Senses of the Soul Cosmic Protection Essence 30ml

Cosmic Consciousness Protection 30ml

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Cosmic Consciousness Protection

Key Words: Energy Field Protection, Psychic Anchoring, Divine Channeling, Cosmic/Spiritual and Earthly/Soulful Alignment

Ingredients: A soulful blend of cosmic and earth essences, sea salt, purified water, alcohol

Suggested Dosage: 15 drops when needed. Drop directly into your mouth or in a glass of water.

You need this if:

- You need support in connecting with the Divine

- Cosmic events such as radiation, EMF's (electromagnetic forces), or solar flares have a negative impact on your body and psyche

- People's negative energies, or poor personal boundaries, pull you down and drain you

The Cosmic Consciousness Protection aids you in harnessing the energy of the 5 Cycles of Creation, the four directions, the sun and the moon. It also allows you to connect your soul and spirit with your heart and express your soul consciousness according to your purpose in both work and relationships. 

This essence is also useful for the stressful energetic and immune disturbances from city living, emergencies, environmental disasters, and psychic disturbances in individual or collective consciousness. 

Sea salt contained in this powerful formula allows you to create protective circles; by taking this essence you create a protected space within yourself, guarding your core self from the negativity of others and the adverse effects of cosmic events.  

All Senses of the Soul formulas have been co-creatively formulated in partnership with Mother Earth for those needing to heal on mental or emotional levels. Senses of the Soul Essences can help restore balance to the individual via the vibrational properties of the essences they contain. Essences circumvent the ego and intellect to connect one with his or her Inner Self.