Fire Element Essence 30ml

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Season:  Summer

Planet: Mars


Archetype:  The Sorcerer/Sorceress

Shadow: The Conformist

Colour: Red


This essence supports:



- Shining your light (no matter how seemingly insignificant)

- DNA Remembrance - The True Self

- Engaging in one’s Soul Pathwork

- Non-judgement, acceptance, creating your reality, action, engaged productivity

- Connecting to the Divine Feminine and your own creative energy  

- An increased level of accountability for thoughts, words, and actions on the soulful path

- Tuning into burn-out levels and navigating creative blocks 

- Directing fiery waves of emotion towards passionate love, creative projects, and new ideas.


Learning:  patience, balanced effort, directed action


Cosmic Cycles of Creation Spiritual Teachings: 




Respecting DIVINE CYCLES, 

Attuning to the Rhythms of the Universe

Releasing Control


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