Surrendering to Universal Flow

“Did we really think this heart centered evolution process would be easy given that we do not surrender well to change and that we would rather do anything and be anything than bare and connect our heart to another???  Yet it is the very thing that we most long for in our soul!” – Samantha Orthlieb, Purifying into Sacred Love

“The sorrow, grief, and rage you feel is a measure of your humanity and your evolutionary maturity. As your heart breaks open there will be room for the world to heal.”

— Joanna Macy

 “Happiness depends less on what happens to us and more on how we view the past positively, enjoy the moment and create the future.”

― Shannon L. Alder

Last week, my father told me very succinctly about his view on life after I had asked him how his morning of kayaking had gone.  He said, “You know, I realized today that life is very much like floating on my kayak in the ocean.  I see all around me, I watch the sea creatures swimming underneath me,  I  marvel at the pelicans diving for fish and I am aware of the waves coming in,  however I cannot control much of what happens outside of me or to me when I am in the sea.  I can paddle here and there to steer in certain directions, but the reality is I just need to go along for the ride.  It is important to know that I have a choice, but I must also flow with the current to get back to shore.”

My father’s sage advice sums up what our precarious human journey requires of us, particularly at this point in evolutionary history.  The month of April will continue to necessitate that we keep our center, maintain our balance and go along with the ebb and flow. By now most of us who are walking a soulful path are making different choices and are moving towards co-creative direction in our lives, our work and our relationships.  And while it is due to choosing to paddle a certain way, the reality is that we have been acting in concert with the Universe and now feel deeply compelled to head toward a peaceful and loving shore.   Despite all the chaos in the world, despite continuing trauma, pain, tragedy and mayhem – the human collective consciousness is now cautiously rooted in a world that will blossom and benefit all. The magnitude of this conscious choice should not be overlooked – the hopeful tranquility this brings our souls at this juncture is beyond my capacity to put into words.

Many of us are still struggling with certain aspects of our lives and will need to draw firm boundaries and make brave decisions.  And risks need to be taken that are pulling us far out of our comfort zone – ultimately though enough of us are surrendering and embracing a simpler, sustainable, self-responsible, meaningful way of life that will anchor the collective in this vision.  It may show up in little things or big shifts, but we are contributing in some way.  As we continue to dip our toes into the waters of co-creation, we are pulling this new way of living and being deeper within our hearts, into our cellular matrix – right down into our bones!  Our whole selves are slowly realigning with a human essence that is cooperative and based on love, tolerance and eco-spiritual values.

In April we are lining up to cement, let go or make new partnerships and new soul connections so be open to surrendering to this union if it comes your way.  This is not a time to go it alone; everyone must genuinely support each other.  It is very important that we hold a hopeful vision for our future in our thoughts, prayers and actions to continue to create a world that sustains the health and well-being of everything.  Our masculine and feminine energies are merging together within us at a fast rate so that we can co-create and bring something new into the world! Everything that is happening is allowing us to live very differently, so know that chaos will continue as the old fabric of our culture continues to be ripped apart and torn down.  Incidents around the world will echo the demise of the patriarchy.

We will continue to be tested spiritually and will be asked to walk our talk.  Our authenticity and heart rooted selves are now shining through; however it is imperative that we keep being patient while Divine order plays out.  As I mentioned in my January blog we must practice being and stay in the stream of giving and receiving, focus on service and allow aspects of our lives to line up naturally and without control. It is necessary to embrace intuitive living along with blind faith, as we really cannot see where all of this is going! However as long as we stay true to our authenticity and live co-creative values we will stay on the correct course and be in the flow.

In my February blog I suggested that we need to understand what we value in order to be in the universal flow.  What do we really want? What brings us altruistic meaning and passion and meets our personal needs, while at the same time aligning in service with the new world we are creating?   We can call on our Mystic, Priestess and Lover archetypes to support us in heading in the right direction.

Here are the important aspects to remember as we move from March to April:

1)       Let go – release your worries, burdens and expectations.  Be open to receiving help and watch for signs around you such as repetitive guidance, an intuitive idea, or being hit over the head – then follow the advice!  Base your decisions on meaning, passion and possibility – do not worry about whether it will generate enough money, fame or accolades!

2)      Step up, show up, move forward, release that which is not moving with you and be brave!!!

3)      With the New Moon on March 30 it is important to focus on manifesting desires and intentions.  Moon cycles are affecting us more and more so pay attention to them and work with the energy.  April’s moons will be very intense (see below)!  As I mentioned in my book, we are invoking the Earth Mother and the Shaman archetypes of the first chakra in order to become more eco-spiritual and rooted in ourselves, so pay attention to how you feel and how you can work with the moon cycle energy to your advantage. We can energetically manifest what is needed to heal ourselves and our planet!

