Wow - I have never felt better about myself as I journey in this life to become who I was truly meant to be! It's been a long road with lots of bumps and ruts and I am so ever grateful that Samantha has become a part of that journey.

Over 12 years ago my body, my spirit and my health was in crisis mode and a friend was seeing Samantha at that time and she was getting so much better herself that I figured it was worth a shot to try something new and different as the usual routes just were not helping much.

In a short period of time, through consultations, her informative book and the product usage, Samantha had me well on my way to better health, wellness and happiness. The courage and support that I have received (and continue to receive) has helped change my life for the better. I am inspired by Samantha's highly accurate intuitive ability along with her natural medicines that have provided the healing I needed from the inside out.

Today, she continues to inspire and motivate me: step outside my comfort zone to inspire others, to release my fears, manifest my desires and to live my truth. I feel grace and gratitude and many blessings to have found her and the medicines she uses in the clinic, especially the ones that she creates at the farm.

I love all the products I have used throughout the years and as my body has healed, Samantha changes the protocol so its hard for me to single out any one product. If you are reading this and searching for an alternative way to find support and relief from your ailments, please consider contacting the clinic and making an appointment - it will change your life for the better!

In Light & Love,
The BooLou Collection, Rocky View County, AB


When I started seeing Samantha a few years ago, I was in really bad shape.  I was very close to a nervous breakdown and I was so imbalanced on so many levels.  After my first session with her, I was given incredible hope.  Once I was able to understand that there was nothing “wrong” with me and that the symptoms I was feeling were very normal considering the state of my physical body, I was lifted from the despair that I had been feeling.  She calmly reassured me that as we worked at rebuilding my health and balancing and strengthening my organs, then the rest would fall into place.  And as long as I was diligent at staying committed to taking the protocols, I started seeing some major improvements in no time at all.  Samantha played a huge role at giving me back my life.  She sees her patients as an entire being; mind, body & soul.  And she faces each case from that perspective. My husband, as well as our children have also been seeing Samantha for maintenance and rebalancing where needed.  We’ve seen incredible results in so many ways.  Our 2 year old had dark red circles around his eyes since he was very little and would go into rages for no apparent reason.  After meeting with him and seeing weakness in his liver, Samantha put him on protocols that showed incredible visible improvements within a week.  It’s difficult to believe how intense that rash used to be when you don’t see a single mark on his face now and the raging has completely disappeared.  Our 15 year old was suffering from being very nervous and high strung.  After balancing his system, he now can handle stress with ease and is a very calm individual.  And there would be so many other examples.

We are so grateful to Samantha for all that she has done for us.  We feel so blessed to have her in our lives.  She is bringing health back into our family on all levels and she takes the time to share with us all that she knows, opening our minds to the complex beings that we are.  When we can see and understand that we are beings on more than the physical level, then we are treating our complete self rather than just one of its components.  It's very exciting to continue learning and growing through Samantha's wealth of knowledge and all of her natural abilities.  She is there to teach us how to elimate health concerns before they become serious and then to empower us to be in charge of our own health and wellbeing.  For that, we are so grateful to her.

Carole L., Calgary, AB


I was at the ‘end of my rope’ with the medical system. After 2+ years of dealing with gallbladder pain and getting no results with hospital visits and their only response being drugs and surgery, I knew there had to be a better answer - and there was - I was fortunate enough to find Samantha on a website search. 

It has now been just over a year and I have never felt better health-wise or about myself! Samantha is healing all of me not just my physical body, but also mentally and spiritually and I can't thank her enough. From the moment I met her I felt the calmness and reassurance she projects, she listened to me and my body. With the combination of products she has given me, she has improved my digestive issues I have dealt with for 10+ years, my hormonal issues I have dealt with for 30+ years are gone, I'm sleeping at night and people notice the difference in me. I notice the difference in me!   

I tell anyone and everyone about Samantha! With her guidance she has changed my life. I will be forever grateful.

