September 2023 Ascension Energies Update

September 2023’s theme: Choosing Self-Mastery

September’s Keywords: Emotional Courage, Pure Courage

Hello Beautiful Soul!

September brings winds of change and transmutation in our Year of Transformation, and deepens our sense of spirituality. Now dancing with our Higher Mind consciousness and rooted in the New Earth paradigm, we are grasping the knowledge that we create our reality, weaving our thoughts, words and actions into energetic calls to universal intelligence.

This month we continue our journey of reconnecting to Source: this can sometimes make us feel lost, unsure of who we are anymore and how to move forward. Are we really more than our earthly selves? It can feel like a deep cavern of existential crisis; a period of inner conflict where we are distraught over questions about identity, meaning, and soulful purpose.  

It can be an exhausting process to "do" our everyday life and humanness. So much so that we shut down, have compassion fatigue for ourselves (and others), and can then feel a great sense of separation, loneliness, despair and feel we are failing. 

However, this stage of the Ascension process gives us an opportunity to expand the sense of who we are. To realise how connected we are to the universal flow of Creation, and become aware that we are truly beings of Light that radiate love at our core. And that we want belonging and unity - which is a reflection of our true state of existence as one unified being in creation looking through and mirrored in everyone and everything around us.

Overall the only true home for us is inside, knowing that everything we have is inside of us, and that we ARE Spirit. 

Which leads me to ask you this question: are you willing to and do you have the courage to explore the depth of your spiritual heart, to open to love, to forgive, to understand that we are all One? 

Or do you take spiritual shortcuts, stay in the Victim Archetype, and depend on or blame others because you are done with how “hard” life has become. This is the dance you will be doing for the remainder of the year.

This month you have the opportunity to embrace your Lover and Magical Child archetypes, to embody emotional courage and pure courage to assist you on your journey. Courage is fortitude, and is the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, exhaustion or intimidation. Courage is about taking risk, and is the dividing line between low vibrating self-serving behaviour, and empowerment in service of the higher good (see page 57 in my book). Heart felt courage will assist you to have more balance in your life, be internally strong and live as your authentic self.

It also allows you to accept that awakening comes not from anyone or anything outside of you, but through your own effort to awaken yourself. Courageous Self-Mastery is the key to the now and the future. When you do this, anything for you is possible!

For more on the Lover and Magical Archetypes, and how to embrace September’s energies please see my video below!

Also discover more about the Lover and Magical Child in my book and card deck

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The Empowered Rebel is a New Earth Archetype that has emerged in the collective to support your evolution! - see below

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Archetypes for SEPTEMBER

Archetypes for SEPTEMBER (what we are learning/healing/embodying): The Lover (Joy, Emotional Courage, Love, Forgiveness), The Magical Child (Luminous Innocence, Infinite Possibility, Pure Courage, Joyful Awe) , Empowered Rebel

Cosmic Creative Cycle that we are in: Water (Faith, Flow, Wisdom)


*Lover Elixir or Essence: supports you to forgive/release those who have hurt you and calls forth the unconditional love and compassion already in your heart, feel uncomfortable feelings via emotional courage to take risks.

*Magical Child Elixir or Essence: support to relieve anxiousness about change and new experiences, feel pleasure out of life experiences, embrace gratefulness, release depression.

*Empowered Rebel Essence: energetic attunement to support taming stormy emotions and channels them into higher consciousness & awareness, ignites personal power that is fueled by love and courage of the heart, helps you feel comfortable in your own skin and MORE

*Water Element Essence: supports the vibrational embodiment of gentle, balanced power, restoration and renewal within, truthful and compassionate communication that nurtures relationships, gentle release of constriction on a mental and emotional level, acceptance of life experiences, letting go of criticism, releasing blame, seeing patterns blocking one’s growth, overall clarity for next stage, inner healing, renewed hope, playfulness and more peace, understanding one’s growth from the Higher Mind perspective (versus fear-based projections).

Overall Water Cycle Learning: honing Wisdom, Imagination, Intuition, Psychic Perception.

Urban Warrior Tea: gently supports the adrenals as well as the immune system when one is depleted/exhausted, balances the mental and emotional bodies, grounds the physical body as it grows spiritually. A great substitute for caffeine!

Love Chakra Spray: expands the 4th Chakra and the Higher Heart Chakra, opening oneself to explore the depth and breadth of the heart with loving intention, loving support through life’s transitions.

How Archetype Herbal Elixirs, Archetype Essences and Ascension Essences help you and which ones to choose are on my FAQ Page.


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September psychospiritual and physical symptoms: more joy, feeling the need for change/taking risk, fear/trepidation of or resistance to change, waves of grief, bitterness, loneliness, low iron, asthma attacks, lung issues, circulation/blood pressure issues, cold/flu symptoms, achiness, headache, heart flutter/palpitations, ear buzzing/ ear/lymph congestion, hot flushes, fatigue, low immunity, dizziness, feeling ungrounded/detached, unmotivated, restless sleep, needing more sleep, poor digestion, low mood, depression, anger, frustration, liver pain, digestive issues (we are shifting in our 3rd chakra area all year!), red eyes, neck/shoulder pain, feeling drained, intense dreams, sinus issues, skin issues, kidney issues, interdimensional/lucid dreaming, shifts in perception of your reality, crawly brain, hormone/endocrine issues.

Areas more affected this month: heart, solar plexus, lungs, veins, hands, Thymus, arms

If you have any concerns about your health and wellness, please consult your health practitioner immediately.

More about the Ascension process and a complete list of Ascension Symptoms HERE

September 2023 Cosmic Events:

Sept 7 - 977 Gateway

Sept 9 - 9/9 Gateway

Sept 14 - New Moon in VIrgo 06:40 PM PST

Sept 22 - Fall Equinox @ 11:50 pm PST

Sept. 29 - Super Full Moon in Aries 02:58 AM PST


Mercury Retrograde:

Pre-shadow: Aug 3 to Aug 22, 2023

Retrograde: Aug 23  to Sept 15, 2023

Post-shadow: Sept 16 to 30, 2023

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As we continue to elevate our consciousness and sense of self worth, our immunity is impacted. Our bodies need time to cleanse and adjust to new, higher frequencies. This along with changing weather and other stressors impact and contribute to cold/flus and other immune ailments. Remember to get plenty of rest, drink purified water (and you can put your higher vibe intentions in it, and/or crystals in it), and practice staying in your Higher Mind. Remember: you create your reality!

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13 Archetypes for ALL THAT IS

2023: The Empowered Rebel

The Empowered Rebel Archetype is the first archetype of the 13. 

We are being called to live this archetypal energy in 2023 at a time when old societal systems continue to stagnate/crumble, and out of the box thinkers are needed.

Great courage, innovative thinking and heart-led women and men are needed to change our world! Do you feel the call? Are you ready to live a different way?

The Empowered Rebel desires to seek heart-led change, to shake up and release outdated societal norms and values that do not serve the highest good, and to live courageously by his  or her own divinely guided beliefs and value system. 

The old version of the Rebel archetype was not empowered and felt powerless, so therefore reacted and rebelled as a result of fear based, ego needs, inciting self righteous fuelled rebellion against others or “the system”. This often resulted in power struggles, polarity and destructive, “circling the drain” outcomes.

The empowered version acts from a divinely led sense of galactic, intuitive guidance and wisdom that serves the most High, and encourages altruistic activism, creative revolution, and visionary insight out of a desire to serve those around him or her.

New Vibrational Essence: The Empowered Rebel


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