4)      Compassionate boundaries – surround yourself with people who support you, encourage you and love you.  Do the same for yourself and for others.   Being compassionate does not mean you need to give up your position – you still need to hold your boundaries but you can be understanding and loving about it.

5)      Stay as balanced and peaceful as you can.   As the ascension process speeds up and we increase our consciousness at a faster rate, it is important to clear our schedules, calm our lives and be open to what is coming our way.  Use music, meditation, yin yoga, nature walks – anything that brings you peace.  Do not engage in battles; save your energy for creating the new in your life when it is time to do so!   This does not mean that you will not have to hold your boundaries; but conserve your energy output and lend your passion to something that is worth championing!

6)      It is important to remember as we let go of the lower vibrations in our life that hold us back that we will attract more loving energy and experiences.  Fear will attract negative energy and poor health.  Focus on light and love and what it is that you value and want to focus on in your life.  Pick a soulful direction and paddle that way!  See where life takes you- no choice is wrong, just a different experience.

Sending you flow, grace and ease as you paddle into the unknown!


Physical and Psychospiritual symptoms for April:  As we move into spring our bodies are waking up and we yearn to cleanse and detoxify.  The liver in particular can use a good cleansing in the spring time as it is the main detoxifying organ and takes quite a bit of punishment on a daily basis.  Any kind of cleansing will help us to ease our sorrow at shedding our old ways and help us to find ways to stay in the flow!  Our bodies and psycho-spiritual selves mirror the state of our planet’s health so it is in our best interest to clean up both!  Heart palpitations/ strange heart rhythms and other health issues such as high blood pressure, digestive issues, fogginess, headaches, disturbed sleep, fatigue, inflamed joints, shoulder blade pain and flu like symptoms will continue to plague us as we align with universal energy and shift to altruistic consciousness.  Stay hydrated and cleanse your vibrational field frequently. We will be having more solar flares (and TWO eclipses-see below) in April so stay alerted to them and support yourself to move through the energy shifts as best possible.  It is going to be a BIG month of change and growth in and around us so conserve your energy and heed the advice in this blog! Here is a website that you can follow and receive solar flare alerts:

Eclipses in April – There will be two eclipses in April – a lunar and a solar – this is a fairly rare event which intensifies the energy around us and major changes normally take place.   The lunar eclipse (Apr 15) will mean an intense level of emotion and learning to lean more deeply into our feminine natures. As well the relationships which were mentioned earlier in this post will either cement or be thrown into chaos, and compassion and good boundaries will be needed to bring about a positive outcome. By the full moon we will have good clarity on where we are headed for the next phase of our relationships for the spring and summer.

Herbal Allies for April:  Echinacea – calms the mind, integrates the second and third chakras for balanced power and spiritual integrity, increases immunity when outside forces are too much to handle, aligns body, mind, spirit, addresses sexual imbalances.  Allows one the ability to keep one foot in the material world and one foot in the spiritual world without depleting life force.  Allows one the ability to let go of old self-image and transition to new ways of being. Yellow Dock – it assists in illuminating our higher mind through the avenue of strengthening the solar plexus–the seat of our will, power and assimilation of all life’s experiences.  Its downward flowing action governs all forms of elimination such as urination, menstruation, defecation and childbirth.  When it is hard to let go of the past (stories, anger, guilt, pain), old emotions or trauma lingering in the conscious or subconscious mind, Yellow Dock is a powerful ally. Physically it ‘cleanses our blood’ but mentally it helps cleanse our mind. Borage – an ally of the fourth chakra it helps to heal old heart wounds and emotional pain so that we can forgive ourselves and others.  Borage fosters courage, strength, virility and well-being.  It is an anti-inflammatory, adrenal tonic, is helpful for throat irritation, coughs, fever and a variety of digestive disturbances.

Senses of the Soul products:  Urban Warrior Tea, The Mystic Elixir or Essence, The Priest/Priestess Elixir or Essence, The Lover Elixir or Essence.

Important cosmic events for April & May 2014:

Full Moons – April 15 (total lunar eclipse), May 14

New Moons – April 29 (annular solar eclipse), May 28

Pictured:  Oleander plant with flowers – this beautiful plant is from my parent’s backyard in Mexico.  It helps to channel and focus “light”, alleviates depression caused by spiritual blockage, cynicism or lack of faith (this essence is used in my Mystic products)


 Oleander plant with flowers