August 2022 Ascension Energies Update

August 2022’s theme: Transcending our Victim Archetype

August Keywords: Allowing, Acceptance, Authenticity

Hello Awakened Soul,

The Leo Power Gateway begins with the July 28th New Moon and ends as we roar through the August 8th Lion Power Portal. This will strengthen our sense of True Self and after that we move into more disruptive, volatile and transformational energies. 

How these energies manifest in each of us will be influenced by the engagement of our consciousness, our intentions and actions.

We continue to embody living Oneness, and our power center is shifting rapidly. We are being prepared for more inner change and a massive DNA upgrade in October (more about this in later updates!) You may be sensing it, especially if you are sensitive, empathic, psycho and/or intuitive. 

The cosmic forces that are affecting us this month are shifting the wounded masculine in us to more of an awakened state, and we are embracing another level of our feminine empowerment. All is going according to universal plan to transform us to become whole and in symmetry, thus changing our societal values and beliefs as a result.

Themes in August: 

  • The Victim Archetype - victim consciousness is rampant in our world and can feed our sense of disillusionment and entitlement, and this will be challenged as the overindulgence and privilege of many will be affected through certain world events (climate change, financial market issues, shortages). It is important to remember though that this has hidden blessings that can bring passion, innovation, strengthen our will/resiliency and cultivate deeper connection/respect with our earth and our communities. 
  • Effortlessness - At the same time the feminine energy of Effortlessness is appearing in the collective consciousness and brings in allowing and receptivity. Our wounded society believes that life is a struggle; one must work very hard to get what one wants; that we must strive, be internally driven, self-flagellate and be the best in order to survive, succeed and feed ourselves. The wounded masculine in us must conquer, power over and exploit others and the earth. Play and rest time are secondary. Being busy, hostile and frantic then distracts us, disables deeper emotional processing, and gives a false sense of accomplishment. Feeling this sense of lack drives the cogs of consumerism, fear, separation and pillaging our earth. 
This self-destructive ideology will be tempered through cosmic influence and balanced with the feminine creative principle of Allowing and Receptivity.

3 things happen when we become more receptive and a vessel for creation, instead of an endless pushing/over productive force: 

  1. We magnify our sense of abundance and the feeling that everything is possible.

  2. We become more relaxed, open and receptive, so that we can recognize and energetically beckon opportunities as they arise.

  3. In slowing down, we are more spiritually present and indulge in moments with gratitude 

    As more temperance seeps into the collective consciousness around this concept we can feel safer, less stressed, more authentic, nurtured within and grounded. We embrace the Earth Mother archetype. 

    Therefore, if you embrace this cosmic wisdom this month you will find yourself becoming less interested in pushing yourself, striving, competing, and over giving.  Therefore integrating more work/play/spiritual equilibrium. This feeds into the concept of universal abundance that is part of the Age of Aquarius.

    Effortlessness equals Allowing

    Gratitude equals Acceptance

    Self Truth equals Authenticity

    For how to optimally engage these incoming energies, please watch my video.

    In love, authenticity and service,


    PS - Please reach out and let me know if you resonated with this Ascension Update, and feel free to share it with others who also want more love, peace, and unity in our world! We are all on this incredible journey together!

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    Archetypes for AUGUST

    Archetype for August (what we are learning/healing): The Earth Mother

    Cosmic Creative Cycle that we are in: Earth


    *The Earth Mother Essence - to help you transcend victim consciousness, for grounding, attracting aligned people/community, anchoring in your soul’s purpose. 

    *The Earth Element Essence - Loving yourself and the life which surrounds you, for attracting abundance, enhancing creative expression.

    *Feel No Fear Tea - soothes the nervous system, releases tension, and calms the mind.  This allows you to digest negative emotions, alleviate your fears and provide clarity of thought. By grounding you in the Earth Mother archetype, your inner wisdom brings your life purpose and life direction into focus. Wonderful to have a bedtime or anytime!

    *Walk in the Woods Tea - sip this tea to have a better connection to the Earth Mother archetype, while supporting your sense of community and allowing you to engage in heartfelt connection with others. Tastes great when chilled!

    *Walk in the Woods Spray - Allows you to see and accept your own faults, then let them go, open your heart to loving yourself more fully and bringing joy into your life, release fears and reduce stress, opening your heart to self-love, and feelings of protection. Plus it smells like a forest!


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    AUGUST Psycho-spiritual and physical symptoms: Feeling unsafe, stressed, anxiety, fearful, brain fog, adrenal fatigue, lethargic, low energy, heavy, in a low or down mood, feeling disconnected from Mother Earth, people (feeling negative about relationships) and/or your earthly purpose, feeling the need to simplify, lymphatic congestion, binge eating/drinking, knee issues.  

    Other symptoms: pain in solar plexus, poor digestion, fatigue, lung/sinus congestion, vivid dreaming, thyroid issues, continued release of grief and hurt through the HEART, heart palpitations, humming/ringing in the ears, energy and heat fluctuations in the body, tight muscles, achy legs, blood pressure issues (if you have any concerns please consult your health practitioner).

    August Cosmic Events

    August 8 (0808) Gateway - Power gateway 

    August 11 - Super Full Moon in Aquarius@ 18:35 pm PST

    August 12, 13 - Perseids Meteor Shower peaks. 

    August 27 - New Moon in Virgo @1:17am PST. 

    August 27 - Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation.

    Mercury Retrograde in Libra (PST) :  

    Preshadow:  August 20 to Sept 8

    Retrograde: Sept 9 to Sept Oct 1

    Mercury Direct: Oct 2

    Post-shadow: Oct 2 to Oct 16


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