The 16 Realms Collection

We are entering an unprecedented period of time where we are Leaping forward in our Evolution as Human Beings.  This great transformation, known to many as the Age of Aquarius, will see the remodelling of our entire energy system, cellular matrix, DNA and chromosomes to bring in more Divine Light and Co-creation to our very essence.  This new coding that comes through in stages will challenge every belief system we have, create severe personal trials, and usher in an illuminative period of innovation, change and breathtaking new discoveries.  As the higher dimensions open up to us, our mind, body and soul systems are responding in ways we cannot fully comprehend.

In July 2017, a Light Being contacted me during lucid day-dream time and wanted to communicate his universal truth. “His” name is Krenaurez and he is transmitting from a void in space called the “16 Realms”. Krenaurez asked that I create new products to assist with the next levels of Ascension and embody the universal wisdom of the 16 Realms.

The 16 Realms is a vast universe of space, read more here...

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