1-2-3 Community!

Each of us is being challenged to embody a new Human Blueprint through the Ascension process.  And as we enter into November we are also in an intense process of Re-creation.  As amplified coding streams in from different parts of our galaxy during celestial events and hits various sacred sites/power nodes/vortexes/ley lines and newly establishing earth grids around the world there is an ongoing shift in earth frequencies.  As a result our DNA is changing, our body structure is changing, our brain is being rewired, as is our nervous system so that we can assimilate and resonate at this higher vibratory frequency.  How each of us responds to this celestial awakening, where we live with one foot in the spiritual realm and one foot in the earthly, depends on our soul pattern, our higher will/ intent and our light quotient (or our density that we are born with) during this process.  And this in turn affects how much “Oneness” and creative energy is activated within us during our lifetime.

During the August 21st, 2017 Solar Eclipse we received a massive upgrade in this process via intense Light coding, which created even more chaos within us and in our world.  And to accommodate these new encoded frequencies we continue to clear out with great urgency in our body/mind to awaken to our highest potential.  We are being unplugged from the old matrix and feel the compelling tug to seek freedom and liberation from our cultural, familial, gender and generational conditioning and find our own inner Truth.

The years 2017-2020 will be extremely challenging, requiring us to join together as a united and heart empowered community, focused on building a new society from the crumbling patriarchy. Between 2017 and 2038 we will be initiated through profound shifts in our world and in ourselves that will be chaotic, indefinite, surreal and subtle and will require us to rewire our brain and nervous system, become very adaptable, fluid and learn to make swift, intuitive decisions.  We must respond and be aware of the darkness of our human nature; to see it and transmute it, or risk destroying ourselves and others if we do not.  We will not be allowed to suppress our darker nature anymore.  Our entire body template is becoming crystalline; a higher vibrating physical and energetic stellar and illumed Light Language.

While we will go through each level of learning and growth differently and at divergent times, those who are Ascension Pioneers, Lightworkers and Wayshowers/Wayseekers will resonate and pave the way first.  This lightens the collective load and diminishes the fear that impedes others from crossing over to this new 5th Dimensional reality.  A strong spiritual core, a connection to our authenticity and a deep wisdom is required to collaborate, find common ground and face our collective fear of heart felt belonging. Adapting on this level scares us because deep within our subconscious we know how much scarring is there; how much psychic and energetic detritus we need to clear from our heart and thymus chakras.  It can be an overwhelming and lonely process. However a soothing balm is to fill our Higher Heart space with heart-filled, heart-centered, loving, and safe messages so that in turn we can form deep, meaningful connections which will bring about the radical co-creative changes that are required in a short period of time on our beloved planet.

The September and October 2017 light codes paved the way for the First Realm of activation which set the template for embodying more Light, embracing Galactic Communion and Universal Truth. November 2017 will see us step into the Second Realm of our New Template activation which is Purification, Shapeshifting and Dissolution.  This period of embodying the Second Realm values will last until February 22nd, 2018.

Our sense of needing community is becoming stronger than our need to be individual; we have tasted an intense sense of loneliness, disillusion and separation these last few months, and we are being urged by Spirit to form new bonds that will create trust again and heal our heart wounds.  November sees the unfolding of new relationships and new adventures that will re-ignite our sense of passion and purpose if we are willing to take risk, let go of attachments and control over the outcome.  Our soul knows what we are here to learn and in releasing our anxiety we can replace it with quiet faith and grow in ways truest to us.   This is new 5D territory and there is no earthly blueprint for co-creative living. We can also harness the 11:11 cosmic energies of November to adapt, blend and move collectively toward common co-creative goals.

We are the ones we have been waiting for; we are Divine Love and here to be a container to hold and carry this escalating quantum of Light.  Join me in ushering in a new Light way of being Human that is co-creative,inclusive, abundant.

In Love and Beauty,


Psycho physical symptoms for November:    flu symptoms, eye issues, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, sinus issues, bouts of fatigue,bloating/weight & cortisol increase/digestive upset, prickly skin, heat flushes (particularly from heart chakra area), flashes of illumination, anger & passion, grieving, better discernment, new ideas and more inner drive, feeling the need to be in community with common values and goals. There may also be a re-occurrence of old injuries, past health issues and old patterns that come up and are clearing out as part of the Second Realm dissolution phase; therefore there may be a need for assistance to do so but also understand that this is the grand finale this year.  Trust  your gut intuition, let go of anything that is not serving you, especially old stories about yourself, your health and your past trauma. We must rise above our old collective issues to be truly free. Think positive and imagine a better future for all!

