The Rainbow Bridge

“A passionate ingenious response at every instance will be called for in 2016; we must find the Will to use our inner resourcefulness and own effort to create the needed changes.  When we follow and build on our passion, the soul can truly express itself and can then assist us to move closer toward our highest good.”- Samantha Orthlieb, January Blog 2016

“As energy moves outward it unites with other energy that supports its frequency and vibration.   It draws ‘like’ energy to itself…and then returns to Source magnified.” – Alecia Starhawk

“Walk on a Rainbow trail, walk on a trail of song, and all about you will be beauty.  There is a way out of every dark mist, over a Rainbow trail.” – Robert Motherwell

As we move into February we are in the midst of attuning to an energetic gateway called The Rainbow Bridge.  This is the threshold to the 4th Dimension, in other words the depths of the unconscious Self that we access from a higher set of energetic chakras, just above our head (beyond the 7th chakra) which enable us to expand our potential as a human being.  This energy gateway allows us access to other universes, other possibilities and deepens our other senses beyond the current 5 (sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste) – such as telepathy, time travel, universal travel and psychic perception.  The Rainbow Bridge is also known as the place our loved ones cross over to when they leave their earthly existence – to live in different dimensions.

Our 4th dimensional Self lives from a higher set of values and perception that align more closely with Oneness, the higher good, self -love and empowerment.  Our 4th dimensional Self is less interested in duality, judgement, negativity, lower emotions (such as anger, shame, guilt and blame) and self-interest.  While we simultaneously live in 3D, which is our conscious earthly/bodily self, we are learning to navigate our unconscious 4th dimensional self for deeper healing and altered states of reality/perception. As I mentioned in my last blog 4D is the growing pain stage, and we will be navigating this energetic terrain at great speed until June, when the 5th dimension, “Heaven on Earth”, descends into our consciousness due to galactic forces.

4D allows a wider range of thoughts, beliefs and possibility, we start to remember who we really are versus what we were taught.  There is more flow of grace and ease in life, more detachment, more responsibility for ourselves, more letting go of our past (karmic and real time), more letting go of clutter in all areas of our life.   We learn that we choose our reality, we align more fully with our soul’s purpose and we fully bridge our head with our heart for balanced living.  This month we are being asked to be conscious about the above in all our inside processing and outside interactions.  We will feel almost “unearthly” from here on in – we are expanding into a state of humanness that is beyond anything we have experienced before. So trusting our true knowing is imperative as the chaos and uncertainty continues to swirl around us.

The unconscious Self sits in our Thymus (the 8th chakra), a small gland known also as the “Awakening Gland and the “Seat of the Self”, it sits between the heart and the thyroid.  It functions as part of the immune and endocrine systems as well as being the area where we find the energy to voice our true knowing.  It plays a pivotal role in connecting our higher and lower chakras and is the converging point for all of the energy meridians in our body (see page 72 of my book). Blockages occur in this area when we are afraid of seeing what is going on in our lives, be it new consciousness entering through the 7th chakra (the crown chakra) from the higher chakras, or thoughts and feelings that rise up from the subconscious or lower chakras and need to be transformed into enlightened knowing and truthful expression.

The Rainbow Bridge and the Thymus gland are intricately interconnected in bringing about multi-dimensional (expanded) reality, which is why we have become very ill and/or more mentally/ emotionally/physically fragile since December – we are crossing this bridge to 4D higher consciousness and it takes much more “Lightness of being” to do so!  Our bodies, nervous system, DNA, cells and chromosomes are rapidly adjusting to allow us to ascend into this next dimension of living. We will be rapidly lightening our earthly load going forward to June.

Send LOVE to those that died in December and January; they needed to leave their earthly body to descend with us to the  4D matrix in an ethereal way.  For the first time in our human history – we are collectively aligning with universal will (instead of our misaligned cultural will) and are becoming “New Humans” – we are evolving to reach a state of living co-creative values and passionate purpose together.  New possibilities, new technology, new discoveries and new alliances are within reach.

