The Humbling of Humanity

“Thank you” is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding. -Alice Walker

“Am I going to be known by the car I travel in or by the path I pave and walk on?” – Amit Abraham

“Having the right priorities in a wrong world will humble you with a journey that only love can sustain.” ― Bryant McGill

This past summer  I went to a sports store to find a bow and arrow for a course I was hosting at my farm. I wanted to show my course participants an example of third chakra power – or what I feel as an aspect of the Warrior Archetype.  I imagined that the ladies who were attending my course would have bow and arrow in hand – raised slightly to the sky and then arching in release at a small target placed in the woods- and in doing so they would feel confident but also know that it takes skill, passion  and humbleness to find their target.  It is an empowered art to find the center of what you are aiming for; it takes time, determination, confidence beyond ego and the willingness to join with the original essence that permeates all living things. I wanted to show with this example that if we do not feel separate we can feel the universal heartbeat as our own, and in that manifest and have our needs fulfilled.  We find our mark by depending on ourselves and our connection to all that is.

However this idea never came to fruition.   In the end I was completely overwhelmed in this “man made retail world” as there were rows upon rows of bows at this fancy hunting emporium with different taunt levels, scopes, complexity, materials, price and ego based construction. Looking at the multitude of dead animal heads on the walls also enraged me and made me feel ashamed at human folly and the general disregard for the sanctity of life. The store clerk looked at me skeptically as he rattled off his sales pitch about each one.   It baffled me that we needed these complex bows to teach us our supposed skill level or to hunt something that we traditionally have been taught to feel is inferior to us. I felt deep in my bones that there was no fairness, connection or honour in it.  I left the store in tears, knowing that this was not the reality I wanted to live in or support.

Like the illusion of a fancy,  complex and pricey bow as our strength, when did we decide that we would forget to use our instinct, compassion and inherent aptitude and instead give our power to any outside person, place or thing? When did we feel it was acceptable to just live within our learned means versus living within our ethics?  These are  the questions that plagued me as I drove home.  

If we have learned anything so far in this transformational year it is that we must trust the way that is the best for ourselves and throw away any inherited value systems or pressures.  No matter who or what seems ”normal”, or better or  pushes our limits we are ultimately self-responsible.  And that we must also be self-effacing when it comes to balancing our needs with the spiritual world.

In other words, as we move into November it is important to glean above all that the Universe is requesting that we focus less on material aspects and financial issues that seem to keep us safe and secure (especially because the financial world is in itself an illusion), and instead look to a more spiritual and plentiful approach to having our wants and needs met. Humanity is being humbled in the most creative way this month and simply holding  faith, trust and gratitude, and being open to signs and new opportunities going forward  will secure the peace, abundance and self respect within that we are soulfully seeking.  Clinging to any old versions of ourselves will be our downfall.  With our masculine right hand on our heart(fourth chakra), and our feminine left hand on our solar plexus (third chakra), we balance ourselves and move forward into Oneness as all that seemed safe and black and white is further  unveiled as unacceptable  illusion.

In calmness and heart centered abundance,


Psycho spiritual and physical symptoms for November 2016:  As I mentioned last month all is falling down!  There is no way to escape reality for yourself and it is time to see what needs to flourish in your life  – what ignites you? It is important to focus on your needs in accordance to your values – if you have a business, are looking for employment, are changing your living situation, entering a new relationship, in a current relationship or collaborating with others – remember to engage your sense of self respect, co-creation and fairness.  Anything that you do or stay in out of fear, lack, jealousy or control will ultimately fail.  Rethink it, restructure it, reshape, reorder it if need be, but for Heaven’s sake do not bury your head in the sand, blame others, or our culture for your lack of self responsibility or the changes you need to make as the world shifts! Model how you want the world to be.  As you continue to struggle part of you will rage but the other part of you is exhausted and and wants peace and love.  And peace will win ultimately – the collective is tiring at great speed and wants more harmony and co-creation.  In fact many of you that are understanding the universal call for co-creative mastery of resources and finances are now seeking a more quiet, gentle and balanced lifestyle that includes love, deeper connection with self, others and nature, and the need for interdependent relationships.

All eyes are watching the outcome of the American election on November 8th – primarily because the one who is elected signals the tone of our collective consciousness process going forward.  Is Hillary Clinton poised to become the first female president?  The feminine and female leadership is rising, not because women are superior, but because it is our time to shine and bring more softness to the world.  The feminine in both women and men is desperate for unity and common ground, not because we necessarily agree, but because it is imperative to our surthrival at this point in history.  So if she wins we move forward more rapidly in this way.  If not and Trump claims the throne then a clashing will be heard around the world that will tear apart the fabric of North American culture in an unprecedented way – and again, we will move forward toward co-creation.  Both outcomes will be the same, however the former is the more gentler, responsible and sanest option with the least amount of casualty.  Which way will we choose? – all of us need to step into this alignment, regardless if we have a vote or not – your intention can move mountains, so be careful where you engage your time and energy this month – we are all contributing to a faster or slower pace of a collaborative outcome.

