Focusing on the Light

“The measure of a man is his ability to navigate to a proper shore during the worst of the storm” - Jordan B. Peterson

That's been one of my mantras - focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.  ~ Steve Jobs

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mercury Retrograde can be challenging when combined with April’s Aries fire, so as we make our soulful way in this month one needs to be mindful of focusing on the Light of each experience and in each person, versus any chaotic inner wounding that may surface in us.  

Mercury Retrograde continues until April 15th (post shadow goes until May 4th) and we are learning to show up authentically in all our actions and relationships.  This is where our growing discernment will come in handy. Our 3rd chakra, our power center, continues to be our focus as we slowly move through this Year of Shrewdness.  There will be situations that will not have a clear “right or wrong” and we will be “darned if we do, and darned if we don’t”; this is teaching us that everything has consequences, and the need to take the time to understand where our true core values lie. In asking ourselves:  “ Where do I really stand in my power, is it in integrity and truth, do I power over others at times, or am I too passive and allow justice (and my power) to slide?, we will need to reflect and change as necessary, as not showing up in our own power will quickly have negative ramifications.

Our mental and emotional state will be challenged throughout this month, as the universe holds us more tightly to drop our egoistic thoughts and “walk our talk”. We are increasingly being asked to dig deeper to find the inner will to direct our life, our passions, our interests and our abundance.  Straying from the path of heart based, altruistic living will be illuminated (in some cases severely), with the overall trajectory being that we are learning as a collective to be more harmonious, self-responsible and co-creative.

Here are some helpful tips for the month of April:

-Take a "hawk's eye" view of your life, do not get mired in the emotions, remember emotions are not who you really are, just part of your experience of being human.  Mental control will be required this month, along with reining in explosive or firey reactions. Standing in our power means being balanced in what we say and how we say it.  Hurtful words or lashing out at others does not forge fruitful partnerships, compassionate engagement or the necessary change needed. If one side loses power it is not co-creative.

- To take the above further, pretend that you are “Avataring” here on earth, meaning you are here but not really here.  You are piloting your body (from a higher realm), which you must care for and respect, until you are released and move onto another dimension.  Time has no meaning then and you can learn to live this life more fully and savour each moment in the now, versus feeling so humanly fragile, vulnerable and rushed.

- Get creative, help others, go outside into nature as much as possible (here in Alberta spring seems fickle right now, but it will eventually come).  Give hugs to anyone who wants one.

-  Read books that deepen and uplift the spiritual self, such as Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore, The 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson or Active Hope by Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone.

- Get into your body through dance, fitness, intimacy, and self care such as massage or a relaxing bath.

-Challenge yourself to shapeshift in the moment - do you need to invite your feminine into the situation more or your masculine?  For example when speaking with someone do you need to stand in your power more, or open your heart more - both are required in 5th Dimensional living, see how you can balance the dual parts of yourself that need to merge and come together.  Be mindful about what comes out of your mouth when speaking with others or about others, or yourself. Do the same with your body; do you need to work-out more or rest, read challenging material or watch something for pleasure. Take a risk! Balance is also key.

- Ensure you get lots of rest and alone time to process.  We are learning to ebb and flow just as nature and the cosmic energies do.  There is no pushing through this, or controlling the process. This does not mean being despondent or giving up either.  We must really listen to whether we act or rest through each day.

-KEEP IT SIMPLE.  If life seems too mentally overwhelming break it down into smaller bits.  If it is too daunting to think a month ahead, think a week ahead, if that is too much then think a day ahead or an hour ahead. Make it are in charge of how you perceive your reality.

-Keep it more simple...cut out anything that you do not resonate with anymore, declutter your life, your home, your office, your relationships, your “things”.  Let go of needless drama and chaos on any level.

-Acknowledge to yourself daily that you are an abundant and powerful human being, whose gifts are needed here on earth.  Repeat after me…”I am abundant and powerful, and needed here on earth’...keep saying this out loud to yourself until you believe it.  

-Focus on and hone your co-creative core values….refer to my book, Opening the Senses of the Soul, and you will find a list of new paradigm co-creative values to focus on. (See page 41)

ABOVE ALL, we will be required to keep a positive mindset and rise above our emotions to keep a spiritual perspective as the energies of this year will continue to challenge us to be peaceful, have restraint and be mindful in all aspects of our relationships, decisions and choices.  

In loving service,


Psychospiritual and Psycho-physical symptoms for April:  Challenging emotions that come up during certain situations, firey thoughts and feelings, red eyes, eye strain, tearing eyes, some digestive disturbance, tight shoulders, grieving, sinus, chest and throat issues, flu symptoms, fatigue, difficulties with vision, slow growing passion about life.  Above all take the time to see any situation clearly and have compassion for yourself and others.

Archetypes for this month: The Warrior (Balanced Power & Will), The Spiritual Warrior (Spiritual Integrity & Psychospiritual Endurance), The Sage (Intuition), The Priest/Priestess (Spiritual Altruism)

Cosmic Dates for April

New Moon - April 16 - Take time out for contemplation, meditation and rest.  Remember that your freedom and independence are top priority and must be balanced with social interactions

Lyrids Meteor Shower - Runs April 16-25, peaks at April 22/23 - this energy will begin to shake and heighten the vibrational post shadow energy of Mercury Retrograde - more illumination and revelation will emerge for you

Mercury at highest western elongation - April 29

Full Moon - April 30 - Relief, more self knowing and more balance as we leave the energies of Mercury Retrograde behind!  Phew!

Mercury Retrograde - Mercury Retrograde:  Pre-shadow March 8, most intense March 22-26 (full Retrograde), Ends April 15th (Mercury Direct), however Post-shadow effects will be felt until May 4th.

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