Senses of the Soul ORACLE Deck

Senses of the Soul - Oracle Deck

“How deeply do you want to live your life?”

The accelerating pace of life on Earth has intensified the human ascension process, leaving many of us feeling lost and overwhelmed.  These cards carry the psychospiritual medicine offered by our sacred plant allies and the wise counsel of the archetypal energies situated within each of our chakras to illuminate our journey. 

The Senses of the Soul Oracle Deck and Guidebook have been created to support you to access your inner guidance in these chaotic times.  Each card will help you attune to your Higher Self and what’s needing your attention at this moment, and includes specific practice suggestions to integrate the healing energy of the card into your life.

The Senses of the Soul Oracle Guidebook is arranged according to chakra, with each chakra section containing the various botanicals related to that particular chakra, as well as the two dominant archetypes for that chakra: the positive which aids your earthly journey, and the evolving, which guides you on your spiritual journey.  There is also a section for the Star Cards, which signify the upper chakras, to connect you to higher consciousness, cosmic wisdom, creation and infinite possibility!

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Botanical Cards
The 64 Botanical Cards include a brief background on the plant, a description of its psychospiritual significance, and a section on how to work with the plant’s energy for healing.

Archetype Cards
The 16 Archetype Cards explain the symbolism of the archetype as well as the messages the card may be wanting to relay to you.  There is also a brief interpretation offered on the negative or shadow manifestation of the archetype if the card appeared upside-down in your reading.

Star Cards
The 4 Star Cards call special attention to the Cosmic and Spiritual realms of your reading.  They suggest the issue or situation you are inquiring about plays a significant role in your soul’s ascension.  Star Cards are an invitation for you to focus on your spiritual skill set and the greater Divine blueprint that is always at work.


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