The Muse - Herbal Archetype Elixir 60ml

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Chakra Five: Evolving - The Muse

Positive Archetype: The Muse

Negative Archetype: The Hedonist

Keywords: Impassioned Purpose, Soulful Co-creation, Spiritual Inspiration, Ignited Imagination

Ingredients: Passion Flower tincture, Hops essence, Iris essence, Mullein essence, Auralite gem elixir, Fire Opal gem elixir, Kyanite gem elixir

Suggested Dosage: 15-30 drops twice a day.  Drop directly in your mouth or a glass of water

You need this if:

- You have lost faith and sense of your connectedness to the bigger picture, or you struggle to find the deepest possible meaning of your life

- You want support to ascend to your truest and impassioned purpose on the planet

- You want to follow your passion versus staying within the safety of what you know

- You want to be set free from the feeling of condemnation or a feeling of having been 'crucified' in this or past life.  It therefore allows us to pursue the lightness of living versus the weight of 'doing' our life

- You need nervous system support to ease fear and stress

- You want to strengthen the connection to angelic messengers and to the cosmos to provide creative energies

- You need inspiration to guide you to new heights of beauty and grace, and restoring a path to art and creativity 

The voice of your soul can no longer be silenced! The Muse is here to support you to live your purpose through your own unique creative expression. Breathe life into your dreams: inspire and be inspired. Call on the Muse to discover how to manifest your truth in soulful co-creation with the Universe.

All Senses of the Soul formulas have been co-creatively formulated in partnership with Mother Earth.  A combination of essences and herbal tinctures, Senses of the Soul Elixirs help the individual to embody the manifestation of a given archetype.  The Positive archetypes, which aids in earthly journey, and the Evolving archetypes, that guide you through your spiritual journey, release blocked physical and psychological toxins within.  As such, elixirs work on the physical, emotional and mental levels of the individual, they correct imbalances in the Chakras and aid in healing dysfunctional archetypal patterns.

Confused about the difference between a Senses of the Soul Herbal Elixir and a Senses of the Soul Flower and Gem Essence? Click HERE for the Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Disclaimer:  If on medication, check with your health practitioner before use.  Do not combine herbal remedies with pharmaceutical drugs unless you have consulted your health practitioner (our contraindication list for Elixirs can be found HERE).  As with all medicinal products, keep out of reach of children and pets, and avoid use during pregnancy or lactation.