Senses of the Soul Love Chakra Spray 30ml

Love Chakra Spray - 30ml

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The Love Chakra Spray expands the 4th Chakra and the Higher Heart Chakra, opening oneself to explore the depth and breadth of the heart with loving intention. This spray contains Rose hydrosol and a loving blend of oils and essences of Rose, Vanilla, Neroli, Jasmine, Hawthorn, Borage, Buttercup, Rose Quartz and Aquamarine. Generously spray the space around you when in doubt or when melancholy takes over your emotional space.

Rose - Loving support through life’s transitions
Vanilla - Affirmation and acceptance of one's self. 
Neroli - Opens the heart, relieves depression, relieves fear and emotional shock
Jasmine - Living in the NOW and it will help unload the burdens of the past, leaving them behind
Hawthorn - Allows us to trust our life process and follow the needs of our heart
Borage - Heals the heart of old emotional pain, fosters courage and emotional strength
Buttercup - Brings out the divine child-like energy, enlightens and allows you to be the Light
Rose Quartz - Brings fulfillment, inner peace, self love, power of forgiveness 
Aquamarine - Soothes brain and nervous system, bridges heart and thymus for loving communication

All hydrosols are handmade in our copper still. Hydrosols are also known as floral or flower waters, and are produced from steam-distilling plant materials. They contain less than 5% of the essential oil of the plant. Store in a dark, cool place and best if used within three months. For external use only, do not ingest.