Purifying into Sacred LOVE

“Spirituality begins when you decide that you will never stop trying.  Spirituality is the commitment to go beyond no matter what it takes…A spiritual being feels as though they are always against the edge, and they are constantly being pushed through it”.  Michael A. Singer, The Untethered Soul 

“What would happen if you stopped fighting, and gave yourself permission to feel? Not just the good things, but everything?” -R.J. Anderson, Ultraviolet

“Love is life.  All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.  Everything is, everyting exists, only because I love.  Everything is united by it alone…”  -Leo Tolstoy 

The months of February and March 2013 continue to bring inner and outer change that is forcing us to look honestly at ourselves and take tentative steps into unfamiliar territory known as Sacred Union.  Traditionally, Sacred Union is known as two souls coming together as one in marriage, but what I speak of is the union of the masculine and feminine inside of one’s self.  The new paradigm of Sacred Union is the coming together of our masculine and feminine into peace, harmony and true equal partnership.  It is the spiritual fusing of love with sexuality.  It is the forgiving of the masculine by the feminine and the surrender of masculine abusive power over the feminine.  It sees us integrating two dysfunctional and co-dependent parts of ourselves into a dynamic of mutual empowerment.  It is true healing into wholeness.  This applies equally for men and women as we all experience aspects of these two parts inside and outside of ourselves (see pages 39-55 in my book for more on this topic).

The main theme behind this Sacred Union process is that we are purifying into deeper love, compassion and connection with ourselves and one another. It is affecting our second, third and fourth chakra energy centers and reopening deep human wounds around sexuality, creation, power and love.  Fusing our spirituality with sexuality, power and love will be the most daunting next step of our evolutionary process and is showing up in many outside events in our lives as well as creating tumultuous emotions and dreams within us.

An important aspect of this process is that we will have to further embody the feminine co-creative values of vulnerability and forgiveness.   The Universe is asking us to surrender into more gentleness with ourselves and accept that we are fragile and soft beings.  We are being asked to surrender into more forgiveness with each other.  Each shift into this new conscious awareness and evolution (see my previous blog) requires us to purify our sense of power, intentions, integrity and redefine our understanding of love with our minds, hearts and sexual selves.  What we will eventually discover through this process is the next stage of our soul’s purpose in service to our world.  We will also expand our spiritual growth, refine our sense of balanced power, gain more personal authority and heighten our intuition and psychic perception.

The greatest gift will be deeper intimacy with our own heart and with those that we interact with in our lives.

It is important to understand that for March and until the end of summer, as we continue to refine our sense of Sacred Union and love in all its forms, that there will be days of anger, despair, deep grief, loss and general malaise mixed with bits of brilliance, forgiveness, clarity, joy and a deeper bond with others.  We are on a roller coaster ride where the energy of the healing human collective will rise up and then crash back down into the depths of our wounding once more.  In order to love wider and deeper we are being stripped down to our very core and being asked to explore places in our heart that bring us the most discomfort and fear.  Some will do well through this process while others will be pulled even farther into their darkness until their shadows are brought into the light and healed.    And others will give up or not make it at all in this reality and will move on to another.  (It is also important to remember the little ones born this year will bring in new light and a cleaner consciousness to help us with easing the collective load).

Did we really think this heart centered evolution process would be easy given that we do not surrender well to change and that we would rather do anything and be anything than bare and connect our heart to another???  Yet it is the very thing that we most long for in our soul!

Our collective human heart is deeply wounded and our inner child is angry and wary.  However we must find the courage and tenacity to continue to dismantle our armor, gingerly open ourselves and see the commonality of our human experience.  This is literally the death of our old way of loving each other and the reinventing of the very concept of love in our relationships (chakra four in my book expands on this concept).  The rewards of our hard work will be the liberating of physical loneliness and separateness.  We will be catapulted  into a new age of universal, heart-centered spirituality and stewardship of each other and our planet.

Physical symptoms during March:

During this process we are experiencing the return of self sabotaging behavior, poor eating habits, lack of sleep and appetite along with troubled dreams laced with conflict and fear.  Others are suffering from increased circulation problems such as high blood pressure, heart palpitations and other circulatory symptoms.  I personally wonder if my digestion will ever return to normal again.  Many clients are also having digestive and bowel issues, a resurgence of skin issues and other old health issues, periodic times of increased urination (almost like a bladder infection), excessive thirst and more flu symptoms (I had mentioned in my previous blog there would be a resurgence in late Feb).  Our bodies are cleansing mentally, emotionally and physically at a rapid rate and we are downloading a huge amount of new consciousness about love and Sacred Union. This rearranging and purifying of our cells, our body, soul, mind and our human DNA – is creating low life force as well as a great inner unsettling, anxiety, fear, ungrounding, fogginess and sense of fragility; our energetic field and physical self is taking a constant beating.

 Sending you love, healing and light!  Samantha

 How to soften into LOVE: 

1)  Stop ranting and raving and buying into the drama of your life or the lives of others (ranting and raving is not the same as discussing something!)

2) Sit quietly and place your left hand over your heart (the left side of your body is your feminine side).

3) Breathe into your heart and feel it beating – soften into that beating, try to cry if your need to.  If you feel fragile or are sick surrender into this place and know it is helping you to dismantle your armor. In truly feeling and living love you will inspire others.

4) Relax and lean into the sharp points, breathe through the discomfort until there is no hardness in your energy.  Keep working on this until you feel yourself give and bend (you are a willow tree not an oak tree!).

5) Work toward forgiving yourself and others.  Set boundaries where appropriate to gain back your power.

6) Remember that vulnerable feelings like crying and grieving connect us to our heart  while anger and intellectualizing our feelings only connect us to our brain

7) If you cannot cry then think of something that makes you sad, or watch a movie, read a book or listen to music that makes you cry.

8) Release into the feelings versus holding it safely in your brain.  Take the time to feel and work through your feelings of fear and grief each day.  You will not die from these vulnerable feelings; you will instead feel release inside your body and surrender into the full learning of the life experience.  Know that your life will be much richer as a result and that your Higher Self will shine.

9) Keep your bowels and bladder releasing so that you can dump out toxins and emotions (our bowels are where we hold anger, self loathing and the refusal to surrender and let go, our bladder also holds anger and fear), drink lots of water,  avoid sugar and alcohol.  Raw/dark Chocolate is allowed! –Seriously- chocolate energetically and physically feeds our sense of love and happiness! 

Nature allies that will help you soften and redefine your concept of love, sex and power:  Hawthorn (flowers and berries), Borage (leaves/flowers), Calendula (flower), Marshmallow (root).  My Sovereign Elixir, Lover Elixir and Warrior Elixir have all of these herbs in them as do my Soul Chakra and Love Chakra teas! 

Important Cosmic Dates for  March and April 2013:

New Moons – March 22nd and April 21st

Full Moons – March 8th and April 6th

Spring Equinox – Monday, March 19th

Mercury Retrograde – February 23rd to March 17th

2013 Comets:  Two comets will appear to us this year as they travel close to the sun.  This is apparently a rare event.


Calendula flower