Empowered Rebel - New Earth Essence 30ml

Empowered Rebel - New Earth Essence 30ml

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The Empowered Rebel Archetype:

The Empowered Rebel desires to seek heart-led change, to shake up and release outdated societal norms and values that do not serve the highest good, and to live courageously by his or her own divinely guided beliefs and value system. 

The old version of the Rebel archetype was not empowered and felt powerless, so, therefore, reacted and rebelled as a result of fear-based, ego needs, inciting self-righteous fuelled rebellion against others or “the system”. This often resulted in power struggles, polarity, and destructive, “circling the drain” outcomes.

The empowered version acts from a divinely led sense of galactic, intuitive guidance and wisdom that serves the most High, and encourages altruistic activism, creative revolution, and visionary insight out of a desire to serve those around him or her. 


Ingredients: Flower & crystal/gem essences, purified water, alcohol

Dosage:  15 drops twice daily under the tongue


The Empowered Rebel Essence is made of flower or crystal/gem’s bioenergetic imprint and bottled with high-frequency sound infusion.

This essence vibrationally: 

* supports awakening on every level to live via your own value and belief system

* tames stormy emotions and channels them into higher consciousness & awareness

* supports Oneness and healing of the wounded masculine and feminine

* ignites personal power that is fueled by love and courage of the heart.

* increases courage, motivation, and creativity

* supports you to have a clear path forward

* brings clarity of thought, word, and action

* supports a new and total realignment of the body-mind-spirit unity

* helps you to go with the flow and embrace challenging emotions.

* supports the dissolving of the inner barriers that have been erected between the left and right hemispheres of the brain so that the intuitive mind can take its rightful place as part of a composite whole.

* vibrationally boosts the immune system and stimulates the regeneration and restructuring of cells and DNA

*  increases receptivity to the experience of unconditional and abundant love

* removes fixed patterns of behaviour and makes you aware of suppressed feelings.

* encourages the Soul’s purpose and divinity remembrance, allows heart opening, deep compassion, and love

* supports you to create your life while feeling comfortable in your own skin

It is recommended to take this essence for a period of 1-3 months minimum to support the shift in your vibrational field template.




New Earth Essences

Rainbow DNA: “Conscious Evolution”

DNA epitomizes our highest potential as yet unexpressed. In most humans only about one to three percent of the code is currently switched on.

By activating these dormant genes through the Ascension process, we find the gateway to an infinite source of evolutionary wisdom and contact the core of our being to spiritually liberate ourselves.

Decoding and activating this full spectrum of insight and understanding creates a rainbow of possibilities that corresponds to
conscious evolution

Humanity is on a Galactic Hero’s Journey as we prepare for the next Golden Age that begins in 2032.  During this time the human collective consciousness will evolve to embody 13 New Earth archetypes. 

As we evolve during 2023-2031, Universal coding is inviting us to partner with the energies of the Divine Feminine and Divine Creation which directs us and connects us to a co-creative existence, plentiful abundance and infinite possibilities. We will also witness and reconnect with the Divine Masculine's ancient and cosmic knowledge, as well as soul and divinity remembrance. This includes attunement and alignment with the 12 Spiritual Laws and 12 Chakras, respecting and adhering to the 5 Cycles of Creation, and increasing activation of our 12 strands of human DNA.

In attuning to the universal laws and Divine Creation through which evolution does its transformational work, we can intentionally and wisely apply them to transform ourselves and our world.

Visualize yourself spinning within this beautiful Rainbow DNA, activating your own highest potential. Know you can energetically draw upon the potent emotions of love and compassion to stimulate the resonance of your heart and speed your pace of evolution. Each time you act from your heart instead of the ego, you contribute to the intentional, conscious evolution of humankind and the healing of the planet.

The Rainbow DNA is a symbol of hope for the conscious evolution of all sentient beings.


Deepen your Ascension journey with my course:  Navigating the Future: Working with the Evolutionary Wisdom of the New Earth Collective Archetypes