July 2023 Ascension Energies Update

July 2023’s theme: “We are no longer an echo of ourselves”

July’s Keywords: Oneness, Higher Mind

Hello Beautiful Soul!

Humanity stands at a crossroads with a choice to make. Either we continue to divide and conquer each other, as well as allow others in power positions to do this, OR  the global human family comes together in mutual recognition of the value and sacredness of every human heart and soul, regardless of ethnicity, gender, diverse perspectives, and opinions.

The July 7, 2023 (777) Gateway marks the next choicepoint humans have to create respectful reconciliation or stay in the old 3/4D timeline of separation and division. Cosmic coding is taking us to another level of spiritual awakening and activating our 9th and 10th DNA Strands for Higher Mind and Oneness embodiment. More people will awaken and want balance, compassion and peace, and those of us already on this path will be asked to take a leadership role in creating and manifesting the New Earth.

Each of us is part of a living, breathing, universal vibrational field that is unified in thoughts, words and actions. As the Ascension process continues this field is amplified by either fear or love, and becomes particularly stronger with each DNA Upgrade that is cosmically designed to to allow us to be free from the past and find divine liberation. However, here on the earth's timeline, we must also choose to do so. 

This week I reflected back to September 2021 when I wrote an Ascension Update about the Star Belly Sneetches - a children’s book by Dr. Suess. The book illustrates the tragic absurdity, ignorance and ego arrogance of discrimination, the need to be special, be on top and “be right” at the cost of others dignity, livelihood and psychological health. I wrote this update at the height of Covid, when societal division was at its worst, and most were feeling afraid, angry, violated, desperate, confused, unheard and unseen. 

Since that time there has been more sifting through of our tainted, divisive past, within ourselves, our relationships, and the collective, as we deconstructed our deepest wounds and fears, laying them at our feet to examine and mourn over. We have now soul retrieved what we want to keep of ourselves that serves co-creation, and many are planting seeds of new potential. We ARE finally free via the 777 Gateway, and have the opportunity to explore our highest potential as human beings. This can be a scary, wobbly and confusing time for some, while others are ready to move forward in the 5D new paradigm with gusto.

On the New Earth, each of us is responsible and accountable for ushering in a new value and belief system that is life sustaining for us and others on all levels. We are mindfully and emotionally liberated and aware enough now to know the difference. We are attuned to the frequency of Love, and it becomes more painful with each upgrade to lower our vibration to anything else.

July is the start of rebirth, more balance and cleaning up any unfinished business to bring us into alignment with Divine Will. Those of us who choose to be empowered, and are passionate creators, innovators, pathfinders and pioneers of the new Earth paradigm will courageously rise, be a spiritual warrior and anchor in our true purpose. The Empowered Rebel Archetype is on the rise in the collective and will bring a tsunami of change. 

To align with July's DNA Upgrade energies and what this means for you, please watch my video.

In service and divine liberation,


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Archetypes for JULY

Archetypes for JULY (what we are learning/healing/embodying):  Empowered Rebel

Cosmic Creative Cycle that we are in: Earth (needs, nurturing, connection)


*DNA 9 & 10 Essence - supports and augments DNA activation for the embodiment of  Non-duality, Oneness, We are One, Resolve, Resilience, Higher Mind, energetically supports you to release the Victim archetype (the old paradigm of living) and live in the 5th dimensional True Self.

*Empowered Rebel Essence - energetic attunement to support taming stormy emotions and channels them into higher consciousness & awareness, ignites personal power that is fueled by love and courage of the heart, helps you feel comfortable in your own skin and MORE

*Earth Element Essence - energetic attunement to support you to attract abundance/prosperity, release constriction around self sabotaging beliefs, self-doubt, greater connection to All That Is and spiritual guidance, co-creative action with others, more determination, focus to create realistic plans, release worry and squirrely or busy brain to find mental stillness

Overall Earth Cycle Learning: contentment, creative realization, mental stillness

Soulful Ritual Soak: eases tired muscles and cleanses your energy field. Essential oils in this soak calm your mind and allow you to surrender to life, open your heart center, and offer grounded resilience and enthusiasm. 

Oneness Oil: a grounding, earthy essential oil blend that helps to stabilize your Root chakra and allows you to feel anchored in your soulful purpose. Use as a body oil, in a bath or diffuser.

How Archetype Herbal Elixirs, Archetype Essences and Ascension Essences help you and which ones to choose are on my FAQ Page.


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July psychospiritual and physical symptoms: more grounded resilience and enthusiasm, increased calm, motivation, creative energy, more clarity of your path forward, urge for deeper spiritual connection, body-mind-spirit unity, being comfortable with who you are, more self confidence and ability to lead, possible waves of self doubt, inner mental chatter, sleep issues, low mood, fear, depression, grief, low energy, anger, frustration, liver pain, digestive issues (we are shifting in our 3rd chakra area all year!), red eyes, neck/shoulder pain, hip issues, weight gain, feeling drained, intense dreams, sinus issues, congested sinus/ears, skin issues, kidney issues, being flushed easily, feeling stressed, interdimensional/lucid dreaming, shifts in perception of your reality, crawly brain, hormone/endocrine issues, up and down energy 

Areas more affected this month: DNA, cells, vibrational field, pineal gland (third eye), solar plexus

If you have any concerns about your health and wellness, please consult your health practitioner immediately.

More about the Ascension process and a complete list of Ascension Symptoms HERE

July Cosmic Events

July 3 - Super Full Moon in Capricorn @ 3:39 am PST

July 3-7 - Sirius Gateway (liberation & freedom)

7/7/7 Gateway - DNA Activation / Upgrade 9 & 10 Strands

July 17 - New Moon in Cancer @ 10:32 am PST

July 28 - Delta-Aquarid Meteor Shower

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13 Archetypes for ALL THAT IS

2023:  The Empowered Rebel

The Empowered Rebel Archetype is the first archetype of the 13. 

We are being called to live this archetypal energy in 2023 at a time when old societal systems continue to stagnate/crumble, and out of the box thinkers are needed.

Great courage, innovative thinking and heart-led women and men are needed to change our world! Do you feel the call? Are you ready to live a different way?

The Empowered Rebel desires to seek heart-led change, to shake up and release outdated societal norms and values that do not serve the highest good, and to live courageously by his  or her own divinely guided beliefs and value system. 

The old version of the Rebel archetype was not empowered and felt powerless, so therefore reacted and rebelled as a result of fear based, ego needs, inciting self righteous fuelled rebellion against others or “the system”. This often resulted in power struggles, polarity and destructive, “circling the drain” outcomes.

The empowered version acts from a divinely led sense of galactic, intuitive guidance and wisdom that serves the most High, and encourages altruistic activism, creative revolution, and visionary insight out of a desire to serve those around him or her.

New Vibrational Essence: The Empowered Rebel


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