February 2021 Ascension Energies Update

Hello Soul Family,

“I’ve died a thousand deaths, each time reinventing myself brighter, stronger, and purer than before. From the midst of destruction, I became the creator of myself. From the midst of darkness, I became my own source of light.” — Cristen Rodgers

“Coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and in vibrational cooperation,” “It is a state that builds resiliency – personal energy is accumulated, not wasted – leaving more energy to manifest intentions and harmonious outcomes.”- HeartMath Institute Research Director Dr. Rollin McCraty  

February’s Ascension Energies see us rising from the ashes by February 11th on the New Moon after our incubation, purification and reassessment phase in January.  We are rebirthing ourselves as stronger, wiser and more heartfelt, empowered human beings.  We are anchoring the cosmic codes of wholeness and Oneness into our material reality. Passion and creative fuel will slowly come back online during this month, if we choose to take the reins, walk forward step by step into the unknown, determined to create a life that supports us on all levels.

As mentioned in my January blog: 2021 is the year to start REBUILDING and begin the process of creating a life that is more balanced and sustaining on all levels. The old way of us living is gone.   We can create something better. And we need to believe this. Belief is what sustains hope and empowers us to work together, face our fears and make essential changes in the new fifth dimensional timeline.

As the old threads of our individual lives and society continue to unravel this year, we will be weaving a new human tapestry that will take patience, resilience, perseverance, inner coherence, courage and compassion to create.  

Our vibrational field continues to upgrade to the new Earth Timeline in tune with the spiking and increasing Schumann’s Resonance (the heartbeat of the earth) and cosmic codes to make this happen.  Our entire biological system, our brain and the earth work on the same frequencies.   The heartbeat of Mother Earth is ascending to a higher vibration and affecting all her inhabitants, however we also affect her in our Ascension process. The Earth and humans are One Divine Conscious Being.  We also attune to the cosmos through our vibrational field, brainwaves and heart energy resonance, which aligns us with universal thought and increases light in our body.

Each of us are having our own unique and collective experiences as we raise our vibration and expand our consciousness. This will continue, and as we merge more with the Cycles of Creation to flow here on earth, we are learning the secrets of nature; she knows best how to alchemize with the universe to create miracles, beautiful manifestations and begin anew.

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In deep love and service,

Archetypes for February  (what we are learning/healing):

The Sovereign (Creativity, Nurturing), The Shaman  (Karmic Freedom, Soulful Rebirth)

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Psychospiritual and physical symptoms for February: 2021 does not energetically start until February 10th, so until that time you will still be healing and aligning.  February sees us anchoring in the first stage of cosmic Sacred Union and Oneness within our earthly Self. However this also means you will need to rein in, moderate and calm your stormy emotions. You will be releasing feelings of fear, blame, shame and disempowerment so that you can rebirth yourself (The Shaman archetype).  Be aware of and avoid power struggles with others, while holding healthy boundaries for yourself. (The Sovereign archetype).  Mercury Retrograde begins January 30th and ends February 19th (with Post-shadow phase until March 12th), so you will be taking a deeper dive into shadow and will be easily triggered and steeped in trauma. Understanding this can help you ride the waves.  It is very important to control your mind, do not allow yourself to have circular thoughts and anxiety ridden speculation about your life or events. Banish any negativity or darkness about others and events to create a peaceful inner orientation for yourself.  TRUST that the Universe knows what it is doing and that you are part of a greater unfolding plan.  Pray and send out your intentions to your guides. Also know that through this month you will be tested to step into your own authentic power and embrace your co-creative masculine and feminine energies. When you are connected with your authentic power you can maintain healthy personal boundaries and relationships, channel creativity, manifest abundance, and live a life of co-creative service. BE DISCERNING IN YOU CHOICES, AS NOT EVERY OPPORTUNITY OR IDEA PRESENTED IS IN ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR HEART AND HIGHEST GOOD.

Ascension symptoms for February include: shifts in heart energy, new truths and perspectives, more creativity and connecting with your passion and desires, immune issues, wild dreaming, fatigue, some grieving  and letting go, sadness, more clarity, anger, frustration, up and down intensity of emotions, emotional sensitivity, throbbing of the throat, dry throat, swollen tonsils / tongue, soreness in the thymus area, jaw /neck tension, plugged/pouring sinuses, stuffed up head/ears, achy, tired, flu symptoms, achy/sore joints, heaviness in the chest, poor digestion/ pain in solar plexus, weight gain around middle/cortisol surges, red/dry eyes, kidney pain, deep heartache and pain, shoulder blade pain, watery/blurry eyes, low grade headaches, pain behind the eyes.

Cosmic Events

February 11 - New Moon in Aquarius (@ 12:08pm MST)

2:22 (Feb 22) Gateway - It’s important to detach yourself from your struggles now and rest.  You are in a phase of recalibration coming out of Mercury Retrograde’s energies.  If you feel you have been pulled off your soulful path do not give up - you will come back stronger then ever.  Passion, inspiration and devotion will ignite once again as you connect with your inner truth and purpose. Keep following the steps and intuitive nudges and you will eventually arrive at your destination. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and find time for rest.

February 27 - Full Moon in Virgo (@ 1:19am MST)

Mercury Retrograde
January 14-29 Pre-retrograde
January 30-February 19 Retrograde
February 20-March 12 Post-retrograde

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Luscious Living Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Selin Bilgin, of the Luscious Living podcast!  We discussed masculine/feminine energy and the Age of Aquarius.  Selin is a vibrant, beautiful soul, holistic nutritionist, consultant and speaker, whose business supports others to live a luscious life.  See the interview below on either You Tube, on Spotify or Apple podcast.

Luscious Living:  Here it is on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDpBnB6IFrs&feature=youtu.be

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1aVjD70bApgerSyntRZzf4

Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/luscious-living-podcast/id1532668799

Boho Tarot

I reached out to Dawn whose business is called Boho Tarot.  She was kind enough to do a review of my card deck.  For those of you who want a walk through, and need more support for using any card deck, Boho Tarot is a reliable source of information.

Whether you are just beginning on your card deck journey or are a seasoned reader, BOHO Tarot provides the love, support and insights to help your card deck practice thrive.

You will find the majority of her content over on her YouTube channel where you will find tons of videos on deck reviews and walkthroughs, modifications, crafts and journaling.

Senses of the Soul Oracle Deck and walk through video:   https://youtu.be/0WqRnlQxB6o

Samantha Orthlieb

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