Colleen M., Calgary


“I have attempted writing my testimonial several times over the last few months.  Each time I try, I become overwhelmed with emotion and end up unable to continue because I simply can no longer see my writing through the tears.  Happy tears. I met Samantha in January, 2010.  I had recently moved to the NW part of the city and was talking with a co-worker who suggested Samantha to me.  Prior to meeting Sam, I was 21 years old and had already been dealing with 3 years of unexplained chronic pain and discomfort.  I had been through 4 general practitioners (not including countless walk-in visits), 3 specialists and 4 naturopath doctors, all giving me a different "diagnosis" followed by suggestions of how to "cope" with the pain, and symptoms to watch out for in the future. I became obsessed with the idea that anything and everything that could go wrong for me health-wise, would, and I was 21-years-old living in fear of my own body.  I hated my body image, I hated being a woman and felt disgusting, I was frustrated by all of the information I was getting from doctors with no light at the end of the tunnel, and most of all, hated the fact that I was experiencing pain every day and was too embarrassed to talk to my family and friends about it. I remember filling out the form for my first appointment with Sam and telling myself that this was the last one I’d ever fill out.  I recall my first visit with Sam like it was yesterday, I could even tell you exactly what she was wearing.  She welcomed me and listened.  She made me feel calm even though I had never felt so fragile.  Even more clear in my memory was the day Samantha told me her thoughts on what was causing my pain, and related to me with a personal experience of her own.  This was the same day she suggested a solution and put a long list of my fears behind me.  It felt like a brick had been lifted off of my chest. Samantha encouraged me to find a specialist who would agree to perform a diagnostic surgery on me.  Even the specialist who agreed told me that she didn’t expect to find what I was looking for, but would do it anyway.  Samantha was there for me before and after the surgery that confirmed she had been spot-on.   2 and a half years later and I cannot put my transformation into words.  With Sam’s guidance, I have become a stronger person and overcome great obstacles along the way.  Samantha never gave up on me, even when I was ready to give up on myself, and on our program.  Her encouraging words during appointments, emails, and positive healing energy has me sitting here today with sights set on a very healthy and happy future. Samantha has truly been an angel in my life, and I don’t know who I would be today had I not met her.  I recall a very low point, and Sam telling me with a bright smile -  this is your healing journey, and you will come out the other side stronger and wiser.  I have made it to the other side, and always try to keep looking forward, never back...  Sam has changed my life and I will never be able to thank her enough.”

KMF, Calgary


I met Sam about 4 years ago and she has been a true healing gift in my life, I have suffered from painful endometriosis for many many years,  I saw doctor after doctor had surgery twice taken endless kinds of birth control and the only thing that helped me besides a change in my diet has been Sam. After a couple of months of taking the herbs that she prescribed to me and the spiritual work she recommended I do to heal myself I no longer had the extreme debilitating pain that I had for 8 years prior. She helped me release my fears, manifest my desires and live my truth. She showed me that the only way I would truly heal myself is if I look inward. I have accomplished many other things that I had no idea I could over come by seeing Sam, anyone that has the privilege of seeing Sam or reading her book will be blessed in more ways than one.

 Christina A., Calgary 


“Since working with Samantha I have found my general health to improve such that I am rarely if ever ill and have  even outgrown the allergies I had previously.  I find myself relying on Samantha when conventional medicine makes suggestions that I feel treat the symptoms but not the root cause.  Samantha’s wide ranging knowledge of the body and the spirit have served me well.   What is more amazing is how I have come to see myself and how my view of the universe has expanded.  I would have been described as a very cerebral person who used logic to live his life.  Thanks to Samantha, I am more in tune with my intuition and my inner self and thus am more at peace with myself and the universe.  Greg Anderson once said “The concept of total wellness recognizes that our every thought, word and behavior affects our greater well being.  And we, in turn, are affected not only emotionally but physically and spiritually as well.”   Samantha has helped me to align these aspects of my being.” 

