The Senses of the Soul Botanical Sanctuary and Farm is a ten acre parcel of land 27 kilometres northwest of Cochrane, Alberta. It is a place where one can reconnect with nature, and find the stillness and quiet needed to hear the voice of the soul.

Samantha made this decision to purchase and become guardian to the land in 2011 after receiving strong guidance from her Higher Self and the nature spirits that a place was needed for people to return to Mother Earth—our ultimate healer. In addition to creating a place of sanctity, the land is cultivated using permaculturally-inspired methods that work in harmony with the natural landscape. The focus is one of conservation, sustainability, resiliency, soulful healing and spiritually aligned purpose.

Many volunteer hands have been working with love to bring Samantha’s vision to life. By 2018, the Botanical Sanctuary & Chakra Garden, Herb Farm, Wild Forest Sanctuary, and Dragonfly Cottage reached their fully realized states:

Botanical Sanctuary & Chakra Garden –This one acre garden is filled with herbs, wild forest edibles, and vegetables. Many of the herbs are part of a conservation program for “at risk” North American medicinal plants in partnership with United Plant Savers. The garden has seven separate areas, one for each of the seven main chakras. One can stroll in the garden, sit and reflect by the pond, or meditate on the chakras of one's choosing at the altars along the way. Exploring the garden in all of its harmony brings balance to the senses.

Greenhouse & Barn –  There is a 270 Sq ft greenhouse for seedlings, vegetables, fruit and experimental plant projects. An 800 sq ft barn also resides in the lower pasture, which is home to Samantha's soul horses and angel pygmy goats.  An area just above the pasture contains an herbal labyrinth which allows one to metaphorically walk one's own spiritual path as a direct experience.

Wild Forest Sanctuary – Wild plants are abundant in the eight acres of surrounding forest. This part of the farm is being left alone to repair the land from depletion caused by livestock. Many wild plants such a Arnica, Lungwort, Northern Cleavers, Solomon Seal, Coral Root Orchid and Bunchberry are protected and now allowed to flourish. Filled with paths and a mother tree, the Wild Forest is a peace-filled haven where one can reconnect with the nature devas.

Senses of the Soul Botanical Farm and SanctuaryDragonfly Cottage – Mother Nature is our greatest teacher and this land provides many opportunities for learning. This small cottage is the base for structured classes on psycho-spiritual plant medicine, medicinal plant conservation and co-creating with nature using sustainable practices.  

The Senses of the Soul Botanical Sanctuary and Farm is about reuniting and co-creating with the Earth in a conscious way, with love and intention. Sign up here to receive special invitations throughout the year to volunteer in the garden.