The Final Universal Lesson

“One love, one heart, one destiny.”  – Bob Marley

“It is strange how often a heart must be broken before the years can make it wise.” ― Sara Teasdale

The irrevocable cleansing and purging of humanity’s collective consciousness is in its final phase as we approach Dec 21, 2012.  The ultimate objective is to shift to living more fully in our heart and set the stage for Unity or Oneness consciousness to unfold.  Tragic events last week in Connecticut (and other parts of the world) were a final lesson in this year’s process.  We are being taught to open our hearts wider and expand humanity’s spiritual capacity to be forgiving, vulnerable, tolerant and compassionate.

If you are taking the time to process emotionally you may be experiencing a surge in anger, resentment and grief.  Pneumonia is hitting some people very hard and sinus infections are creeping back.  This is because there is too much grief to process (or is not being actively processed) in a short period so the body is absorbing the impact.  There is also more pain in the shoulder blades, headaches, coldness in the body, indigestion and constipation.

My heart has been hurting all week!  I feel a sobbing in my throat chakra that needs to be expressed and the intense wounding of humanity’s heart through my entire heart chakra.  At times it is unbearably hard to feel it.  The archetypal energy of Hawthorn has also been calling to me and wants to help us.  The Hawthorn tree is a symbol of Duality or Unity – of a blending of masculine and feminine energies into loving partnership.  It also allows us to freely and equally give and receive love; the energy and medicine from this beautiful and resilient tree allows us to transmute the pain from life’s follies and past lessons (or karma) into loving wisdom.  We are currently undergoing a love based, alchemical transformation of Universal proportions.

What is left to unload at this crossroad of shifting consciousness?  There is still time to look deeply and honestly at what you need to change in your life before the end of 2012.  Is there anything or anyone left holding on to you that needs to be released?  I have been having many conversations with Universal consciousness (some call this energy- guides or angels) and with family and close friends.  I am spending time each day in meditative “prayer”.  It helps to process where I need to make changes and find a warrior’s courage to move forward to the next level of my soul’s purpose.  Take the time to prepare, don’t rush, and wait.  If you are making changes then take the time to plan all your steps.  It will be worth it!

How have you been processing all the changes? Are you letting go enough so that you can move into the new paradigm with loving intention?  Feel free to share below so others do not feel alone!

Sending you love, grace and peace for this final phase of ascension!


Nature and chakra archetype allies to help you on your current evolutionary path:  Release the Grief tea, Love Chakra tea and Hawthorn berry/leaf tincture have been helping me to move through all the emotion in and around me. If you do not have my tea, then Hawthorn leaf/berries, rose hip and rose petal tea would be a good addition for support.

Important astrological dates: 

Full Moon:  Dec 28

Key ascension date:  Dec 21, 2012

Hawthorn tree in spring

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