The Consequences

“If you build the guts to do something, anything, then you better save enough to face the consequences.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy

“There are in nature neither rewards nor punishments — there are consequences.” ― Robert G. Ingersoll, The Christian Religion An Enquiry

“There’s always a moment that separates the past from the future, and that moment is now.” ― Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel

Five summers ago I purchased a grafted Apple tree for the 7th chakra garden of my botanical sanctuary.  It was a young sapling with four different varieties of Apples that were supposed to sprout from it spindly branches.  It found its resting place during one of the initial permaculture planting blitzes that I had at the farm to help build the garden and to teach others about natural gardening techniques; there were many caring hands that helped it find a fertile place in the ground that day.  The Apple tree stands on the edge of the 7th chakra, and is directly across from the 1st chakra garden area.  At the time I did not think about it but I realized soon after that this young tree was the bridge between these two spaces, Heaven and Earth.  The 1st chakra is where we anchor into Mother Earth energy and the 7th chakra is our connection with Father Sky energy.  When these two energetic pathways run through us without any blockages or ego limitations we have a plethora of life force, and we feel that we have purpose, community, faith and empowerment. There is also a feeling of being connected to All, each other and our shared divinity.

During the first few years of its life I watched over my little Apple tree with great care.  I checked its trunk for splitting, made sure the twine which held it straight was not strangling the trunk as it expanded, I looked at the branches and leaves for infestation of any kind, and pruned when necessary.  It received compost, love and fertilizer. I supported it as much as possible as I live in a place that has erratic and sometimes very cold weather patterns.  A neighbour came by when the young tree was first planted and said it would never thrive.  He criticized that it was too risky a climate, it had not been done in the area, and that even if it did, it would never bear fruit.  That statement made me even more determined to become its guardian (My guess is that my mother would reply to this that I am very stubborn and willful when I want to be).  

I sit beside it sometimes in the late evening, so that I can feel soulfully rooted and safe.  Apple’s Plant Spirit brings immense love and hope during times of great creative transformation.  It cleanses and purifies emotions so that we can rise and birth ourselves anew. Whether it be birthing new ideas, actions or ways of being it stands as a symbol for the Feminine in us; She that is boldly abundant, can endure the pain of birthing something new and unselfishly bears fruit for all. However the main lesson of Apple is about purity of motive.  Just like the biblical story of Adam and Eve, humans must learn to be responsible creators.  I am not a fan of the story’s lessons that I learned in church years ago as that interpretation makes women and the feminine look like weak, brazen harlots.  I resolved to reframe it so that Eve was the one who discovered courage; she decided to try something new even though she was commanded not to by her overbearing and protective Father.  And then she ate the Apple and therefore had to take responsibility for her actions – the good, bad and ugly.  It both liberated and empowered her.  She was willing to make mistakes and seek her truth at any cost.  

As the years went by my Apple tree grew and grew, but still did not bear fruit. I started to despair that my neighbour’s prediction was true.  My ego grew impatient and I thought I had failed.  Despite my best efforts and the care of other garden volunteers I worried that my lovely Apple would never bear fruit. I felt my efforts were wasted and like I had on many occasions with my entire botanical sanctuary and farm project,  I felt sorry for myself and started to lose faith in what I was creating.  I berated my choices, blamed myself and shamed my efforts instead of seeing that I was making the best choices I could at the time, and that my motives were pure of heart.  I truly wanted to create beauty in a chaotic and sometimes ugly world ,and I felt the garden and its nature inhabitants would send more Light outward.  

Moving into July our cosmic fate is set.  We are about to take a Leap in Evolution.  At least for those of us that are willing to risk and to reorganize and remodel ourselves.  Some of us have been working toward this since January, and others are just coming aboard the Ascension train.  We are at a pivotal point and split in timelines.  Either we move fully into 5th Dimensional values of co-creation  or not.  There is no in between anymore as the light grids, power nodes and Sacred Sites on earth will be resetting to another level starting July 22nd and through til the end of September.  We are being asked to embrace Apple’s Plant Spirit and examine our motives  in relation to how we relate to each other and what we choose to create each day, in our relationships and in our service to the planet.  There will be consequences as this is what teaches us to take responsibility, be empowered and step up to the cosmic plate.  Are you ready and willing to take the risk?

And my Apple tree?..there is a hopeful ending here…this weekend when I walked the garden I noted with relieved gratitude that after five years my now tall, sturdy tree was budding out with the most fearless little Apples ever!



(Note to reader:  I capitalize the names of all plants and trees as I feel they are sentient beings and as such deserve our respect in the written English language.)

Physical and psycho spiritual symptoms and predictions for July:  You are at a turning point in this year…you must let go and follow your heart, finish up relationships that do not serve you, and take the leap into something new or commit more to what is already in action. Your body may feel completely non-functional or rebellious as your masculine and feminine want to work out how to relate to one another.  You will keep clearing physically, mentally and emotionally through this month.  Know that this is all part of bringing yourself into alignment with the 5th dimensional energy.  Your hips – they may feel out of alignment this month, as well as your lower back.  If you are a woman your menstrual cycle may still be erratic, or if you are a man you may have different sensations in your genital area. Your bowel movements will be off, digestion will still be an issue for many, lots of heart pain and melancholy, tight neck and shoulders, sinus/eye issues, allergy type symptoms, feeling ungrounded, and your nervous system will be periodically downloading over this month so you will feel energetic and over stimulated at certain times (sleep may be disturbed too).  Trust in this ascension process and reach out to those who share your mindset!  Sending lots of love and support your way!

Archetypes for this month:  The Guru, The Lover, The Earth Mother, The Priest/Priestess

Recommended Senses of the Soul Products: – With all the busyness of growing myself and other projects,  I have decided to push off the launch of Soul Journey Box until the fall.   In the meantime, please feel free to browse my website and shopping cart – if you trust your intuition you will know which products are right for you at this time.  

Cosmic Dates for July:

Full Moon in Capricorn, Saturday July 8th – Give and take, lead and follow – we are learning to partner with others in an equal way.  How are you being in relationships around you? With people, animals, nature, the planet, the cosmos.  We are pressed hard by outside events to learn and master how to co-create!    Release any fear and doubt, and see what continues and what falls away.  You may be starting new relationships and others will end, or strengthen.  The same applies to the relationship with yourself.  What needs to fall away and what do you need to consciously commit to, what does your heart tell you?  Sort through your options and possibilities, make decisions and follow a course of action.  This will help you manifest change.

Saturday, July 22nd – the next Shift begins! – open your heart, surrender to the experience and don’t worry about the future.  Conceive, create and transform with an open mind.  You are doing beautifully-  trust, be patient, and keep going!

New Moon in Leo, Sunday July 23rd – Express yourself freely without judgement.  Paint a picture of your life that is enthusiastic and positive at this time.  Don’t try to use logic to figure things out as you are not seeing the whole picture.  Have patience.  You will soon clear any emotional blockages and find more passion for your life!

July 30th – Waxing Half Moon in Scorpio – Ready, set, manifest!

Pictured:  Eve with her adventurous Apple

Eve with her adventurous apple

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