Seaside Garden update!

A new garden is beginning on Lasqueti Island, BC!

I recently moved to Lasqueti Island, BC and dream of a botanical garden that is full of abundance and beauty, as well as aligned with permaculture principles and preservation of local species.  Just as I did when I lived in Alberta, I am creating this garden as a botanical sanctuary that is part of the United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuaries Network

After a dry summer with a fire ban (and no heavy machinery) the clearing for the Sense of the Soul Seaside Garden began in October 2021. My creative juices are flowing!  

Essentially this serene, 1 acre ocean-side land was cleared to build the house but everything uprooted was left to let nature grow over it and regenerate.

As I suspected it allowed for rich soil to build underneath for almost 20 years. The garden is being tiered with stones to flow with the shape of the land and help with water drainage. Thankfully the skid steer was able to move the bigger rocks.

Now to let the beautiful, rich earth rest for the winter, plant some crystals around it to hold energetic space and plan where everything will go!

Stay tuned for more!


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