30pm (MST), we will collectively move to another energetic and cellular level of this understanding.  This is a huge upgrade and will boost us to our next level of learning through the month of April.  I invite you to join me on that day and time to honour our common connection. 

In unwavering awareness,


Physical and psycho spiritual symptoms and predictions for April:  Yes, times are going to get tougher.  There is no way around the harsh changes that are coming as our old paradigm continues to fall apart.  If you want true wisdom, to connect to your joy in the midst of sadness, if you want to see new life rise out of denial and despair, then you must connect to something beyond what you experience each day.  To create a life sustaining human culture will take courage, persistence, and flexibility.  Feel this and live it!  Where can you participate, how can you help, where do you need to step out of your comfort zone and take risk?  Create your way out of apathy, and know that you are contributing no matter how small it may feel to you.  If you feel lost, and don’t know where you fit in then just start by reaching out to others and helping in any way you can, especially if it has to do with protecting or sustaining nature.  

There is great energy beginning to move through us, it will feel different, it feels uncomfortable at times, you may feel agitated or ill, unworldly and not in your body, but know that this new vibration that is setting into your physical being is emancipating your creative energy so that you can devote it to your highest aspects.  Use your mind to anchor it into your body; believe it is something other than “illness”, and Will yourself to run this energy through to raise your vibration.  If you understand this your spiritual heart will strengthen. This will unblock old patterns of self-limitation and stagnation, inspiring you to the heights of beauty and grace, and restoring a path to art and creativity.   Life is your greatest creation, so no need to force or control it.  And above all, see through the outer illusion of the people around you and love them for who they really are…with boundaries of course.  Remember that you are LOVE IN ACTION.  Open to the NEW, be courageous, and know that you are protected.  Have trust and follow your intuition.  If you are already starting a project just stay the course and have faith.  Say to yourself:  I am Energy!

Physical and psychospiritual symptoms this month include:  energetic agitation in the body like energy is stuck or not flowing well at times (get out and move!),  heart palpitations, wanting to create, explore, get outside, have fun, seek beauty, occasional monkey mind (silence it and put it to the side!),vivid dreaming, bursts of energy,  anger, agitation, stiff neck, sore shoulder blades, liver, bowel, muscle and eye issues, tightness in the solar plexus, tingling in the hands.

Archetypes for April:  The Lover , The Sage, The Muse

Recommended Senses of the Soul Products: – in the interest of supporting new consciousness and health, and keeping life simple in these chaotic, uncertain times, I will no longer be posting individual products for each monthly blog post.  Instead I am working on a new project called Soul Journey Box, to be launched in the late spring, that will support you with more ease of choice on your healing journey!  In the meantime, please feel free to browse my website and shopping cart – if you trust your intuition you will know which products are right for you at this time.  

Cosmic Dates for April:

Mercury Retrograde:  April 9th to May 4th – we will be digging deeply this month – shadow surfaces more strongly during this time.

Full Moon – April 11 – Trust that you know the way forward!  You are wise, you are strong so believe that!  You are growing so don’t doubt it and keep moving forward.  Don’t over think it!  Don’t judge yourself.

Lyriad Meteor Shower – runs April 16-25, peaks April 22/23 – bits of illumination coming your way!

New Moon – April 26 – You are learning to tap into your universal “mother” archetype.  You are learning to mother yourself and mother others.  This comes in many forms – so that you can learn your needs and in turn help others.  It’s part of the great universal plan of co-creation!  Look at where you are being asked to devote your time, talents, devotion and energy.  In your family, work, community, in nature etc.,  to have love and compassion, to respect life and encourage others.  Where are you nurturing life?

Pictured:  Viburnum – This plant’s spirit helps us to know our needs in a healthy way, to be able to know what it is to give, to truly support others,  and in return get more back in an abundant way.  It allows us to tap into our inner voice, our inner wisdom so that our insecurity fades and our sense of self worth grows.  Viburnum flower essence is contained in my Sage Elixir and Essence.