Senses of the Soul Sacred Union Spray 30ml

Sacred Union Spray - 30ml

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The Sacred Union Spray is a truly indulgent mix of oils and essences, reuniting you to the Beloved within. Stimulate your masculine and feminine to work together in a divine union with this combination of Damiana, Cinnamon, Rose, Chocolate, Clove, Vanilla, Aquamarine, Sagebrush, and Moldavite. This spicy, chocolate luxurious spray draws you into Oneness, healing the past and restoring co-creative balance of your innermost self.

RoseHelps us to open our hearts to love ourselves more fully and bring joy into our lives
Cocoa Bean- grounds and calms you, while also increasing passion in your life
Bergamot - Balances the biochemistry of the brain, integrates incoming cosmic information
Clove - Provides insight and calms emotional discomfort
Cinnamon Helps us let go of anger, abuse and frustration we bury with addiction and dependence
Vanilla Adds a level of aphrodisiac nectar, bringing feelings of love for your partner and yourself, increasing feelings of healthy sexuality
Black Pepper - Rids us of unhealthy feelings towards ourselves and others
Aquamarine - Soothes brain and nervous system, bridges heart and thymus for loving communication
Sagebrush - Purifying & accelerates personal evolution and deep transformation
Moldavite - Moves one away from "I" thinking into "We" thinking, leading to open, co-creative communication
Unakite - Establishes strong unified relationships by bringing balance to your emotions

All hydrosols are handmade in our copper still. Hydrosols are also known as floral or flower waters, and are produced from steam-distilling plant materials. They contain less than 5% of the essential oil of the plant. Store in a dark, cool place and best if used within three months. For external use only, do not ingest.