The Age of Transparency and the Spiritual Warrior Archetype

“We are powerful beyond measure, and so deeply vulnerable at the same time. This may seem like a dichotomy, but it isn’t. We have misunderstood real power. It has been something assertive, non-surrendering, pushing on through. This is not real power. This is simply willfulness. Real power is something else- receptivity, openness, the courage to keep your heart open on the darkest of days, the strength to feel it all even when the odds are stacked against you. Real power is showing up with your heart on your sleeve and absolutely refusing to waste one moment of your life hidden behind edginess and armor. The art of enheartened presence. Now that’s power.” ~ Jeff Brown

As the Year of Transformation (2013) continues to prod us to regroup, redefine and reshape our human values and sense of purpose, the Age of Transparency is quickening within the human race.  Now is a time when we are finding it ever more difficult to hide our darkness, our fears, our addictions and our inaction.  But most importantly the transparency energy that is pervading the world is that of outing those that lack impeccability and virtue.  As we continue to become more connected through technology and find power in numbers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hide the deep flaws in our former patriachical cultural values.  Wiki-leaks, mass on-line petitions, and the infamous group called Anonymous are examples of how community and connectivity through technology is helping to keep large institutions, corporations and governments honestly transparent to the People.  Greed, force, control, aggression, hostility, apathy, materialism, pride, ego and narcissism are slowly being weeded out, frowned upon and not tolerated in the mass collective consciousness.  As the quote above by Jeff Brown suggests, the edginess of human power is starting to wane and change to something much more softly empowered.  Our masculine and feminine selves are shifting more into balance with one another.  Our whole concept of empowerment through outer power is shifting to inner power and self responsibility.   Through this transformation we are being faced with many soulful and spiritual trials; this Age of Transparency initiation has a new archetypal energy to it because we are creating a new world with integrity and truth as two of its core values.

As I wrote in my book, Opening the Senses of the Soul, the third chakra, located in our upper digestive system, houses our empowerment and our sense of purpose.  It is where we digest and sift through all the good, bad, painful, joyful and traumatic events in our lives.  It is here that we are able to transform these experiences into the learning necessary for us to ascend in our consciousness and further our soul’s evolution. Our liver is the most important organ in this chakra; it contains our life and soul purpose energy.  Essentially we need to learn to surrender and let our soul, not the ego, lead the way.  As we evolve through this Year of Transformation our third chakra is not only balancing out , but is also evolving.  We are learning to not only embody the Warrior archetype that I described in my book(pg 130) to heal the third chakra power center, but now we are dipping our toes into the Spiritual Warrior archetype (pg 134).  With this third chakra transformation there has and will be physical symptoms:  digestive issues, pain in the shoulder blades, clenched teeth, headaches, shoulder blade pain, frequent urination, angry red eyes, lower back pain, anxiety, fear, guilt, lethargy, a craving for sugar or alcohol, and anger.

A core group of us are being asked to lead the way with the Spiritual Warrior archetype.  I find myself being tasked with more responsibility, testing of my integrity and a constant push to live my personal truth.  As much as I may fight it and avoid it, the need to step further into my potential and power is going to manifest as I redefine my soul’s purpose.  I struggle with my ego and my pride; I worry I will not be abundantly looked after, that I will have to do it all myself, and that as usual, I will not receive the appropriate accolades or praise.  Every time we evolve to another level of consciousness and empowerment within we are asked to stretch our inner and outer resources and this naturally leads to fear and ego resistance.  I find it very useful to reflect on the Spiritual Warrior archetype as a way to get myself back on track for the higher good and banish my internal saboteur.

A Spiritual Warrior archetype embodies these qualities:

*Has stamina and courage even when faced with great adversity or with one’s own fear.

*Protects and supports others (especially those that cannot protect themselves) and the higher good.

* Understands that sacrifice demonstrates loyalty. Sacrifice is a strong act of love and teaches you how to walk in balance and let go of the parts of yourself that are only interested in the personal “I”.

*Knows that the human race is your Soul Family; that each woman is your sister and each man is your brother and that each person has one common mission as well as their individual purpose.  This means always learning as well as teaching, supporting others in their efforts, their work and their personal expression.

*Realizes that he or she is created to learn to be an equal contributor to the Beauty of the Whole. Equal being the key word here!  Just as every cell in the human body has a different function and yet together those cells make up a carbon energy unit that houses a soul with a unique identity. We all need to step up and contribute our gifts to create this Beauty.

*Lives his or her own truth without preaching to others – this is a different kind of empowerment – it means knowing that you are a free-willed co-creator who becomes the source of all you choose to experience in life.  You are totally responsible for all your joys and all your pain.  It is in this knowing that you can limitlessly create and manifest for the higher good; it is listening to one’s inner knowing without all the mind chatter.  This comes from deep in the heart and every cell of the body.

*Understands that sacrifice restores sacredness in his or her life – sacrificing your fears and doubt so that you can create your dreams and bring them to fruition.  It also means sacrificing your bad habits by bringing them into the light and continually working on your inner growth so that you can stand true to your convictions with impeccability.

It is important to understand that self-sacrifice is not denying your needs, but rather it is the Higher Self’s decision to willingly sacrifice limitation through action– through living it (not preaching it!).

The Spiritual Warrior archetype requires a support system as it aids the accelerating of new ideas, thoughts and actions while honouring diversity and uniqueness – this is why it is so important for us to come together with like minded individuals so that we can all support each other to make the changes that are needed to heal our world into Peace and Oneness.

Living the Spiritual Warrior archetype will require great strength, courage and conviction (as well as a loyal support system); as our human values and world change we will naturally collide with ourselves and others.  This is the only way we will bring about true change and healing and create a soul family system of transparency in which we can help each other be honest without judgement or criticism.

Sending you love, courage and light,


Nature allies to support you through May: 

In my practice I use plant and other nature medicine to uncover the shadow within a client, bring their light to the surface and illuminate their wholeness.  This creates empowerment and self love on all levels. Nature naturally does this because she endlessly co-creates for the higher good and innately creates balance.  Nature allies for this time are Marshmallow – to soften power within, Peppermint – to bring clarity through inner knowing and empowerment, Calendula- for self nurturing so that you can serve better, Yarrow – to shield you from outside negative influence as you break away from old mental patterns that no longer serve you, Barberry – supports spiritual transformation, allow balancing of power,  provides you with direction for how to serve in the world (FYI, this is one of the plant helpers  in my upcoming Evolving archetype products!).  Senses of the Soul products:  The Warrior Elixir or Essence, The Sage Elixir or Essence, The Sovereign Elixir or Essence – as always muscle test to see which ones are best.  Soul Chakra tea, Ilumination Chakra tea, Feel No Fear tea, Release the Fear and Release the Anger teas (great together for a spring cleanse!)

Cosmic Dates that will affect us in May:

Thurs, May 9th – New Moon in Taurus, Annular Solar Eclipse

Mon, May 20th – Sun moves in Gemini – this will bring about a HUGE shift for all of us – there is an universal energetic portal for seven days, starting May 22nd – hold on to your energy field!!

Friday, May 24th – Full Moon in Sagittarius, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

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