The Resurrection

“There are resurrection themes in every society that has ever been studied, and it is because not only do we fantasize about the possibility of resurrection and recovery, but it actually happens. And it happens a lot.”- Sherwin B. Nuland

“How can you rise, if you have not burned” ― Hiba Fatima Ahmad

“A heart filled with love is like a phoenix that no cage can imprison.” – Rumi

The energies of January and February have been searingly intense! The cleansing, the shadow clearing and the almost continual influx of new coded vibrational frequencies from the Sun and the Moon continue to shape our new sense of Humanness.  The Sun represents the Divine Masculine and the Moon the Divine Feminine; together they are the harmonious blueprint for Oneness and we are being increasingly bombarded with Divine Love energy from both sources.  With each change of the Moon, solar eclipses and other cosmic events we shed and sift through ourselves, burning off each layer that no longer serves us as we move forward.  Changes continue to occur in our DNA, our body symptoms increase and decrease with each transmutation of our Being.  Many are wondering if they are even sane as our beliefs are challenged again and again, our brain hurts, we have headaches, vivid dreams and synchronicities/ tragedies occur in our lives that cannot be rationally explained.  Such is the 4th dimensional transition.  Where we learn to live through our heart, feel our way in the direction that our soul wants us to go, let go of thoughts and patterns that keep us locked in a karmic dungeon, a cycle that we are desperate to break out of, so that we can create a song with our heart and live in a co-creative way that frees our soul.   The cosmic pressure continues to squeeze out our concept of bad and good so that there is no duality, only Love.

As we approach March, we line up for an intense upshift in consciousness that will see more balance in our internal power (2nd/3rd and 4th chakra empowerment), more shifts/balance in world power; between people, countries and all entities on earth.  As these eclipses bring more fire, more passion, more feeling, and ignite our heart – even greater shifts in intrinsic awareness and depth will occur in how we relate to ourselves, each other and the world.  We choose our words more carefully, we naturally align with those who resonate with our energetic frequency, we understand more clearly that by focusing on the positive we can change reality and we question anything that does not feel truthful.  We will rise from the ashes of all that needed to be destroyed, unearthed and exposed in ourselves up until now, and slowly learn to create something very NEW based on our own self direction, inner freedom and abundance.

There is still much to be healed this year, but we are starting to see the fruits of our human ascension labour which started with great intensity in 2012.  March will continue that process and we will resurrect ourselves with Phoenix like energy.  A Phoenix is a mythical bird from Greek Mythology which rose from the ashes and recreated itself over and over again.  The Phoenix is the symbol for this powerful energy of Fire that is rising on the Earth and doing its work of transmutation and transformation. From the ashes of the old, the New is now seeded and is arising!  We will rise up the spiritual evolutionary spiral for the rest of the year, still being challenged but our growing self awareness and passion will burn through every obstacle if we use this energy consciously.  Our multi-dimensional sense of being alive and whole will continue to grow and reality will vibrate more frequently with beauty and harmony amid the chaos.  Our earthly Self will continue to release rigidity and blocked psycho spiritual patterns so that we can “lighten up” in all areas of our life to find balance therefore allowing us to live with more authenticity and Love.

In service,


Physical and Psycho spiritual symptoms and predictions for March 2016:  So you feel like a hot mess?  Your life is confusing/chaotic, your body still feels like it is not cooperating with you or is going through huge ascension symptoms?  Lots is falling apart in your life?  Welcome to the 4th Dimensional alignment phase, which, if you are just waking up or have been ignoring the signs from the Universe, is pushing you hard right now to shed and grow.  We must clear and align enough to take advantage of the eclipse and Equinox energies that will be pouring down on us very shortly.  While February was about resting, integrating, fine tuning and looking at our options – March will be about deciding courses of action that we want to take, and manifesting those new directions and alliances that will bring us more empowerment.  And with each forward step we will be challenged to live the 4th dimensional values that I wrote about in February.  It is imperative that we listen to our inner knowing, our wisdom and follow our gut feeling.  This is also a time where we will start to see greater division between those on a Higher Spiritual path, and those that want to stay in their old, mired Lower Self reality.  Those who are choosing to use the incoming higher frequencies during this month will see more clearly who joins them on the path to co-creation and Oneness.  Those that want to stay in duality and their lower nature, refuse to change and live in fear and hate will have more mental instability and emotional problems. If you watch the media news you will see this division become quite clear.  It all comes down to conscious choice and moment to moment decisions.