Jim R., Calgary 


“The Universe introduced me to Samantha on Vancouver Island at a flower essence training course.  She has enriched my life and my skills as a practitioner from that time until now.  She is caring, compassionate, encouraging, insightful and empowering.  Her intuitive abilities have helped both myself and my family.  I am so blessed to know her as a friend and colleague.”

 Jan P., Blue Mountains, Ont.


“When traditional medicine repeatedly failed to diagnose my symptoms I began to look for alternative treatments. Deep down I knew there was more going on with my body. I was living with chronic pain, headaches, unexplained weight gain, mood swings, hair loss and depression. My medical doctor suggested I exercise more and find somebody to talk with as the tests all came back ‘normal’. What the tests didn’t uncover was a nodule in my thyroid, adrenals suffering, overworked organs and heavy metals running rampant throughout my body.

At our first session, it hit me how dire things were and I realized that I had a long road ahead of me. Samantha was able to explain how my symptoms were in direct relation to these conditions and she reassured me with continued support during my treatment. Samantha also began work on the belief patterns behind the conditions. She was able to unlock years of unhappy, distorted thoughts and slowly we began to balance my body, mind and spirit. Through Samantha’s guidance and knowledge, my body was finally receiving the much-needed support it was crying out for.

Today, my pain is gone, my mind is clear and my energy is amazing. I feel such a wonderful sense of accomplishment since that first session. Samantha has restored my faith in natural healing, my body and trust in my own intuition. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, loving energy with me! I feel blessed to have found you along my journey to wellness. Many blessings to you!”

Shauna, Calgary 


I found Samantha after an extremely difficult period a number of years ago which rendered me low and raw. My family doctor had prescribed anti-depressants but I only I lasted on them for a few days. My reaction to them had been massive, debilitating, alarming anxiety – much more extreme than I already was feeling. A naturopath helped me begin my recovery, but I longed for someone who brought a spiritual perspective to health. Over the last decade, Samantha has tuned into and treated me with things like liver, gall bladder, eye, and digestion supports. With Samantha, everything she provides benefits the physical and other layers of who we are: including our emotions and spirit. Her approach is both very practical and intuitive, leading to soulful health. I am in my late-60s now, still vibrant in the work-world, committed to making a difference on this wonderful planet. Sam is a big part of why I can do that. Thank you Samantha.

 RC, Calgary  

Samantha gave us back our daughter. She had languished in depression through most of her 20’s, unable to pull out of it and becoming a lost soul. She had tried counselling which didn’t help and she was not willing to use pharmaceuticals. Someone in a health food store suggested Samantha might help her, and Samantha found the right herbal supports for our daughter’s body so that over a period of about a year, she emerged again. There is no greater gift in the world! Our daughter is now completing a professional masters degree at university, looking forward to how her life will unfold.

RC, Calgary



“I started with Samantha to help me boost my immune system and to help me control my asthma.  Very quickly we were able to calm down my systems, boost immunity, control the asthma and thus decrease my need to take steroids and asthma medication.  Since starting with Samantha,  I am more grounded, connected to my intuition, balanced in my emotions and able to make positive decisions quickly and confidently.  I know that I do the work but  Samantha’s knowledge, support and guidance has helped to ensure I continue to move positively forward.  I look forward to our sessions and to where we can go next.”

Suzette B., Calgary


“My life truly changed the day I walked into Nurture Health and booked an appointment with Samantha.  After suffering for many years from chronic fatigue/Fibromyalgia, I was feeling lost in the medical system.  My life was a struggle just trying to get day to day activities done.  I left her office on that first day with a feeling of hope that I hadn’t felt for many years.  It didn’t happen overnight but with Samantha’s knowledge in alternative methods and her caring and encouragement,   I am once again living a life that is full.   My healing journey continues and I feel better than I have felt in years.  I give thanks each day for what my body enables me to do and I feel truly blessed to have found Samantha and her natural medicines.”          

