Navigating Spiritual Embodiment

Navigating Spiritual Embodiment

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This self-study course builds on the Chakra 1-7 course and is designed to provide an immersive exploration of the five Star Chakras, Chakra 8 to Chakra 12.

*Learn about the purpose of these chakras and how to activate them to ignite your Divine Blueprint and personal evolution, unlock your own unique gifts and abilities, manifest abundance and reach your full potential.

*Gain a greater understanding of why activating these chakras can help you to reclaim your health and wellness, engage in these aspects of your True Self, and facilitate your Ascension journey

*Explore the two spiritual archetypes that are associated with Chakras 8 and 11 and  provide a comprehensive understanding of these energetic centers and how they impact your life.

*Work with belief statements for daily attunement and affirmation, gaining practical tools for incorporating these chakras into your daily life. 

*Learn how vibrational medicine essences and elixirs can help provide support in activating and balancing the Star Chakras. 

*Be provided with support tools such as chakra mandalas, archetype sheets and Messages from the body PDF, and a belief testing card to integrate the information into your life and/or healing practice. 

*Have the ability to ask me questions and leave comments in a discussion forum.

Whether you are seeking to deepen your spiritual practice or to unlock your full potential, this course will provide a strong foundation for working with these powerful energetic centers to support you and others in navigating the journey of spiritual embodiment.

See the video below for a complete introduction to the course!

 This is a required course for the Psychospiritual Nature Medicine Therapist Program (launching later in 2024)

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