April 2024 Ascension Update: A Cosmic Invitation

April’s theme: A Cosmic Invitation

April Keywords: Divine Purpose, Spiritual Connection, Cosmic Wisdom, One With All, Spiritual Altruism

Chakra Focus: 7th

April Archetypes: The Guru, The Priest/Priestess

April’s Cosmic Creative Cycle: Earth - contentment, creative realisation, mental stillness

Hello Beautiful Soul!

This month more illumination is waiting for you that seeks to inspire you to new heights and growth on your soulful journey!

April’s Energies are the start of a new cycle, and ask us to accept a cosmic invitation to command the inner authority needed to align ourselves with our own truth and higher purpose. In stepping up and seeing a higher version of our reality and ourselves, we will be eased into the Abundance Timeline! 

To become this higher, authentic version of ourselves, we need to choose to embody the Guru and Priest/Priestess - these two 7th chakra archetypes allow us to elevate to the next level of our wholeness, and Oneness, by instilling the curious desire and hunger for wisdom, knowledge and the unknown. This applies to the practical, esoteric or mystical.

We are then able to continue our journey of tempering our need for logic, and control, and learn to obliterate our fear of surrender. The Ascension energies, propelled by potent cosmic events this month, ask us to raise our hands to the sky, release the need to know and embrace the impermanent and inconsistent nature of life. By knowing that we are not alone, and creating our reality with Spirit, we affirm our innate right to weave our own destiny, and find more peace, abundance and contentment in the process.

As humans reclaiming our spiritual nature, we are stretching beyond our small and protective ego - to something open, wide, spiritually porous - and this requires us to embody great courage. Out of that wide, and sometimes painful, stretching out of the ego we become a receptive vessel for change and find ethical opportunities special to us that are in alignment with our destiny and highest good.  

We can then find the guidance to take the next co-creative steps in relationships, projects or situations, and trust that we know how to discern what is right for us, via aligning with and  listening to our inner truth (see my Navigating the Abundance Timeline if you missed it!). 

For more about how you can flow better with these energies see my video below! 

Learn more about the Guru and Priest/Priestess in my book or Oracle card deck. Explore these two archetypes and their 7th chakra influence on you in my course: Navigating the Ascension Journey.

In service and divine liberation,


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Products for APRIL


Guru Essence or Elixir: supports you to renew your sense of higher purpose and trust that all is as it’s meant to be. The grace of the Guru aligns your spiritual self with your inner truth so that you can live out your soul’s calling.

Priest/Priestess Essence or Elixir: supports you to free yourself from your own self-serving agenda so that you can show up in Oneness. When you drop the ego that seeks personal gain, you make yourself available to be a conduit for light and love with all around you. The Priest and Priestess will help you release hard, rigid thoughts and feelings, and move you towards altruistic, heart-based living.

Earth Element Essence: vibrationally supports you to attract abundance, release constriction surrounding beliefs, self-doubt, karma, indoctrination, understand that we are all ONE consciousness, and connected to All that is, supports spiritual and mental fortitude to complete your creations, releases worry and mental busyness.

Galactic Shapeshifter Essence: vibrationally supports you to fulfil the role that you play in certain learning, in humble service to others, in your everyday challenges that test your determination, and to walk this path so that you get to the heart of who you are, as you traverse the Galactic Hero's Journey in the New Earth paradigm.

Feel No Fear Tea: soothes the nervous system, releasing the tension, and calming the mind. This allows you to digest negative emotions, alleviate your fears and provide clarity of thought.

Goddess Tonic Tea: allows one to connect more easily with the root chakra and one’s inner Earth Mother, as well as the Goddess archetype.

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How Herbal Archetype Elixirs, Archetype Essences and Ascension Essences help you and which ones to choose are on my FAQ Page. Or deep dive to learn how to test yourself and others for these products in my Self-Mastery Portal Courses.


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April psychospiritual and physical symptoms: 

Continue to make health and wellness, including mental health. a priority - The body/mind continues to change to accommodate the higher timelines at a rapid rate. So we cannot push anymore…the body needs most of its energy for these incredible internal shifts that are happening as we become homo luminous…beings of light and higher vibration.

Primary symptoms: more faith in your path, a sense of higher purpose, greater spiritual awareness and connection to ALL, more peace and tranquility, easing of limiting perspectives and beliefs, headache, congested lymph system, immune issues (cold/flu), accelerated downloads, releasing worrisome or negative thoughts, insomnia, confusion, memory loss, spiritual apathy, spiritual doubt, poor reasoning, personal power issues, heat flashes, grief, anxiety, apprehension, fear, worry, nervousness, increased addiction, depression, endocrine imbalance, over intellectualization, fatigue, skin issues, large intestine issues (constipation/diarrhea).

Secondary symptoms: stiff neck, sore throat, ear infection/plugged ears, thyroid fluctuation, low immune issues (especially Thymus related),tail bone or lower back pain, achiness, gut tension, digestive issues, leg/feet/knee issues, adrenal fatigue, ear buzzing/ringing, dizziness, restless sleep, needing more sleep, low mood, anger, frustration, neck/shoulder pain, hip issues, weight gain. Inability to lose weight, weight fluctuation, feeling drained, intense dreams, sinus issues, kidney issues, feeling stressed, interdimensional/lucid dreaming, shifts in perception of your reality, crawly brain, up and down energy

Areas more affected this month: central nervous system, head, neck, throat, large intestine, legs, knees, feet, adrenals, immune system.

If you have any concerns about your health and wellness, please consult your health practitioner immediately.

More about the Ascension process and a complete list of Ascension Symptoms HERE

April 2024 Cosmic Events:

Cosmic Dates:

April 4 - 4:4 Gateway

April 8 - 4/8/8 Gateway

April 8 - New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Aries 11:21 am PDT 

April 21-22 - peak of Lyrids meteor shower

April 23 - Full Moon in Scorpio 4:49 PM PDT

Special comet: A comet is approaching the sun for a rare appearance during this April's total solar eclipse. Cryovolcanic comet 12P/Pons-Brooks is expected to be at least faintly visible inside the Moon's shadow. (Spaceweather)

Mercury Retrograde:

Mar 18 - 31 Pre-shadow

Apr 1 - 25 Retrograde

Apr 26 - May 13 Post-shadow

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