Expect to continue to have wild or vivid dreams (because as we move into living more 4D we have more access to our unconscious Self and we do more soul journeying in other dimensions), adrenal fatigue, digestive disturbances (especially the liver and gallbladder as we transform anger and resentment into action in defense of our soul needs), lung issues, runny/gummy eyes/ eye sight issues (clearing anger/expanding perception), skin flare-ups, elbow soreness, heart palpitations, blood pressure issues, headaches, tight shoulders,  fogginess, dizziness, ungroundedness, energy surges through the nervous/endocrine system, periods of fatigue and lots of emotional filtering of past issues.    It is really important to drink lots of water in March and look after your body – otherwise you will struggle to integrate the new awareness coming your way.  Tap your Thymus, breathe and steady yourself – if you become too off balanced in a situation then back off and take a break.  Get out into nature often to help you heal and stay grounded (we will feel out of body quite a bit in March).  Allow your perception to expand to new realities, new ideas and be prepared to STRETCH this month beyond what you thought was possible in certain areas of your life that need evolution!

Recommended Senses of the Soul products:   (NEW) The Enchantress Elixir which I launched last month is my most evolved product and must be used sparingly (Start with 5 drops under the tongue at bedtime).  It allows full and complete alignment with your Highest Truth. It allows you to live in your Higher Heart, embody Light and love unconditionally. It supports 5th (multi-) dimensional living by assisting you to be fully feeling and integrate multi-dimensional consciousness with grace and surrender. The Enchantress and Enchanter enables you to deeply connect to nature, animals, cosmos and intrinsically merge in a state of Oneness. The Spiritual Warrior Elixir supports you to live authentically and “walk your talk.” The high road is not always the easy road and the Spiritual Warrior will provide you with the courageous endurance to live your truth, even when doing so requires sacrifice and may cause pain. The Spiritual Warrior will help you hold yourself accountable and ensure your actions are in alignment with your values; it is only when you are true to yourself that you are truly in your power. Contains Barberries for a spring liver and blood tonic pick me up and Ginger for digestion and finding life’s sweetness.  The Earth Mother Elixir returns us to a safe and nurturing place within. It connects and grounds us with the energy of Mother Earth, reminding us of our earthly purpose. Let the Earth Mother hold you in her loving arms so you can walk your path without fear and shed the shadow archetype of the Victim, contains Dandelion for liver and digestive support.  The Lover Elixir calls forth the unconditional love and compassion already in your heart, contains Borage and Hawthorn for immune and circulation support, eases heart pain and palpitations.   Teas:  Healthy Boundaries, Illumination Tea, Urban Warrior Tea, Release the Past, Release the Grief, A Walk in the Woods, Sacred Union Tea. Don’t be afraid to mix teas together as needed!

Important cosmic events for March 2016: 

New Moon with Total Solar (Masculine) Eclipse: March 8/9th –you will learn to dig deeper into your spiritual power, to stand your ground when needed with gentle energy, find more inner strength.  Another veil will be lifted so that all delusion melts away, time to rid yourself of all negative self-talk and release your fear and anger surrounding business and emotional relationships.  There may be emotional turmoil, fear, desolation, disappointment and sorrow, however detachment is necessary to avoid burning bridges.  Grieve and release! Don’t hang on, give gratitude for lessons learned and let go.

Spring Equinox: March 19/20 – More bridging of heaven and earth (Oneness) within, intuition and wisdom sharpens, more commitment to Self, Love and the earth.  Quiet the mind and listen to your new direction. A huge cycle of spiritual learning is ending, you will triumph and reach a new level of cosmic understanding. 

Full Moon:  March 23 with Prenumbral Lunar (Feminine) Eclipse – Out of the ashes, your productivity and creations move forward, anything in your way becomes apparent and falls away.  Let go of any self- sabotaging attitudes, habit or behaviors.  A balance in karma is coming so be prepared for change and transformation of your way of life!