Truly, Madly, Deeply


 “The reason why many are still troubled, still seeking, still making little forward progress is because they haven’t yet come to the end of themselves. We’re still trying to give orders, and interfering with God’s work within us. ” –A.W. Tozer

“It’s healthy to say uncle when your bone’s about to break.” –Jonathan Franzen

 “You have a clean slate every day you wake up. You have a chance every single morning to make that change and be the person you want to be. You just have to decide to do it. Decide today’s the day. Say it; This is going to be my day.”Brendon Burchard

The archetype of The Lover is definitely one of my favorites,and its meaning represents all kinds of love without limitation.  To love and to be loved is what all humans strive for, live for and breathe for (see pages 144 to 151 in my book).  It is the common thread of our human experience; it unites us, sustains us and comforts us.  And at this point in our human evolution we are being challenged to take action and show ourselves and others what we will do for love.  It is enough to drive some of us mad as the universe is asking us to stretch beyond our current capacity and understanding of love.  Like fumbling in the dark for a light switch we have to inch our way along and feel what is right for us.  Expansive and deep love comes at a cost to the ego (what we think we need) and to the relationships that no longer serve us if they do not meet the criteria of the Lover archetype energy. Our heart and collective consciousness have elevated and opened enough so that we are now ready to live love on a whole new co-creative level.

The underlying lesson moving into the month of July is this:  Is your Love of Love more powerful than your Love of Power?  We are examining ourselves and others with careful scrutiny and painstaking clarity.  No more lying to ourselves or allowing our ego to upstage our heart; it is time for a clean slate.  To have peace and joy we need to surrender what we think we want (see my June blog) and have the courage to act from a place of self-love (feminine) and a love of others (masculine) and keep our dysfunctional patterns in check.  A balanced Lover archetype knows that loving oneself is just as important as loving others.  The Lover is not distracted by goals, the pursuit of wealth, cultural roles, power struggles or ego-based status – all of which would effectively straight jacket his or her inner light and ability to authentically express the soul.

When I went into my garden this morning I was called to make a new flower essence from my Weigela plant.  I planted this bush in my city garden four years ago.  I love its endless trumpet shaped blossoms, with luscious pink colour and the feeling of bliss and peace that it brings when I sit with it.  It spills out love in all its physical, emotional and spiritual capacity.  Weigela’s plant spirit represents the enlightened vessels we become if we surrender the ego, soften our reactions and just be love in the present moment.

Weigela opens the heart chakra, solar plexus and thymus so that we can love unconditionally , it allows us to hear what is not consciously said by ourselves and others, to feel what is deep within the cells and memory of the heart without interference from the ego’s wishes.  In allowing ourselves to become a vessel for this type of love; a container of non-judgement, a deep well that surrenders to the calling of the heart; we can come home to ourselves, soften our reactions and actions, discard the anxiety of rejection, loss, loneliness or need for control, and form relationships based on interdependency, trust, respect and equality.  Weigela diffuses the emotional tension within the heart, solar plexus and gallbladder so that energy can run evenly through these areas.  It allows us to let go of anger, resentment and fear and bring the warmth of feeling back into the heart chakra so that we can let go of what we no longer need to make room to embrace new potential. We accept the soulful learning in our lives more easily versus focusing on the negative emotions and thoughts.   

June was the tipping point of our collective spiritual struggle– we are tired of being in control, on guard, afraid and lonely.  We are exhausted from the noise of the mind, the inner struggle, the sabotage, the heartache and the inner and outward destruction from our past egotistical actions. It has taken its toll on us.  If we are to reclaim ourselves and our planet’s physical and psychospiritual health then we must surrender and accept the call of the human heart and embrace the wisdom of Weigela.  From this moment forward our feminine is challenging us to live every moment with augmented feeling and care, more integrity, softer responses, far less struggle and deeper vulnerability.  July’s test will be to see if we can put the wisdom of June’s learning into action and love ourselves and others in equal capacity without the illusion or pull of the ego in our personal and professional relationships.  As we move forward into new beginnings we continue to apply what we learn.  Every aspect of our lives must be integrated with the concept and values of co-creation so that we can heal ourselves and our world.  Doing so will bring the re-connection to Oneness and self-love we are longing for within.

Love and blessings,


Physical and Psycho-spiritual symptoms for July:  If one chooses to let go it will lessen the pull on the psyche so sleep issues, wild dreams, vertigo,  grief and anger and other physical issues will lessen and soften.  Addictions (with food, alcohol, drugs etc) will also lessen as our lives finally move onward and we feel more peace and acceptance to where we are in our soulful and spiritual growth.  More self acceptance and clarity are coming each day and this will continue from now until end of August. If one does not move on with a clean slate and integrate Weigela’s wisdom then health issues will increase in symptomatology and severity.  Something will eventually give if you do not make choices – and it may mean a severe health crisis.  Trust your choices and listen to your inner voice. Meditate and find stillness daily so that you can connect with your inner knowing.  Breathe and just be.  Continue to understand that you are part of Oneness just as much as you are alone. Allow your life to unfold and make conscious choices from your heart.

Senses of the Soul products:  The Earth Mother Essence and Elixir (to stay grounded, for connecting to your soulful purpose, to feel safe to choose, to move past perpetuating one’s own suffering or illness), Lover Essence and Elixir (to stay heart-centered), Sacred Union tea (for oneness and wholeness), Soul Chakra tea (to allow breath into the diaphragm, for softness to reactions, tempering of the ego and power struggles, to align the lower chakras with higher purpose).

Important cosmic events for July & August:

Full Moons – July 12, August 10

New Moons – July 26, August 25

Mercury Retrograde: June 7th , went direct July 1st , but will not fizzle out entirely until July 16th. As a result we will still be ending or smoothing out our lives in the areas of communication, travel and relationships until the 16th.

Pictured – Pink Weigela bush in my garden, and making Weigela flower essence