Sacred Space Box

Sacred Space Box

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Sacred Space Box

Energetic protection and alchemical transmutation in a box!

In these chaotic and uncertain times it is important that we find our stillpoint, and create a Sacred Space for ourselves to protect our boundaries and our energetic field. Feeling safe and anchored is paramount if we are to connect to our authenticity and Higher Self. Ensuring we have the right sacred tools to help us transmute negative, or harmful, energy is essential on our journey to higher levels of consciousness.

The Sacred Spaces Box is designed for the purpose of helping people to establish spaces that are high vibrating, clear of negative energies and entities. Negative energies surround us everyday, and if we do not cut ties, or clear them out regularily, they become burdensome and harmful to us on our soulful journey.

Utilize this kit for both internal clearing and external transmutation. Drink the Healthy Boundaries Tea if you feel people are crowding or pressuring you, or for when your energy or immune levels are dropping due to being in crowds or around energetically imposing people. Use the Cosmic Consciousness Protection when you become bombarded with cosmic events, such as solar flares, meteor showers, Mercury Retrograde, or eclipses that affect your energy or immune system, or if electromagnetic energy or planetary grids are sapping your energy. The White Sage Spiritual Spray and the Ceremonial Smudge can be used for energetic field/aura clearing around yourself, or space clearing of any kind, including your house, your office or your land. 

Inside the Sacred Space Box you will find:

1 - 60g Healthy Boundaries Tea

1 - 30ml Cosmic Consciousness Protection

1 - 100ml White Sage Spiritual Cleansing Spray

1 - 18g Ceremonial Smudge Blend

A red velvet pouch to hold the smudge blend

All come in a white mailing box with crinkle paper, description and usage intructions. Buy it for yourself or gift it to someone you know who needs to create their own Sacred Space!