The Truth

“Don't bend; don't water it down; don't try to make it logical; don't edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.” ― Franz Kafka

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world...would do this, it would change the earth.” ― William Faulkner

As of October 6th, 2018 we move into a new phase of Ascension learning, one that will allow us to cultivate more centering and incarnate into a truer version of ourselves.  The Voice of our soul is yearning to shine more brightly; the old paradigms of thinking and doing are crumbling faster than ever as the divine feminine continues to awaken in our heart .

From October 6th until December 12th, we enter the Sixth Realm of our collective learning.  It is a time to re-evaluate, reassess and take risks which will create personal, social and collective breakthroughs to uplift us to a completely new reality.  Doing so will allow us to communicate our truth and follow our bliss. We are also ready to develop our truth with more focus and ease. The denser energies during the summer until the fall Equinox weighed us down to allow engagement in much needed shadow clearing/healing, however this month we begin to release out of the heaviness and trauma,  and move forward to the next stage of our evolutionary growth.

Living our soul’s purpose from a new level of clarity and truth are within our grasp. Finally new consciousness is on its way via cosmic events, and if we can transform this energy through our 5th (throat) chakra we will be able to express ourselves in a way that honours and empowers our spirit.  Expressing ourselves comes in many forms and is unique to each of us. Our talents and our gifts are needed to uplift the collective consciousness to replace the old paradigm of power and control with creativity, heart-based cooperation and loving kindness. When we engage in living our truth we express through the “mouth of GOD/GODDESS”(see below) and our creative power ignites.  

Our creative force is on the rise, along with compassion, courage and persistence, and by learning to balance these energies within us, and cultivate them we incarnate into the TRUE SELF.  This love of our truth clears the attachments that result in mis-conceptions and false conclusions and makes it possible to align with our essential presence. As we learn to attune ourselves to our true nature, it informs our consciousness of the right attitudes, directions, and actions - free of assumptions and judgments.

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Incarnation, Cultivation, Centering

What we will be learning from Oct 6th to Dec 12th:

*Releasing overly frantic mental forces which dominate our culture, including the tendency to let the airy intellect speed ahead of our emotional development. Instead cultivating nurturing heart forces to bring our creativity to maturity before we offer it to the world.

*Grounding and centering. Takes one out of "ego" identity and into core/TRUE self and enlightenment stream. Humbling. Open-mindedness, non-judgmental and open hearted. Relaxation of inappropriate mental control. Balancing intellectual and intuitive. Incarnating into the next level of our Higher Self.

*Intelligence that is integrated in head and heart; enduring wisdom derived from incremental development of soul forces; patient and progressive cultivation of thinking forces with over-all soul identity.

*Discovering the Truth that all are equal. Resolving problems of over-competitiveness and bringing one into a space to freely interact with others as an equal. The Self then comes from a deeper aspect where it can feel Joy for another’s successes without feeling inferior or unattended. Relaxing the need to crave recognition and acceptance from others.

* Understanding that the Light of consciousness is the essence within every being. We need to recognize the Light within ourselves, and it does not matter if this Light is recognized by others. There is no need for feeling inferior or superior. Such thoughts are an illusion of the mind trapped in a state of limitation.

AVAILABLE OCTOBER 6TH - THE SIXTH REALM ESSENCE - to assist you to create the energetic template for the above Ascension learning!

Psychospiritual and Psycho-physical symptoms for October: There is still a major focus on the throat chakra and the higher chakras until mid December - so watch the functioning and health of your throat, parathyroid, and Thyroid!  The tonsils, tongue and mouth are also being hit in various ways. This is the area of the 5th Chakra, where we speak and live our truth, co-create, bridge our head and heart to find more wisdom, and generate our creative reality and creations.  There is a 9th minor chakra, called the Mouth of God/Goddess (Zeal point chakra), that is at the base of our skull, that helps us to speak our truth and evolve our creative process (see page 163 in my book).  The tonsils may feel sore and the neck/base of the skull may be more tight as a result this month.  

Trauma is still coming up for healing, so anything that challenges you will need to be brought into balance.  Relationship issues, abuse, codependency, abundance, prosperity, expectations, social and moral issues. Anything that causes you angst in the area of survival will start to peel away and release.  You will know more of what you need to survive and thrive! Focus your intent on what you want and how you wish to express it. See the world as it is without your projections, judgments and assumptions. Everything is connected and interdependent. Everything is alive and sentient, and deserves your respect and awe.  All of this will lead you to a deeper knowing and journey to wisdom and well being.

Keywords for October  - Truth, Surthrival, Incarnation, Shamanic Journeying (a path to wisdom and well being)

Archetypes for October:  The Prophet, The Enchantress/Enchanter

October Cosmic Events:

October 8 - Draconids Meteor Shower. The shower runs annually from October 6-10 and peaks this year on the the night of the 8th.

October 8/ 9 - New Moon in Libra.

October 21, 22 - Orionids Meteor Shower. The shower runs annually from October 2 to November 7. It peaks this year on the night of October 21 and the morning of October 22.

October 24 - Full Moon in Taurus. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Hunter's Moon because at this time of year the leaves are falling and the game is fat and ready to hunt. This moon has also been known as the Travel Moon and the Blood Moon.

October 31 - Halloween - the Veil is the thinnest between the dimensions.  We can speak with our ancestors, honour them, know that they are watching over us, praying for us, sending us healing, guidance and their wisdom.

Pictured:  Rhodonite gemstone - Rhodonite impacts breathing and speaking so that we can move past fear of communicating our truth.  It promotes self-confidence, self-love, and self-worth. When we support and love ourselves, we recognize and accept our talents and abilities and find the courage to use them to serve the world.  Rhodonite gem elixir is found in The Sixth Realm, The Prophet Elixir and The Prophet Essence.

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