Reaping What We Sow

“I’m no longer afraid of storms, for I am learning to sail my ship”. ~Louisa May Alcott 

Give up your selfishness, and you shall find peace; like water mingling with water, you shall merge in absorption. ~Sri Guru Granth Sahib 

“You must acknowledge and experience this part of the universe. Karma is intricate, too vast. You would, with your limited human senses, consider it too unfair. But you have tools to really, truly love. Loving the children is very important. But love everyone as you would love your children”.~Kuan Yin 

Karma is not just about the troubles, but also about surmounting them.~Rick Springfield

With the swiftness of January blurring into February it is easy to become mired in the chaos that we are experiencing within and outside of ourselves.  As we move through Mercury Retrograde’s arduous energy we are immersing in emotional loss and wounding that needs to be used to let go of old emotional and cellular memories; in processing we are able to rise like a phoenix out of loss and learn from the past.  Outside of ourselves the world economy is in a tail spin and again, as in 2008-9 we are heading for economic recession.  Leaders of countries and heads of government and religion continue in their futile power struggles as our individual empowerment grows.  There is so much happening that it is hard to keep one’s center and adjust to all the change and madness with grace and wisdom.  This is leading to more addictive behavior, unstable emotional patterns, crisis of health issues and blow-outs in relationships and well as mistrust and fear of lack in the human collective consciousness.  In February the way in which we handle, acquire and wield power will be tested.  Our Sovereign archetype must emerge more fully to integrate the lessons of February’s collective energy.  We must act like wise leaders (3rd  & 6th chakras) and peace-keepers (5th chakra) if we are to sail the human ship to more illuminative waters in March.

The Law of Attraction is becoming stronger in the Age of Love; in 2015 we will be reminded tenfold that we reap what we have sown.  Therefore it is imperative that we understand that our inner and outer problems have solutions.  There is a way out of the corner if we look over our shoulder.  We are being given the opportunity to understand the lessons and gain the wisdom from the past so that we can move steadily forward in a positive way.  We must focus on abundance and empowerment for ourselves and for all.  There is enough for everyone, so instead of adopting a run, hide and hoard approach as recessions and turmoil tend to bring we must turn our attention to equally giving and receiving in our intention and our actions.  Thinking differently and finding win-win solutions is imperative as we move forward in 2015 :The Return of Sovereignty.  Only through expanding our perceptions and belief that anything is possible can we pull in the necessary energy of transformation for ourselves and humanity (our Alchemist archetype).  This does not mean relying on luck – it means using the energy of Creation (see below) that is rising up in our first chakra within us to create a new reality.  We can create our life differently if we take responsibility for our actions and we will create a world free from fear, separation and scarcity if we are courageous enough to embody values that honour all life.

As we move through the murky waters of February we will need to conquer our fear, reach higher for spiritual guidance and faith,  and allow the emotion to wash over us without losing our way in the storm.  Each small step we take will bring us closer to enlightenment and a pioneering attitude.  We can make it to the shore of March, and when we get there new consciousness and abundance will glimmer in the sand.

Abundant blessings,


Physical and Psycho-spiritual symptoms and predictions for February:  We must continue to stay open, present, in our personal power and without an agenda. We will find what we desire step by step and create healthier emotional and personal boundaries if we focus on balance in all aspects of our life.  It is important to continue to take the time for everything to line up for us; no cutting corners or forcing!  Be open to receiving messages and intuitive insights.  When you ask for confirmation it will come – in signs, conversations and serendipitious events.

As I mentioned in January’s blog, Mercury Retrograde (which ends Feb 11) is bringing up deep shadow for us to clear so that we can step into more creative empowerment – Creative power awakened in us during January when the energy of Black Moon Lilith ignited again in the collective.  I am very excited by this energy as it means that we are returning to our original feminine creative life force!  This is another turning point for feminine creative power surmounting the destructive forces of the old patriachical system which cut us off from our own sense of self healing.  It is the ignition switch for lift off into passionate co-creation!  There is no going back now!  Remember that no matter how chaotic the world seems we are heading in the right direction.  It may feel that you are lost right now, with the old falling away and so much turmoil, but know that there needs to be a void so that you can be vulnerably open and trusting to allow something new to come in to your consciousness.  Our head and heart will continue to need to be balanced in how we approach life in all its complexities and awe.

And something for women to look forward to – in March more men will awaken to co-creative forces; meaning that women will not have to carry as heavy a load as we have been to bring in Love and co-creation. The collective masculine will receive new consciousness in March (during the March 20th eclipse/Equinox cycle) and more men will shift from the industrial values of denigration, greed and selfishness to embracing co-creation by serving the greater good, protecting and honour the feminine, and valuing creativity and harmony as a better way to be and serve in the world.  Yay!  So just keep walking forward one step at a time and focus on your healing and holding space for Love  – with the shift in March the masculine and feminine will now be a bit more aligned for this process (women 70% and men 30%). Thank goodness because my feminine self wants more of a shift to equal collaborative partnership with my masculine and those around me – don’t you?!  This does not mean that all people will embrace these values,  only that more will – creating more of a tipping point and bringing humanity into more wholeness and One Heart.  We will see an influx of new ways of thinking and doing as a result that are in alignment with co-creation.  Some relationships will strengthen into more equal partnership too while others will continue to break apart if they are not in alignment with the incoming new consciousness.

Expect physical symptoms in February such as depression, adrenal fatigue, eye, sinus and sleep issues, tightness in shoulders and neck, headaches, muscle aches and pain, constipation off and on, anxiety, fear, flu/immune symptoms, heart pain or palpitations, up and down energy patterns, heat surges, and emotional trials.  Remember to rest when you can and go with the cycles and rhythms of your body, the light, the weather and the moon.  Yoga, connecting with nature, dancing, singing, passionate/respectful love making, playing or listening to inspiring music, eating whole foods, lots of purified water and juicing. increase your Vitamin D intake – all will help you hold your center as we go through this intense purification process.

Senses of the Soul products:  The Sovereign Elixir invites us to step into our own authentic power and embrace our co-creative masculine and feminine energies, provides nurturing to the soul, eases flu symptoms, The Lover Elixir to stay heart centered, opening the heart to loving wisdom, keeps heart and solar plexus circulation flowing, calms palpitations and pain,  The Mystic Elixir  ignites the creative energy of the second chakra in resolute faith of a higher calling, also facilitates Sacred Union of the feminine and masculine within to allow a spiritual life with soulful earthly purpose, contains Echinacea for immune support, The Magical Child Elixir – to embrace more joy and bliss, supports immunity and provides viral protection.  The Alchemist Elixir or Essence – for personal transmutation, and for finding harmony in disparate viewpoint and realities.  Sacred Union Tea to embrace the Union within, balances male and female hormones, reignites passion, balances forces of Heaven and Earth. Feel No Fear Tea calms and soothes the nervous system, promotes peaceful sleep while processing. Release the Grief Tea for sinus, lung and processing grief.

Important cosmic events for February & March:

Full Moon – February 3, March 5

New Moon – February 18, March 20

Mercury Retrograde– January 21 to February 11

Total Solar Eclipse (on the New Moon) – March 20 – Big shift in masculine consciousness!

Spring Equinox – March 20

Pictured: The Alchemist Mandala – for personal transmutation, psycho spiritual transformation and alchemical transition.  It represents the need in February to release ourselves from negative and worrisome thoughts, and instead allow ourselves to be renewed by Spirit by releasing personal agendas and listening for guidance.

Alchemist Mandala

The Alchemist Mandala