March 2024 Ascension Update - Karmic Balance Reset!

March’s theme: Karmic Balance Reset

March Keywords: Unity, Partnership, Emotional Boundaries, Sacred Union, Spiritual/Material Balance, Service Oriented Purpose

Chakra Focus: 2nd 

March Archetypes: The Sovereign, The Mystic

March’s Cosmic Creative Cycle: FIRE (passion, growth, accountability, patience, balanced effort, directed action)

Hello Beautiful Soul!

During the Feb DNA upgrade we were profoundly purified in body and mind, and as a result we are ready to hold more vibrational consciousness in ourselves. This in turn connects us to the limitless creative forces within our DNA! With our vibration and awareness now raised we are spiralling up to a new timeline in March. Karmic balance has been reset and we have been freed from looping in the same fate bound, old stories that we thought defined us and our reality.

The DNA upgrade soothed our traumatised inner child, allowed us to grieve deeply, and reclaim our innate creative power that had been buried under layers of wounding and sense of inadequacy. In doing so we now have the choice to evoke the 'spinner and weaver’ within that is able to spin and weave into existence only that which is in perfect accordance with our destined Divine Blueprint. 

Creativity is a direct expression of our soul, and it is for this reason that the sexual organ area and the second chakra in the body is the “Gateway to the Soul.” The human soul holds tremendous power through second chakra acts of creation. 

Creative power is paramount to taking divine guidance and igniting it with our own creative intention, so that we can co-create our lives and manifest great things in the world. Imbalances in the second chakra occur when we disassociate from our own creative power through trauma, conditioning, beliefs and toxic patterns. 

The Sovereign and the Mystic are the two collective archetypes of the second chakra that are influencing our Ascension process this month. Second chakra healing takes place as we transform from the powerless shadow Prince / Princess archetype to the empowered Sovereign archetype. 

As we continue to balance our first (root) chakra this year to release fear and lack (see my Jan update), we then balance the second chakra by taking sovereign response-ability to creatively channel what we need to thrive. This includes healthy relationships through firm boundaries and knowing our needs. We also attract financial security through knowing our worth and feel empowered and safe in our environment. 

This part of the Ascension process now asks us to own our creative power, so that we can expand it to manifest our highest purpose on this planet. The spiritual archetype of the second chakra, The Mystic, supports us to find balance between serving others and serving ourselves, so that we do not over give and in doing so we release our ego’s agenda and can truly embrace being in sacred service to others. Competition due to perceived lack evaporates, so collaboration, community and partnership can thrive.

Both the Sovereign and the Mystic allow us to feel abundant and prosperous in all areas of our lives, while at the same time infusing us with service-oriented purpose.

This month we shapeshift to the next level of Oneness and Unity that encourages us to embrace greater sovereignty, inner freedom, healthier relationships, and thus begin the shift into this higher vibrating, abundance timeline. 

For more about how this will show up in your life and our world see my video below! 

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In service and divine liberation,


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Oneness Oil: a grounding, earthy essential oil blend that helps to stabilise your root chakra and allows you to feel anchored in your soulful purpose.

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March psychospiritual and physical symptoms: 

Primary symptoms: bursts of creativity, greater emotional balance and intuition, going more with the flow, more focus on life balance, wellbeing, health & wellness, partnership / community /collaboration /cohesion / being of service, creating more financial stability,  creating life needs, burning or tingling in pelvic area, lower back pain, kidney pain, headache, stiff joints (hip, leg, knee, foot focus), yeast or kidney/bladder infection, low kidney energy, genital issues, loneliness, guilt, anxiety, apprehension, fear, worry, nervousness, fatigue, skin issues, large intestine issues (constipation/diarrhea).

Secondary symptoms: stiff neck, sore throat, ear infection/plugged ears, thyroid fluctuation, low immune issues (especially Thymus related), tail bone or lower back pain, cold/flu symptoms, achiness, headache, gut tension, digestive issues, leg/feet/knee issues, adrenal fatigue, ear buzzing/ear/lymph congestion, hot flushes, dizziness, restless sleep, needing more sleep, low mood, anger, frustration, neck/shoulder pain, hip issues, weight gain. Inability to lose weight, weight fluctuation, feeling drained, intense dreams, sinus issues, kidney issues, feeling stressed, interdimensional/lucid dreaming, shifts in perception of your reality, crawly brain, up and down energy.

Areas more affected this month: genital area, uterus, ovaries, testes, low back, kidneys bladder, hips, large intestine, legs, knees, feet, adrenals, immune system.

If you have any concerns about your health and wellness, please consult your health practitioner immediately.

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More about the Ascension process and a complete list of Ascension Symptoms HERE

March 2024 Cosmic Events:

Cosmic Dates:

March 3 - 3:3 Gateway - manifesting gateway 

March 8 - 388 Gateway - giving and receiving abundance gateway

March 10 - New Moon in Pisces @ 2:00 AM PDT / Daylight savings time

March 19 - March Equinox  at 8:06 PM PDT

March 25 - Full Moon & Penumbral Eclipse in Libra @ 12 AM PDT


Mercury Retrograde:

Mar 18 - 31 Pre-shadow

Apr 1 - 25 Retrograde

Apr 26 - May 13 Post-shadow

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