Planting A Crystal Grid

Step 1

Select crystals that you feel drawn to.  If you have a hard time intuiting this then hold them and feel if it is a yes or no. Crystals such as clear quartz, rose quartz, obsidian, black tourmaline or shungite have protective and amplifying powers.

Step 2

Walk the perimeter of your garden or land area. Sense where you are being guided to strengthen/anchor the land. This may feel like you are being pulled or rooted to one spot. Dig a hole and place the crystal into the hole. Cover it with earth.  

I say a mantra while placing the crystal such as: I give this crystal back to Mother Earth to protect, nourish and bring light to the planet. I ask for protection for this garden and to create an acupuncture point that will drive light deeply into the ground and ripple across the planet to bring in love, compassion, and understanding. And so it shall be.

Step 3

Once I plant all of the crystals around the perimeter (for this garden I felt 6 were enough), I stand back and look at the entire garden. I visualize the linking of each crystal to the other until I see an encircled area. I attune to the energies within that circle and see an amplification of the vibration as the crystals “talk” to each other and send beautiful vibrations through the whole area and around the world.

You can do this with any personal space, even in your house, apartment, office, boat or RV. Instead of planting you would place them in certain places.