The Sorcerer/Sorceress - Archetype Essence 30ml

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Chakra Eleven (Silver Star Chakra): Evolving - The Sorceress/Sorcerer

Positive Archetype: The Sorceress/Sorcerer

Negative Archetype: The Conformist

Key Words: DNA Remembrance, Weaver of Creation, Cosmic Mind, Soul Pathwork, Divine Feminine

Ingredients: Fennel essence, Mugwort essence, Yarrow essence, Ginger essence, Kunzite gem elixir, Bloodstone gem elixir, Selenite gem elixir, Lemurian Golden Healer Quartz gem elixir

Suggested Dosage: 30 drops twice a day. Drop directly in your mouth or in a glass of water.

You need this if:

- You wish to advance your spiritual understanding to higher levels and integrate CREATION into all aspects of your existence

- You would like to enhance symbolic and intuitive thinking for the easier manifestation of your truth

- You want to fully embrace creating your reality

- You wish to become simpatico with the unknown and your intuition

- You want to influence your fate or fortune via weaving/creating your own reality 

The Sorceress/Sorcerer is born with innate inner knowledge, a natural set of skills that she or he is born with. It is the closest archetype to CREATION, the universal energies connected to the Divine Feminine or Divine Goddess. This archetype allows one to see with more clarity that which no longer serves one's highest good, peeling away old belief systems and limitations. This aids us in feeling that we intuitively understand our true talents and purpose in life without "searching". A deeper understanding of this brings an increased level of accountability for each of us. Sorceress/Sorcerer's live within the spiral of creation and are able to read the cosmic intricacies needed to create one's own life experiences, they are not dependant on others to weave their reality. This is about living on your own terms. As karmic residue leaves there is a gradual authentic remembering, bringing about the True YOU. 

All Senses of the Soul formulas have been co-creatively formulated in partnership with Mother Earth for those needing to heal on mental or emotional levels. Senses of the Soul Essences can help restore balance to the individual via the vibrational properties of the essences they contain. Essences circumvent the ego and intellect to connect one with his or her Inner Self.     

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