March 2019 Ascension Update

Hello Soul Family:

The Theme for March’s Ascension Energies is Below the Surface

We healed the hidden in February; this created a month of intense emotion, inner mental chatter/strife and uncomfortable body symptoms.  We were releasing and now see more clearly where we have given away our power to others, our karmic patterns so to speak, that point to self sabotage and where we missed being in our power in the past so that it affected us bringing in abundance, and getting what we really need to nurture ourselves.   We cleared a huge amount of anger and grief around “hidden trauma”. And in doing so we reclaimed another piece of our empowerment, self worth, freedom and Internal Fire!  We can use this new energy and passion to fuel and create our life going forward!

Going into March we are able to align with powerful cosmic energies to see below the surface...and continue to hone our perception and inner wisdom as we move onto a new phase in our life.  We are still making our way back into our heart, and now must have faith in our new journey. The past is done, we now need to forgive and move on to new beginnings. There is great opportunity to alchemize more certainty, miracles and growth!  Staying positive is the key to attracting more joy!

Physical and psychospiritual symptoms for March - anxiety, depression, low immunity, liver pain, digestion issues, sore solar plexus,  stiffness / soreness in the thoracic region (rib cage to neck) which brings needed release and stimulates energy flow in the body via the spine.  

Archetypes this month to embody:  The Lover, The Mystic, The Alchemist

Teas: Sacred Union , Feel No Fear

For more please watch the video by clicking the image below!  Sending you courage and freedom on your March journey!

Xoxo Samantha

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