The Prophet - Herbal Archetype Elixir 60ml

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Chakra Five: Positive - The Prophet

Positive Archetype: The Prophet

Negative Archetype: The Silent Child

Key Words: Integrity, Truth, Communication, Co-creative Action, Creative Expression

Ingredients: Red Clover tincture, Bluebell flower essence, Rhodonite gem elixir, Rhodolite gem elixir, Sapphire (blue) gem elixir, Aquamarine gem elixir

Suggested Dosage: 15-30 drops twice a day.  Drop directly in your mouth or a glass of water

You need this if: 

- You find yourself continually feeling misunderstood and not heard, yet you desire to speak your truth clearly, effectively, and confidently

- You want to cleanse toxic thoughts about events unfolding outside yourself that make you feel anxious or cause you to sway from your truth

-You want support to express your creativity, and co-create your own life experiences

-You want support to overcome apathy, anger, procrastination, and self-loathing that impedes you from expressing yourself creatively, and manifesting your soulful talents and gifts in your daily life

The Prophet requires us to live our truth and use our voice and soulful talents in co-creative, harmonious expression. This archetype represents conscious communication and aligns our words and actions with our sense of integrity. Be in the moment, channel your truth, and release the outcome of that which you cannot control. The moment of truth is here, and it’s you.

All Senses of the Soul formulas have been co-creatively formulated in partnership with Mother Earth. A combination of essences and herbal tinctures, Senses of the Soul Elixirs help the individual to embody the manifestation of a given archetype. The Positive archetypes, which aids in earthly journey, and the Evolving archetypes, that guide you through your spiritual journey, release blocked physical and psychological toxins within. As such, elixirs work on the physical, emotional and mental levels of the individual, they correct imbalances in the Chakras and aid in healing dysfunctional archetypal patterns.

Confused about the difference between a Senses of the Soul Herbal Archetype Elixir and a Senses of the Soul Archetype Essence? Click HERE for the Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Disclaimer: If on medication, check with your health practitioner before use.  Do not combine herbal remedies with pharmaceutical drugs unless you have consulted your health practitioner (our contraindication list for Elixirs can be found HERE).  As with all medicinal products, keep out of reach of children and pets, and avoid use during pregnancy or lactation.