Kim H., Calgary

“Since my daughter and I have been seeing Samantha we both feel more healthy and have grown and expanded as human beings.  She weaves various paths and disciplines; chakra wisdom, shamanism, astrology, and plant energy medicine to heal all aspects of our being.  She is always available to answer my never ending questions, my appointments always trigger questions that arise after I have left the building (like Elvis).. and she is always willing to respond to them.  Her honesty, insight and highly accurate intuitive ability brings awareness into my world and inspires me to pay attention to what is going on in the cosmos and how that affects us mere mortals here on earth.  The more time I spend around Samantha, her wisdom and insight moves into me and ignites those parts of myself that needed some help to be ignited.  I feel that she helps my daughter in ways that I presently cannot and by exposing her to Samantha and her way of healing it is also allowing my daughter to find her own passionate fire.  With Samantha’s support and encouragement I feel courageous and ready to step out into the world more fully.”

 D., Edmonton, AB


A few months ago, I booked an appointment with Samantha. This appointment was not for me. I was observing some health issues in my two horses and I wasn't sure what was happening. I had gone the veterinarian route with only marginal success. I was keen to continue researching how I could help alleviate their problems. I had heard that Samantha could "talk" to animals so I decided to give that avenue a try. Samantha, I was pleased to witness, has incredible abilities to communicate with the animals! She had not met these two horses, nor had she met me before I arrived in her office. Little did I know what I was about to hear. Not only did she read these horses' personalities well, but she also explained the relationship I had with the two separate geldings. She addressed their health issues through the emotional concerns that they had expressed to Samantha. Samantha recommended some herbal remedies for my horses, as well as giving me some tips on what I needed to communicate to both of them. This helped immensely and they are both doing much better, thanks to Samantha's guidance. I feel that not only did Samantha help my horses' health, but she also opened up the understanding within me that these animals know and feel much more than we humans tend to give them credit for. And this, I know, is just the beginning of our journey . . .

Bruce K., Nanton, AB


Sam has been a great support for my family as a way to help us be proactive in staying healthy.  It was thought my daughter had asthma when she was about 2 years old due to a cough started with a cold, but became constant.  With Sam's help her cough finally went away & and if she now gets a cough with cold, it is very short lived.   She not only supports us physically, but helps us navigate our emotional side as well.  I know this helped our 4 year old twins thrive & me to stay grounded during the up & downs of life.  We are ever grateful for her knowledge, wisdom & most of all, her generous nature. We do thank you for all your help!


Anne C., Calgary


I am honoured to have Sam as my practitioner for almost 7 years now. She has not only been a witness to my journey, but a key factor in helping me to heal my soul wounds. She has never faltered in her belief that I could become who I was truly meant to be. Through her gifts and knowledge she has enabled me to overcome many obstacles in a safe and nurturing space. Sam motivates and inspires me to keep walking the path that leads to a higher consciousness. I am eternally grateful and blessed to have Sam be a part of my journey and to share this experience on earth with her.

Vicki B., Calgary


One year ago, I recognized that I was in a place of general discontent and didn’t like being there. At the recommendation of a friend, I had my first visit with Samantha. Since then, Samantha has helped me gain a better understanding, and a new awareness of how my physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing is interconnected. Through her recommendation of herbs, changes to my diet and her willingness to help me understand my emotional blocks and patterns, I am genuinely experiencing a consistent and richer level of peace and contentment. Samantha never fails to speak from her heart and tell it like it is. Her gifts are her compassion, her intuition and her healing spirit. She creates a safe environment for exploration, healing and understanding. I would not hesitate to recommend a consultation with Samantha to anyone who is feeling out of sorts, or disconnected from themselves. I know that you will be amazed at the changes you are capable of making and the “aha” moments that await you under her caring guidance.

Jennifer L., Calgary