Trusting the Guru Archetype, or The Shift is hitting the Fan!

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when [adults] are afraid of the light.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.


You gain strength, courage, and confidence by each experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face…You must do the thing you think you cannot do.

Eleanor Roosevelt  (1884-1962) American columnist, lecturer and humanitarian.


The fall winds of change have begun to blow and the temperature is dropping.  I sat in my garden today and noticed that many leaves are edged in brown, red, and gold. The life force of my herbal plants above the ground is slowly receding back down into the ground, where it will be kept safe until spring.  Nature is doing what she has always done; the seasons have a rhythm and a certainty of outcome that we can count on.

Conversely, humanity is going through a collective rebirth that is NOT as predictable in nature. We are being challenged to live in our heart centre and embody a co-creative partnership between the masculine and feminine parts of ourselves. I have written often that this internal shift in consciousness and awareness was not going to be an easy process (see my blogs since January 2012), and August was no exception: I saw myself and many of my clients flail in the muck and resist the inner and outer changes that were occurring. Depression, grief, resistance, apathy and debilitating fear can feel like insurmountable impediments to reaching enlightenment. Many of us have tuned out from the Universal life force and are sinking into a place that will become very difficult to come out of if we do not find the courage to sidestep our destructive ego and keep moving forward into the unknown. I have told many of my clients that my job now is to merely keep them between the rails and prevent them from jumping off the proverbial cliff, as I am seeing and hearing many others do. We have to sit through this part of our process and trust in our Higher Self to see us through to the other side.

Our best defense at this juncture is to call on the Guru archetype. The Guru archetype embodies the inner grace and fortitude needed to be comfortable with ambiguity so that we can allow the new to come into our life. Great courage and conscious choice are required to find the will and strength to sit in our dark places until we see light and can continue forward on our soul’s evolutionary journey.  Being able to surrender to this process cultivates more self empowerment and self acceptance, and allows us to align with universal will. Nothing is more empowering than facing our shadow self and being vulnerable enough to know that if we fall apart, we can pick ourselves up again.

From September until December we will be undergoing an intense period of evaluating our beliefs and values, and we will continue to see our lives shift in new directions.  We will also be exploring co-creative partnerships with others and within ourselves. Know that if we resist this process (and we will!!) then physical and psychosomatic symptoms will continue: insomnia, tension in the body, feeling stuck, intense crying, depression, lethargy, digestive issues, sinus and lung congestion, flu-like symptoms, binge eating, addictive behaviours, bursts of anger and energy, and days of deep sadness interspersed with days of peace, light, and love.  Both our masculine and feminine selves are resisting this inner harmony—watch which side of your body your symptoms are on—the right side is the masculine, and the left side is the feminine.  Ask these two parts of yourself to join together into wholeness and empowerment. This sacred union will allow us to finally know unconditional love, acceptance, and peace within, and with each other. Continue to go through your ascension process with consciousness and call on your inner Guru to keep you safe and help your Higher Self to shine more brightly in the world.



To help you through September I suggest:

Release the Grief tea– to release heaviness in the chest and clean up mucus and sinus congestion, to allow you to cry and grieve instead of holding it in.

Feel No Fear tea – To quell fear and anxiety.  Good for insomnia.

A Walk in the Woods tea – To connect you back to earth’s life force and give you more energy and peace of mind.  Remember to go out in nature as much as you can to help ground and centre yourself.

The Warrior essence or elixir:  Use the essence if you need more self worth and to feel brave.  Use the elixir if you are having lots of digestive upset with gas (i.e., flatulence, belching, and/or bloating).

The Guru essence or elixir:  Use the essence for fear, anxiety, and worrisome mental chatter. Use the elixir if you have insomnia, intense anxiety, and panic attacks.