April 2019 Ascension Update

Hello Soul Family:

The Theme for April’s Ascension Energies is The Turning of the Wheel…

Moving into April we leave Mercury Retrograde’s heavy energy behind and start a new cycle; there is a turning of the wheel of life bringing in new beginnings.  We continue to learn to know what nurtures us and what we really need versus what we have been told that we need. Shedding old fears and patterns, outmoded survival strategies and wound deflectors deepened in March, and now we will continue to integrate this through April to generate more acceptance of who we are, letting any sense of unworthiness release. April’s energies ask us to move forward and embrace life as it is, while practicing inclusion and allowing.  

We need to keep asking ourselves...what truly nourishes and fulfills us? We are learning to be adaptable, resilient, flexible and growth minded through this year, as well as bolstering our third chakra with more self confidence, self-worth and balanced power.  

Recommended products for this month:  The Eighth Realm Essence and Walk in the Woods Spray

Physical and psychospiritual symptoms for April - grief, depression, low immunity, sinus issues, irritated eyes, throat issues, heart pain, sleep disturbance, heat flushing and sweating, cold flushes, liver pain, digestion issues, sore solar plexus,  stiffness / soreness in the thoracic region (rib cage to neck) which brings needed release and stimulates energy flow in the body via the spine.

Archetypes this month to embody:  The Sovereign, The Sage

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For more please watch my April Video Blog below! Sending you rest and integration on your soulful journey!

Xoxo Samantha


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