Black Orchid Essential Oil - 30ml

Black Orchid Essential Oil - 30ml

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Black Orchid Essential Oil (limited quantities!)

Black Orchid aligns us with our own centre and all that can be created and manifested from this powerful inner state and infinite space. It brings us into a place of Oneness so that we attract only the highest good and in accordance with our destiny. It has the vibrational energy of the Spiritual Law of Attraction.

The Plant Spirit of Black Orchid connects us to infinite possibilities, and the limitless creative power that inherently lies within us.

It connects us to Divine Creation and helps us to stay in our spiritual centre. It supports us to tether to the highest cosmic and deepest terrestrial energies and connects us with the creatrix energetic coding. Its powerful, other worldly vibration awakens the limitless creative forces within our DNA.

It is from this place that we awaken and evoke the 'spinner and weaver’ in each and every one of us that is able to spin and weave into existence only that which is in perfect accordance with our Divine Blueprint.

This exquisite and rare oil has a heady, divine-like perfume smell (without the fake fragrance headache!).  Use 5-10 drops daily, anoint your third eye (6th chakra), throat (5th chakra) and sacral (2nd chakra) areas on your body.  You can also use it as an all over body oil.

5% Black Orchid Essential Oil in Jojoba