In service,


Physical and Psycho spiritual symptoms and predictions for February 2016

February sees us coming out of a period of muddled darkness that has stalked us since September and officially launches us into 2016.  January’s Mercury Retrograde period was very emotionally and mentally challenging as we were forced to navigate our inner landscape, face our worst shadows and “die” into something new – we strained and pushed from being a 3D human to birthing our new 4D self. Lots of addiction, actual death, anger, depression, fatigue and self-doubt surfaced, unfinished business haunted us.  However the worst is over as we move anew into February and await the new cosmic energies that will be coming in during the two March eclipses.

This is a month to continue to rest, integrate, fine tune and start to put more feelers out in terms of new projects, new allies or careers, or finesse those already in process.  February is about making baby steps forward into a new way of living our life; being challenged to integrate the 4th dimensional values despite any outside or inner interference to the contrary.  Our Will and self -worth (based in our 3rd chakra) determines how much moves forward so you need to remind yourself daily – how much do I want to live my 4D destiny?, how much am I willing to allow change into my life so that I can be filled with purpose and abundance? Can I find the self -love to put myself out there and be myself despite outside disapproval or conflict?  Look to and support your inherent talents – who you are – not what you do! Whatever you are moving into means you must trust and have faith that the universe is leading you in that direction, and let go of what does not serve you.  This applies to all areas of your life – it is about finding BALANCE (which brings abundance) NOT about being SAFE, saving others, being obligated to others or being financially secure!  Allow any possibility into your way of thinking and doing and push past your FEAR!  Patience is key as we are learning to align with universal timing not just human will and our need to control the process.

Expect to continue to have wild or vivid dreams (because as we move into living more 4D we have more access to our unconscious Self and we do more soul journeying in other dimensions), digestive disturbances (especially bowel issues as anger hangs out in the large intestines and tends to constipate us), runny/gummy eyes/ eye sight issues (clearing anger/expanding perception), sinus congestion, elbow soreness, heart palpitations, knee issues, blood pressure issues, headaches, tight shoulders,  dizziness, ungroundedness, energy surges through the nervous/endocrine system, periods of fatigue (as you download new consciousness around the Full and New Moons), more grieving, and some mental and emotional inner struggle.  See my last blog for more ascension symptoms.  Rest and cultivate resilience and strength.  Be kind to yourself, be patient, look after your body, eat well and exercise.  Know that you are emerging into someone amazing and new – this is innovative terrain that we are pioneering!

Out in the rest of the world there will still be the continued dismantling of our old ways of running things (on a positive note Power is shifting from the top down to the masses), the media will feed the frenzy, those still struggling in lower consciousness will react in fear, a couple of viruses will spread and many will frantically try to hold onto the old 3D way of being around current world issues.  All of this will be in vain as we are moving forward into a new co-creative destiny.

Recommended Senses of the Soul products:   The Earth Mother Elixir returns us to a safe and nurturing place within. It connects and grounds us with the energy of Mother Earth, reminding us of our earthly purpose. Let the Earth Mother hold you in her loving arms so you can walk your path without fear and shed the shadow archetype of the Victim, contains Dandelion for liver and digestive support.  The Lover Elixir calls forth the unconditional love and compassion already in your heart, contains Borage and Hawthorn for immune and circulation support, eases heart pain and palpitations.  The Magical Child Elixir returns joy and innocence to your being and opens your heart to love, infinite possibility and light again, contains Elderberry and Rosehip for immune support. Teas:  Healthy Boundaries Tea, Thrive Immune Tea, Urban Warrior Tea, Release the Grief Tea, Sunshine Tea.

 Important cosmic events for February 2016: 

New Moon: Feb 8 – more purifying, healing – we cleanse to become even more self-reliant and strong 

Full Moon:  Feb 22 – slow down, reconnect with yourself and the earth so that you can give freely without exhaustion, get rid of anything that blocks you from going deeper or living your truth, review your options 

Mercury Retrograde:

Pre Shadow to Post Shadow – Dec 19 to Feb 14 

Mercury Direct (most intense time of shadow healing) –Jan 5 to Jan 29 

Imbolc / Lammas:  Feb 2 –  – spring is coming, life is quickening!  For those of you in the southern hemisphere it is harvest time!  Enjoy the bounty!

Chinese New Year:  Feb 8 – Year of the Fire Monkey – the year of Passionate Ingenuity begins!  Anything goes, anything can happen so be ready to jump in if and where you are required to!

Pictured:  Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo, Japan

Rainbow Bridge