Sample Release The Grief Tea 4g

Sample Release The Grief Tea 4g

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Allow grief to flow through you on your journey to forgiveness!

Corresponding Chakra: 4th Chakra

Ingredients: Wild Cherry, Mullein, Yarrow, Poplar Buds, Licorice Root

Flavour Profile: Mildly sweet, with the herby Mullein flavours coming through, mild overall flavour

The Release the Grief Tea provides the support one needs when they begin their shift away from grief into a place of forgiveness. When grief begins to overwhelm your body, you begin to build it up in your lungs and sinus causing physical aliments to the affected areas. Grief and tears are an important part of life. They are part of your mourning period allowing you time to rest and reflect on what has been lost. By not allowing yourself to feel these emotions and denying their importance in your life, you are denying yourself the opportunity to move on from that stage.

Breathe deeply, and let your tears flow, bringing you into a place of unconditional love.

All Senses of the Soul Teas have been co-creatively blended in partnership with Mother Earth. Out teas are hand crafted with organic, wild harvested or non-irradiated herbs. These exquisite loose-leaf teas have whole flowers, vibrant leaves and chopped roots to provide richer flavour and a stronger life force than processed bagged teas. Teas work on an energetic level while also providing benefits to the body and it's systems. Sitting down to a cup of tea is an act of self-nurturing, bringing awareness and intention to the individual's healing experience. 



Disclaimer: If on medication, check with your health practitioner before use. Do not combine herbal remedies with pharmaceutical drugs unless you have consulted your health practitioner. As with all medicinal products, keep out of reach of children and pets, and avoid use during pregnancy or lactation.