A new garden is beginning on Lasqueti Island, BC!

I recently moved to Lasqueti Island, BC and dream of a botanical garden that is full of abundance and beauty, as well as aligned with permaculture principles and preservation of local species.  Just as I did when I lived in Alberta, I am creating this garden as a botanical sanctuary that is part of the United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuaries Network. Click on the link to learn more and become a member!

It’s been 10 months now since I moved to Lasqueti Island, BC and the botanical garden is moving ahead step by step! The overall vision aligns with permaculture principles and preservation of local species.  

Firstly, I will honestly say the winter here was difficult and challenging.  Horrible actually. I was told by seasoned islanders that this was the worst winter they could remember in all their 30 plus years living here. Lucky me!

Living off grid in the spring, summer and early fall is easy, blissful and carefree. Living off grid in the late fall, winter and early spring is not! Factoring in gale force winds, endless rain, crashing waves, canceled ferry rides (at an all time high this year), fallen trees on the road, washed out areas and deep mud, along with running a generator almost constantly to keep power going (no sun = no solar energy), splitting firewood and stoking the fireplace 24/7 to keep warm is not for the faint of heart. 

Did I mention I was running my business online/long distance at the same time? Then came the unusually cold weather that brought quite a bit of snow and froze the water pipes in December. Houses here are not made for this kind of icy conundrum. And this is just the highlights!

I had days I wanted to pack up and leave. I felt out of my depth, especially at the tender age of 55. I missed the everyday comforts of modern technology and my body was sore and tired. I realized why so many islanders go off island in the winter for a reliable power source, or to tropical climates for sunnier. calmer and drier weather. What the heck was I thinking? Oh yes, that this would be an “adventure”. Sigh.  

However I dug into my growing resilience, dusted off my courage and kept going. With a few meltdowns.  

Now early spring has arrived and the weather is calmer, sweet lambs are running up to my car as I drive (one jumped on my car when I stopped!). The robins and tree frogs are singing loudly, and more islanders are returning to ease the isolation. There are flowers bursting out of the earth and I see new life in the potted plants and the smaller garden area that adjoins the new one.

However, progress on the new garden has been slower than expected. My wonderful roommate and I hired a strong young man to help us put posts into the ground for the fence and cut down some trees to allow more sunlight to permeate the garden. We need a high fence around the garden to keep out the deer and the feral sheep that roam at will.

The posts are made of logs that washed up on the beach, and our young helper said that he learned a technique of charring the bottom of the sea soaked posts to prevent rot once in the ground. We will see if this theory holds true.

The garden entrance will feature this amazing iron gate that I have dragged around with me for over 10  years. For some reason I never affixed it to anything until now. It seems it has found its “home”.

With any garden that I have created in the past I always set my intention, call on divine protection from the cosmos and plant a crystal grid to anchor and hold the Light! You can do this too, in order to protect your space and anchor in healing energies to the earth's energetic grid matrix. This is so needed right now!

To learn how to create your own crystal grid click here

We have gathered lots of stones, blocks left from the previous owners and wire fence rolls in preparation for spontaneous creation!

Once the fence is completed we will create the garden boxes, build the soil and start planting!  I am excited!

Lots of love from Lasqueti,


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