As those of you reading my blog tend to be more empathic, remember to ground yourself, clear your energy system often, avoid situations, places and people who sap your energy, watch your thoughts, find outlets to express your emotions instead of bottling them up or increasing your addictive habits, get out into nature as often as possible, connect and love those that do support your growth, eat well and drink more water, find alone time, set boundaries and pull in when needed. Phew – the next two months are going to be soulfully challenging as we clear deeper patterns so look after yourself!  

Ascension symptoms to look for this month: a rise in addictions, continued digestive issues, vivid dreams and nightmares, eye issues (redness, tearing, poor eyesight), up and down weight increase, bouts of weeping, sinus and lung congestion, lymph congestion and mucus, sore throat, “stomach flu”, stiff neck, aching heart, more easily triggered emotionally, bouts of jealousy, blame, defensiveness, neediness, self punishment, irritable, self attack, sadness, depression, and days of elation and more self love.  Don’t take anything personally!  And remember to tell yourself it is not about winning or losing, nor measuring outside “things” – we all need to come out on top together!

Cosmic Dates for November:

11:11 (November 11) – Cosmic Energetic Gateway – REBIRTH is ours if we want it but we must face and move through some of our darkest fears.  Let go of worry and doubt, move past any unworthiness, it is time to SHINE!  Move past inaction and move forward in whatever way is needed – or if it is something you cannot do anything about, then release it to Spirit.

Full Moon (in Taurus) – November 14th – this is a Super Full Moon – the biggest in nearly 70 years!  Super intense and clearing – pick your battles wisely for the feminine in terms of what you value, and as you do you may feel very alone – it is tough to cut a new path through the dense forest of negative emotion around and in you – the patriarchy continues to die out but with that is more chaos.  Are you in a battle of the wills and losing sight of partnership at the expense of another or them with you?  Disengage and view from a higher place within.  Find a middle ground.  

New Moon (in Sagittarius) – November 29th – What do you need to learn right now?  It is important to find clarity in your beliefs, versus outside influence so that calm and steady keeps you strong.  Where can you strengthen bonds, build a solid foundation and be realistic about what you can expect from others and they from you?  Be consistent and clear – connect to nature as much as possible.  We are learning how to co-create better if we hold that intention.

November 4th and 5th – peak of Taurid Meteor Shower

November 16 and 17th – Leonids Meteor Shower

November 6th – Daylight Saving Time

Key words for November’s journey: empowered action, confidence, willpower, boundaries, highest truth, cosmic wisdom, alchemical transition, soulful rebirth

Recommended Senses of the Soul products: The Warrior Elixir helps you transform feelings of anger, rage and hurt into happiness, courage and empowered action. It gives you the confidence and willpower to protect our boundaries and stand up for what is true for you, Marshmallow root and Peppermint provide digestive support that heals, calms and soothes.,  The Enchantress/Enchanter Elixir allows full and complete alignment with your Highest Truth. It allows you to live in your Higher Heart, embody Light and love unconditionally, enables you to deeply connect to nature, animals, cosmos and intrinsically merge in a state of Oneness, us it this month to navigate shadow healing in your dreams. The Shaman Elixir will help you to retrieve the parts of your soul that have been buried, the Shaman archetype will free you from your self-imposed limitations so that you can stand in the power of who you are and why you are here, karmic freedom is yours to embrace! Contains Burdock for thwarting self sabotage and clearing skin issues. The Guru Essence reminds us that we are all ONE. It renews your sense of higher purpose and trust that all is as it’s meant to be, contains Lavender for easing fear and easing nervous tension.  The Alchemist Elixir –facilitates psycho spiritual transformation, personal transmutation and clarity of purpose, contains Wormwood for liver and “parasitic” cleansing, Reishi Mushroom for immune support.

NOTE:  use Elixirs if you need more earthly, hard hitting help for deeply rooted physical and psycho spiritual symptoms, use Essences for more higher realm, subtle, fine tuning of physical and psycho spiritual issues.  I have suggested what I intuited the majority of us will need this month, but trust your own guidance when it comes to using any Senses of the Soul product.

Teas: Urban Warrior Tea, Release the Anger, Thrive Immune Tea, Illumination Chakra Tea, A Walk in the Woods Tea, Sacred Union Tea, Release the Past Tea

Pictured:  Nightshade (contained in my Enchantress/Enchanter Elixir)- for being adventurous and daring. Willing to take a risk, always stretching for things out of your reach and getting them. Brings direction and purpose. Allows one to fully engage in life and self direct anger that comes out as stubbornness.  “Helps us tolerate the shadow in the psyche which allows self-love of every aspect of ourselves. Taking the time to get to know our own vulnerable, abandoned pieces, helps us to see parts of ourselves that hurt, or create our own self undoing when they are left uncared for and unclaimed. ” (Prairie Deva Essences)  In other words we are not perfect and to love every piece of our light and dark is integral to fully loving ourselves and therefore others.