Solar Freedom

“Freedom is not the size of your cage or the power of your wings, or non-attachment to a person or a thing.  Freedom is about being so truly madly & deeply attached to your own soul, that you can’t bear-if only for a moment – a life that does not honour it.”~ Andrea Balt

“Honor your passion.Don’t apologize for desire. Respect your dreams.  Use your gifts fiercely.  Don’t delay your rebellion, Fight for your art.  You are creatively responsible for your own life and for resurrecting as many as possible. “ ~ Andrea Balt

“Freedom has no history.” ~ Andrew Cohen

As humanity emerges from one of the darkest mental periods of the ascension process, we have now earned the right after four years to let go completely of our past and leap into 5th dimensional living- a new direction is dawning and with the help of the sun this month, we will feel the solar freedom!  Inner freedom is cultivated after intense, often long struggle on any level:  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, which allows us to wriggle free of being in resistance to Life.

As we enter into this new way of being a 5D human there are many parts of ourselves that are converging to create a sense of wholeness within, of sovereignty and of innate knowing.  We are rapidly connecting back to our ancestors wisdom and to the cosmic mystery of not knowing.  All of our senses are expanding, our psychic perception widening, our attunement to outside forces and ALL THAT IS is becoming instinctual once again. We can turn over any issue and see it from many angles, then choose what allows us to be in our best self!  Having lost ourselves to years and generations of patriarchal conditioning, we have finally thrown off the shackles for good, and have now grown new wings!

From here we now choose how and where we soar, it is totally our responsibility to test the wind, and feel which direction we need to fly so that we are our Higher Selves as a species, live a life with purpose, be in service to each other and coexist with nature in co-creation.  NOW the sacred work of re-creating a life with passion begins!  

In service and love,


Psycho spiritual symptoms for June:  Congratulations now you are going to move forward and embrace more of your authenticity and potential!  The trail so far through the ascension process has been lonely at times, and long.  However you are at the end stage of the growing phase of the 4th dimensional ascension process; karmic freedom is here!  Now you can move forward after all your deep inner processing – you have shifted enough of your outdated beliefs and shed deep wounding so that your body, heart and mind are free enough.  You have earned the right to learn the next set of life’s mysteries, and move into 5th Dimensional living.  Take all your learning at this point and advance forward with the courage and the wisdom you have gained.  The soulful destiny you have chosen is emerging before you.  This month will also require you to smile or laugh at what you cannot control  in yourself, in others, in world events, instead of becoming frustrated. So Lighten Up and find happiness in simplicity and everyday after so much struggle!  You are learning to live in the present and navigate your way with your innate sense of truth.  

Embrace this new sense of well-being and the simple truths that support your inner joy.  Your masculine and feminine self are at a truce, more inner peace will prevail.  Remember to also honour your ancestors and those, such as friends and family,  that have supported you so far this year on your journey!  You are supported, you are not alone!  Make sure you tell them this in whatever way works for you, stay true and support them where you can.  Reciprocation is important in the wheel of life!  It is also time to forgive those that you need to forgive, even if you are not continuing your journey with them, so that you can truly be free. Everyone has their own path and you need to see the value in the direction he or she has chosen without judgement.

Ascension symptoms to watch for this month: lung issues (mostly due to deep fatigue and still some grieving to let go), digestive issues off and on, hot flushes, itchy skin, rashes,  sore kidneys, deep fatigue, still some uncertainty, fear, bouts of grieving. Nurture yourself this month as there will still be a deep sense of fatigue (mixed with excitement!), you need time to recover and this will be a busy month! Get out into the sun which is especially potent right now and soak in the healing! There is still much to do, but we must build reserves!  Your body will still be dumping out old debris and downloading, so itchy skin rashes and other symptoms will be part of this month’s cleansing and healing.  

Recommended Senses of the Soul products:   The Sovereign Elixir supports us to step into our own authentic power and embrace our co-creative masculine and feminine energies. When we are connected with our authentic power we can maintain healthy personal boundaries and relationships, channel creativity, manifest abundance, and live a life of co-creative service, contains Calendula for nurturing the fatigued soul, The Sage Elixir or Essence reminds us that we have other ways of knowing. Divine guidance and the voice of the heart are speaking to you. The Sage restores clear vision by helping you to access your inner wisdom: your intuition, contains Yarrow for psychic protection and energetic boundary support .  The Shaman Elixir will help you to retrieve the parts of your soul that have been buried, the Shaman archetype will free you from your self-imposed limitations so that you can stand in the power of who you are and why you are here, karmic freedom is yours to embrace! Great for skin issues. The Spiritual Warrior Elixir will provide you with the courageous endurance to live your truth, even when doing so requires sacrifice and may cause pain, contains Barberries and Ginger to give warming life force to the body, aids digestion.  The Lover Elixir calls forth the unconditional love and compassion already in your heart, contains Borage and Hawthorn for immune and circulation support, eases heart pain and palpitations.   Teas:  Love Chakra Tea, Feel No Fear Tea, Urban Warrior Tea (for deep fatigue), Release the Fear Tea, Release the Heat (for energy/heat surges and support for rapid downloading), Release the Grief, Goddess Tonic Tea. Don’t be afraid to mix teas together as needed!

Cosmic Events for June:

New Moon – Sunday, June 5th

Full Strawberry or Rose Moon – Monday, June 20th

Summer Solstice – Monday, June 20th – GATEWAY to 5th dimensional energy firmly being anchored into the collective!

Mercury Retrograde Post phase – May 28-June 7

Key words for June’s journey:  Nurturing, Soulful Co-creation, Psycho spiritual endurance, Divine Choices, Shamanic Journeying, Karmic Freedom, Emotional Courage, Forgiveness, Psychic Perception

Pictured:  Yew Tree (Taxus Canadensis) that is going in the first chakra of the SOTS Botanical Garden! Yew tree is said to be one of the oldest species on the planet.  Helps you to realize your life’s purpose. Cast off burdens that hold you back and take spontaneous, intuitive and wise action that leads to new directions for growth.
When you come to the realization that the time has come to release your attachment to anything that is holding you back, like the irrepressible yew tree you are propelled onwards to change, adapt, and make choices and that will allow you to be free to grow, expand and regenerate. Ancient yew can assist in letting go of whatever is standing in the way of achieving your purpose. Helps the body’s defense system and increases energy.  Roots one in the first chakra for a strong sense of survival.