Archetypes for this month: The Sage, The Mystic, The Priest/Priestess

Come Journey with me!  If you are a Lightworker/Wayshower/Starseed/Ascension Pioneer or are just awakening to a new way of living and feel called to hold higher consciousness in yourself, and want group support, then this closed Facebook group and monthly cosmic mystery box is for you.   See more details here. It is a time of huge transformation and sharing our gifts to serve others! What kind of world do you want to create? You have until November 15th to sign up for the December Collective Soul Journey Box!

Cosmic Dates for November:

Nov 3/4, Full Moon in Taurus- brings in the energies of love and increases the need for bonding, for family, partnership and groups working together for a collective common goal.  Where is your heart leading you?

Nov4/5, Taurids Meteor Shower

Nov 11 - 11:11 activation - this is a yearly date where the cosmic energies open wide and intensify the moon energies.  This energy will provide us with more spiritual strength, deeper sense of our truth and ignite within us the need for support, dedication, unity and the need for balance in emotion.  Let go of the past, find balance and move forward on your path.

Nov 18, New Moon in Scorpio - there is a need to strengthen our first and third chakras to ease mental disruption.  Anything that does not have a firm foundation within you will fall away such as limiting beliefs.  However ignoring issues that should be addressed will only lead to more pain.  Let go or deal with it so that you can move forward.  View this Moon as an opportunity for growth despite agitation around you.

Nov 18/19, Leonids Meteor Shower

Nov 21 - Sun in Sagittarus - be pragmatic about what is really “real” around you.  If you are envious of others, or sense they are of you, then protect your boundaries and/or look for the blessings in your life. Stop moping and feeling sorry for yourself, this does not serve your higher evolution.

Nov 14 to Dec 1 - Pre-shadow Mercury Retrograde - we start our descent into the darkest time of the year and last Mercury Retrograde of 2017.

 Introducing:  The Second Realm - The 16 Realms Collection

The August 21st, 2017 Solar eclipse was the day that I launched my 16 REALMS essence collection and is my next level of service and earthly way to assist in our Ascension journey.  The 16 Realms Collection are very high vibrating flower, gem and cosmic essence blends which are attuned and embody messages to support us as we continue our soulful journey to form a New Earth reality.  I was asked to create these higher vibrational products by an off world Light being who contacted me during July 2017 in a psychic transmission.  

Each of the 16 Realms essence is a guidepost to illuminate our way through universal transition. They are the blueprint for our collective shifting for the next 4 years and map out the stages in which we will be asked to grow and learn.  Each 16 Realms essence blend supports new Light Language coding that is coming to us from the multi-universe, and a higher vibration will be required in our energy centers, cellular matrix and etheric energy fields to transmute and remain in our human form to live our soulful collaborative destiny while still staying connected to our unique spiritual divine essence.  These Higher Heart essences allow one to attune to the coming changes and adjust our sense of Self to this galactic consciousness of Sovereign Service, creating an Allowing and embodying to live them fully with expressive grace and Divine presence.  Click here to view and purchase

The Second Realm Essence

*Clears away blockages that impede us from anchoring Light into the cellular matrix and fully into the physical body
*Enhances deep communion with all life forms earthly and universally.
*Enhances conscious connection to higher dimensions and off world beings to anchor in new Light codes.
* Allows healing at our source by being fully connected to Source, Oneness, earthly kundalini energy, and cosmic alignment energies.
*Purifies, sweeps and heals any old, stagnant or dark energies that tie us to the 3rd/4th Dimensional reality. Ends old stories, allows earthly completion of lessons or situations.
*Brings in sweetness, purity, and ability to bend time, BE in divine presence via the present versus the old reality of Doing. Linear time is an illusion, it allows acceptance of this new “blurred” reality and thus brings in calm amidst the chaos of our increasingly changing world.
*Allows denser energies to dissolve with ease and diseases to lose their 3rd/4th dimensional footing (therefore excellent in combination with healing protocols used for diseases of all kinds).
*Allows one to hear one’s ancestors to receive wisdom and guidance
*Creates the ability to shapeshift through transitions with less resistance, to adapt, blend and move collectively with others towards common co-creative goals. The old reality of being male and female is falling away, we are to embody both aspects fully to offer up ourselves completely with our Soul ordained talents and service.