Tiger Jaspar Small (40mm)

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  • Tiger jasper stone provides strength, protection, and boosts our personal power.  It balances the chakras and clears emotional blockages.  It provides a slow and steady energy that awakens change over time.  Helps one to achieve goals and dreams.
  • As one of the many gemstones that tout an animal name, tigerskin "jasper" helps us to draw from its animal nature when we need that additional power or kick.  It tells us that life isn't just about thinking or analyzing things, but rather about living in the moment and celebrating the present.
  • Tigerskin jasper animal colors intensify those things.  Tigerskin "jasper" takes us out of our heads and puts us back into our bodies, giving a whole new meaning to the expressions "hold that tiger!" or having "a tiger in your tank."
  • It's a nurturing stone for well-being and grounding and is believed to enhance healing, purification and positive thoughts.  Tigerskin "jasper" is said to ease emotional stress and wearing tiger skin "jasper" beads can make you feel more relaxed and secure, creating positive energy and happiness.  This stone is also known to strengthen courage, improve bravery and boost the immune system.