Through the Looking-Glass

“Changing is not just changing the things outside of us. First of all we need the right view that transcends all notions including of being and non-being, creator and creature, mind and spirit. That kind of insight is crucial for transformation and healing.” – Thich Nahat Hanh

“The way of the Creative works through change and transformation, so that each thing receives its true nature and destiny and comes into permanent accord with the Great Harmony: this is what furthers and what perseveres.” – Alexander Pope

“I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then.” – Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

Lewis Carroll’s book Through the Looking-Glass, which mirrors the Universal transformation we are a part of at this moment in history, is an archetypal story of change, empowerment and fate.  Carroll cleverly uses the game of chess as the guiding path of the narrative, he suggests that a larger energetic force guides individuals through life and that all events are preordained. In this deterministic concept of life, free will is an illusion (but we make choices along the way) and individual choices are bound by determined rules and guided by an overarching, unseen force.

As the main character Alice moves toward becoming Queen, the Universe propels her, challenges her and constructs different situations and encounters that ultimately push her toward a more empowered and grown-up self so that she can take her rightful place as Queen (the Sovereign archetype).  Her reality is rearranged as the perceptions and beliefs that Alice thought were true are turned around on her and altered or invalidated when she goes through the looking-glass.

Like Alice, we are on the other side of the looking-glass continuing on a mind altering adventure this year:  we are experiencing the return of more of our sovereignty after shedding the past, certain conditioning and inhibitions.  In the last two years we have completed trials, swift transformation and rapid movement forward in our inner development – and we have done so much grieving! The Great Illumination from January to March dissected more of our reality, our beliefs and our body so that we have been scrubbed, cleaned and are now drying in the Light.  Any deception, shadow or outmoded parts of the Self that would thwart this stage of our evolution, are transparent.  Those of us that know and live the value of personal transformation over the distractions and addictions of our culture are still here and are moving forward with universal support to mend, grow and further the universal agenda of Co-creation and heart centered living.

Like so much of our healing, the aspiration of the Sovereign archetype is to help us achieve and maintain a balance of personal power in both the masculine and feminine manifestations of it in our lives.  Without the integration of BOTH in ourselves, we will be unable to live in peace, partnership and co-creation with others and our world.  The escalation of inner struggle in March right through until the second eclipse on April 4th, is as a result of our masculine and feminine striving to find more balance co-creatively – so we needed to palpate the past and intensely purge the outmoded psycho spiritually and physically in a short period of time.

Going forward those of us who chose conscious living with authenticity, freedom and living our deepest truth are starting to see the fruits of our labour in many areas:  abundance and prosperity, heartfelt relationships, soulful work, more connection with Love within and without, and a re-ignition of our passion.  April is the month to finalize this step in our growth and transition so that we can move toward clarity of our priorities and divinely aligned purpose in May.

Fruitful Blessings,


Physical and Psycho spiritual symptoms and predictions for April: With March’s “transform or perish” energy almost behind us, we will see a decrease of our psycho spiritual and physical symptoms after April 4th.  Phew!  Thank goodness!  More passion and optimism will renew our inner fire as we continue or start fresh projects and fully align with the next phase of our soulful mission. We are still picking through our choices, some are still finding their soul tribe and need to wait for universal timing without agenda, but more will line up as the days of April present themselves. Careers, relationships and home environments will positively build this month if we carefully plan and execute, never ceasing in our labours until our goals are met.  If you courageously focus on what you want while aligning with Spirit then you will manifest your highest ideals and desires!  So be bold and take risk to create a pioneering life that will ignite and expand your soul!

Those of us who gained weight (particularly around our middle) over the last year will see it slowly come off as our 2nd and 3rd chakra power centers integrate equilibrium with co-creative empowerment (keep in mind that this only applies to those without thyroid and other weight inducing health issues).  Thyroid and heart issues, along with some digestive discomfort will still remain in those that are in the last stages of transforming or are not well aligned energetically to co-creation.

As we continue with our heart centered trajectory we will need to be conscious of keeping emotional balance and being compassionate while holding our boundaries.  This means there will still be periods of anger/grief/depression and feeling trapped by unruly emotions.  However, if we speak up with integrity and stand strong in our personal convictions (3rd and 5th chakras), these emotions are released and create empowered action and harmony.

Recommended Senses of the Soul products: The Warrior Elixir or Essence helps you transform feelings of anger, rage and hurt into happiness, courage and empowered action. It gives you the confidence to protect our boundaries and stand up for what is true for you.  The Prophet Elixir or Essence allows you to be in the moment, channel your truth, and release the outcome of that which you cannot control., The Magical Child Elixir or Essence, reveals a world of infinite possibility and helps you see the good in your current situation.  Sacred Union Tea supports integration of two dysfunctional and co-dependent parts of ourselves into a dynamic of mutual empowerment, balances hormones. Soul Chakra Tea opens the soul to earthly purpose, co-creation and manifestation, and a great digestive tea too!

Important cosmic events for April & May:

Full Moon – April 4, May 4

New Moon – April 18, May 18

Total Lunar Eclipse (on the Full Moon) – April 4th – Deeper Masculine/Feminine Integration and Anchoring of Co-creation and Abundance.  Physical and Psycho spiritual symptoms will begin to decrease.  Our Feminine means business and she continues to grow stronger and stronger in the collective consciousness!

Meteor Showers– April 22/23 & May 5/6

Senses of the Soul Farm Event Dates:  Want to come out to the farm and get your hands dirty in the Chakra Garden?  Sunday April 26th is our Spring Open House and Clean-up!  Click on this link for more details.

Pictured:  Black Cohosh (Actaea Racemosa or Cimicifuga Racemosa) which we are planting this year at the Senses of the Soul Botanical Sanctuary – this plant with its tangled mass of roots and tall white spike of flowers, is known to cleanse impurities and cut entanglements in the soul and the psyche, it frees up energy in all the chakras, and allows one to move forward with flow and upward in spiritual growth.  It balances hormones, eases menopausal symptoms, is a pain reliever with anti-inflammatory properties and soothes the nervous system.