The Rise of the Co-creative Feminine


“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them” ― Denis Waitley

The heinous, attempted murder of 14 year old Malala Yousufzai in Pakistan this past week should give all of us pause to reflect on the state of our relationship with our inner feminine.  Malala was shot in the head on her way home from school by the Taliban for promoting education for girls and criticising the fundamentalist Islamic movement.  This crime against the feminine has horrified many across the world and lead to an outpouring of support for this young woman and her family.  Malala’s altruistic courage to stand up for her feminine self and that of other girls is a universal reminder that the feminine within us must monumentally increase its efforts to be respected and set an example of co-creative harmony with the masculine in our wounded, patriachical world.

Independent of our gender and physiology, women and men alike carry the duality of the masculine and feminine qualities.  Whether we are a man or a woman all of us must respect BOTH the masculine and feminine in ourselves if we are to truly heal our cultural wounding as we move into the new values of the co-creative paradigm that is upon us (see pages 41 of my book for a complete list of these new values).

Our industrial feminine has been indoctrinated to feel it is valueless.  We have been taught that inner beauty, abundance and creativity are secondary to outer beauty, profit and consumerism.  That it is weak to show co-operation, vulnerability and softness.  That pride and individualism outweigh responsibility and heartfelt connection.  Our industrial masculine has denounced the feminine by being lead to believe that it has a divine right to dominant, exploit and decimate women, children and the earth for its own selfish use.  Our collective consciousness has a human superiority complex that continues to adversely affect our ability to bond our soul and spirit with the feminine.

However there is a growing energy in our world where more of us are allowing and supporting the co-creative feminine to rise up and be heard within us and around us.  Malala’s heroism is an example for us to set our intention to co-exist on earth and love our feminine enough to champion and protect her no matter what the cost is to us personally.  This may come in many forms such as:  zero tolerance for bullying, protecting animals and children from abuse, asking to be treated respectfully by others, living from a place of love not fear, allowing a child (or oneself) to cry, creating art in any form, treating others with respect and kindness, forgoing profit to help others, decreasing the need for “things”, being mindful in each moment, taking the responsibility for healing ourselves, living one’s soul purpose and walking in balance on earth.  Women in particular are being called to deepen love for their gender and the earth and share this energy with others through various disciplines.  At a minimum, women (and like- minded men) must join together in solidarity, support one another and no longer tolerate any abuse of the feminine in our world.

For me, honouring and protecting the feminine is presently showing up in various ways – the creation of a new tea that honours the Goddess within us (see below) and paying for a bright, young woman whom I have never met to go through four years of teacher’s college in Laos.  I am also using permaculture methods to allow nature to reclaim balance on the 10 acre retreat property which I have pledged to guard and protect.  And I will continue to help people heal into co-creative wholeness with Mother Nature’s medicine.

We can each do small things that will continue to add to this co-creative feminine energy until we reach a tipping point where love, respect and equality will pervade even the most egocentric and fearful of hearts.  We must intrinsically believe that we can all make a difference in supporting the feminine, no matter how small.  And then authentically act upon it to Walk our Talk.  I would love to hear what you are doing to allow the feminine to rise up and take her rightful place beside the masculine within you and outside of you.  Let’s share our small successes and support each other to become whole, enlightened and co-creative within.



During the months of Oct and November there are key astrological dates which will put more pressure on us to heal into wholeness by asking us to support our feminine and deepen self love.  We will be intensely reviewing and revising our life (yes, we will still be very busy!).  Our physical, mental and emotional health will continue to be affected during this ascension process with these symptoms:  vivid and restless dreaming, fatigue, digestive issues, red eyes, heart palpitations, depression, waves of anger and grief, tension in the body, increased confrontations with others and miscommunication.


Key Astrological dates: 

New moons- Oct. 15 and Nov. 13

Full moon – Oct. 29 and Nov. 28

Mercury Retrograde – Nov. 6 to Nov. 26


To support you through this phase of healing:

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