January 2021 ‌Ascension‌ ‌Energies‌ ‌Update‌ ‌

‌2021:  The Year of Unravelling

 “The path upon which I walk has become congested, crowded and polluted. No longer can I see the beauty, hear the call or feel the truth of what I’m doing or where I’m going. I feel suffocated, stifled and thoroughly exhausted. Where am I? I am being swallowed up by the ravenous appetite of the collective, seasoned to suit the common and popular taste. I am a diluted version of myself and my truth. Do I continue along this muddy, mobbed and potholed way or veer off here and navigate my own way; reclaim my own journey and reconnect with my north star?” - Lissa Corra

Hello Soul Family,

We are now planting seeds for a new era which is called the Age of Aquarius, also known as the Age of Love, the Age of Intuition and the Age of Imagination and Innovation. 

2021 is the start of a 10 year period of great scientific and technological innovations, reshaping of economies, new experiences, great adventure, and possible upheaval.  The changes and events that occur in the next 10 years will shape humanity’s co-creative future to establish the 2032 New Golden Age of peace and prosperity.

2021 is the year to start REBUILDING and begin the process of creating a life that is more balanced and sustaining on all levels. The old way of living is gone.   We can create something better. And we need to believe this. Belief is what sustains hope and empowers us to work together, face our fears and make essential changes.

2021 is the year that we will consciously unravel anything in our life that doesn't support this and therefore attract what we need.   

Unravelling means we undo, we disentangle, we untangle,  This also means we solve, resolve or workout that which needs our attention.  We unplug from the collective and reconnect back into what is now aligned with our Divine Soul Blueprint, our truth and our value system.  We find meaning and purpose in our own way.  We tap into what brings us a sense of creativity, practice rituals that are truly important and sacred to us, and engage with relationships and projects that bring joy, comfort and honour our sovereignty.  

Now that we have aligned with our True Self and healed our karmic shadow we can use our free will, free choice and new found wisdom to slowly unravel ourselves and rebuild our external. material life to reflect this internal metamorphosis.

2021 is a year that we will feel restless, in fact most are already feeling it.  Much needs to be revolutionized, and our soul contracts for this part of our expansion are unfolding to reveal the changes that are needed for our growth and will contribute to grassroots transformation.   

Humanity is getting a makeover!

And as always Spirit has a plan, which requires us to have utmost Faith and flow with all the changes that will come our way. 

There are 3 initiation themes in The Year of Unravelling that we need to keep in our growing, empowered and heartfelt awareness:

    1. Our minds are powerful - The mind is a formidable partner when used wisely and with the heart.  It can dispel fear, despair, and encourage optimism, compassion, and creation in concert with the heart.  It serves the heart, not the other way around.   The Age of Love and new Earth Timeline require that we use both head and heart together; so that we can be free, liberated and empowered from the old mass consciousness that sought to dominate, manipulate and control.  We have enough consciousness now around this illusion to freely choose and trust our hearts.  We decide which timeline we want to live on as advanced souls on this planet!  It is important to observe our thoughts rather than be carried away by them.  And to stay in the moment which creates more peace and play in us, rather than suffering. 

    2. Our hearts are capable of more expansive and deep Love - In the new Earth Timeline there is no “us” versus “them”.  We are learning to connect to “All that is”, to intrinsically know this and base our decisions and actions on this knowing.  We are learning to love more unconditionally.  We are being asked to be brave and to let more people into our hearts.  This year we will be asked to seek “soul family” in more expansive ways. As mentioned there is a restlessness growing in our hearts that wants this.  

    3. We have what it takes to flow through this - 2021 will be a very fast paced, adventurous year with lots of growth.  It will be important to stay spiritually minded, to ground ourselves and avoid swinging emotions, thoughts and actions.  We must believe in our strength to be patient with this process. We learned in 2020 to practice self-care which is a life long need.  Moderation and balance, and not forcing the outcome are also key.  The chaos in our surroundings may increase our inner turmoil, so it is important to find creative and soothing outlets, engage in physical exercise and participate in activities (such as being in nature) that bring us back to our center. 

For more about the “The Year of Unravelling” please watch my video below.

In deep love and service,

Archetypes for January  (what we are learning/healing): The Lover (Love), The Magical Child (Infinite Possibility)

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Psychospiritual and physical symptoms for January: 2021 does not energetically start until February 10th, so until that time you will still be healing and aligning.  January focuses on the heart and deep healing, forgiveness and moving into a deeper love with yourself and with the Divine / All the Is (The Lover archetype). Keep nurturing and caring for yourself. Percolate on your dreams (The Magical Child archetype), and be open to receiving guidance and Ah Ha possibilities from above.  You may feel you are going through a Dark Night of the Soul.  Be patient with your healing process and do not take an “all or nothing” attitude.  Stay rooted in your strong sense of faith and spirituality. Remember that you are helping to establish this new Earth Timeline with your thoughts, words and actions!  As an evolving soul you are leaving egoic separateness behind and this is an uncomfortable process.  

There is more going on then the media or other authorities are telling you, so tap into your discernment about anything you hear or see.  Ask Spirit to align you with your soul’s next service and relax.  All is unfolding as it should.

Ascension symptoms for January include: feeling more centered in who you are,  periods of creativity and connecting with your passion and desires, lack of motivation, immune issues, fatigue, some grieving  and letting go, sadness, more clarity, underlying sense of greater freedom,  depression, anger, frustration, up and down intensity of emotions, emotional sensitivity, throbbing of the throat, dry throat, swollen tonsils / tongue, soreness in the thymus area, jaw /neck tension, plugged/pouring sinuses, stuffed up head/ears, achy, tired, flu symptoms, achy/sore joints, heaviness in the chest, poor digestion/ pain in solar plexus, weight gain around middle/cortisol surges, red/dry eyes, kidney pain, deep heartache and pain, shoulder blade pain, watery/blurry eyes, low grade headaches, pain behind the eyes.

Cosmic Events
January 2, 3 -  Quadrantids Meteor Shower
January 9 - The 16th Realm Ends
January 10 - Co-creation & New Earth timeline begins
1:11 Gateway - The promise of a new beginning is aligning on the earthly plane.  We are moving to another level of creation, one that nurtures and heals our inner child archetype.  It is time to be open to embracing new opportunities and be lighthearted.  
January 12 - New Moon in Capricorn (@ 10:02 pm MST)
January 28 - Full Moon in Leo (@ 12:18 pm MST)

Mercury Retrograde
January 14-29 Pre-retrograde
January 30-February 19 Retrograde
February 20-March 12 Post-retrograde

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