What is 5th Dimensional Living?

What is 5th (fifth) Dimensional living? As we move closer to the June 20/21st Solstice Portal all of humanity will cross over and have the opportunity to hone themselves in this sense of consciousness.

I have written about the 4th dimension in my monthly blogs, which we have been moving through since January 2016. As many of you know the fourth dimension was a great increase in the final deconstruction of our old reality and bridge over to the potential of connecting to our Higher Self and divine calling. All that we knew to be true fell apart. There is nothing to hold on to anymore.

Now we move into another dimension or living with higher consciousness yet again. The fifth dimension is a deeper sense of connecting with life and awareness. There are many ways to describe it, most which need to be lived to understand, however I will attempt to lay it out this way with words to help those who choose to read to embrace what is coming without trepidation and perhaps with a sense of curiousity instead:

1) We will still operate in our day to day lives, however each moment will be richer, we will be required to focus and be present, otherwise we become quite overwhelmed. This allows us to be in the NOW, and not plan too much or rely on our own energy to push forward. We move with the flow of the universe, without agenda. If something does not work out we sense that we need to change direction, learn from it, and move on. Without drama or being attached to the outcome or our ego.

2) As we separate from the lower 3rd dimensional matrix it destabilizes the old or patriarchy allowing for more light to pour into and uncovering the illusion in our world. The illusion is simply anything keeping us from accessing our personal truth and sovereignty. Anything could be the media, internet, social media, government, institutions, or others around us. More of the old structure will continue to fall apart at rapid speed, and we now clearly see what the true agenda is of those around us. This way we are free to choose, always. The ways in which we relate to each other continues to change because it is our sole responsibility to be true to ourselves. As we choose to be our best self, we push others energetically to do so, therefore supporting each other to grow. We are totally coming out of the closet and allowing all those around us to see who we really are. No pretense, no social masks. Faith in ourselves is the ultimate test of 5th dimensional living.

3) Time will now become quite fluid, so we feel that some days, hours or minutes go very quickly. And then slow down. Time is becoming more bendable, and not as important to our reality. We feel like we are floating more through life, in tune with the seasons, moon, cosmic ways, being observers and choosing where we participate or not. As we float like a balloon that is untethered, we will still feel somewhat lost, adrift, not really hooked into anyone or anything. We are learning to just let go, trust, have faith, and simply be. No mission, no need to prove our worth or save others. Just serve, and enjoy the real pleasures in life; the small joys and sending out more love and kindness.

4) Nothing on the 3rd dimension will motivate us or bring us temporary satisfaction anymore. Nothing material, addictive, ego based, or not based on our higher good. Many will continue to still try to find fulfillment in our old cultural paradigm, but they will eventually implode one way or the other. It will happen much more rapidly now. Only a life based on a sense of soulful purpose, service and connection to our deepest potential will fulfill us. Living from our Heart, intuition and soulful roots. Otherwise we will feel quite unstable psycho spiritually and physically, and not connected to our authentic core.

5) As we continue to form into New Humans this year, we will be or continue to be asked to step entirely out of our comfort zone, pushed into places, with people and into circumstances that the universe deems necessary for our growth. We will be forced out of our cultural cocoon, sense of linear thought, and need for permanence, and asked to transform and fit into shapes, sizes, thought forms and adapt in ways that we never thought possible.

6) We will continue to hone more of our multi-dimensional or extra sensory perception – psychic, intuitive, clairsentient, clairaudient, imaginative, shamanic, downloading of higher truth, prophetic information – our senses will expand for all who choose to allow it, and actually let go enough to understand what is happening beyond our construct of “mental and emotional” illness or how things should be or be done. We will continue to feel pulled to connect intrinsicly to nature, and support its growth and rehabilitation, while healing ourselves.

There is more coming, but hopefully this will give you the lay of the fifth dimensional land so to speak. REMEMBER WE STILL HAVE TO CHOOSE TO BE CONSCIOUS, cross the portal, and hone ourselves. Blessings and hugs to all!

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Bloodroot’s message: I am the embodiment of my full potential in this lifetime.